The Regions of Tobago

A detailed guide to the geographical regions used in myTobago listings

To help readers identify establishments and resources within specific areas, we have split Tobago into six distinct regions, as shown on the following map. Neither the region nor the name are taken from any official source; we have simply defined them for the convenience of readers. These regions are used throughout the listings and articles.

Regions of Tobago

Region 1 - Crown Point

Although not technically correct, we are going to refer to the entire section of land from the western tip of Tobago to Canaan as Crown Point. The region includes the following locations and villages:

Bon Accord ~ Canaan ~ Crown Point ~ Golden Grove ~ Kilgwyn ~ La Guira ~ Milford Bay
No Mans Land ~ Pigeon Point ~ Rocky Vale ~ Sandy Point ~ Store Bay ~ Tyson Hall

Crown Point is an area of coral scrubland, seldom rising above sea level. It is the most built-up and commercialised area of the island and characterised by the island's highest density of boarding houses and self-catering hotels primarily servicing the Trinidadian summer holiday market.

Region 2 - Lower Caribbean

Extending from the Claude Noel Highway to Arnos Vale in the north, this is where Tobago's lush hills start to rise in total contrast to the flatlands of Crown Point and, to a lesser degree, the Lower Atlantic regions. The Lower Caribbean region is home to most of Tobago's rental villas:

Adventure ~ Arnos Vale ~ Bethel ~ Black Rock ~ Buccoo ~ Carnbee ~ Courland ~ Grafton
Great Courland Bay ~ Grange ~ Lower Quarter ~ Mary's Hill ~ Montgomery ~ Mt.Irvine
Mount Pleasant ~ Plymouth ~ Roselle ~ Shirvan ~ Shore Park ~ Stonehaven Bay

Region 3 - Upper Caribbean

An area of stunning coastal scenery with virtually no development, this region extends from Arnos Vale in the west to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve in the north-east:

Anse Fromager ~ Bloody Bay ~ Castara ~ Celery Bay ~ Concordia ~ Culloden ~ Dead Bay
Englishman's Bay ~ Franklyn's ~ Golden Lane ~ Gordon Bay ~ Indian Walk ~ King Peter's
Bay ~ Les Coteaux ~ Little Bay ~ Little Englishman's Bay ~ Moriah ~ Mount Dillon ~ Mount
Thomas ~ Nutmeg Grove ~ Parlatuvier ~ Parrot Hall ~ Riversdale ~ Runnemede ~ Sister's Rock
Washerwoman's Bay ~ Woodlands

Region 4 - North End

This is Tobago's greenest most lush end, characterised by stunning scenery. Villages and locations include:

Anse Bateau ~ Anse Brisant ~ Anse Fourmi ~ Anse Gouleme ~ Belmont ~ Bishop's Bay
Bobby Island ~ Cambleton ~ Cap Gracias-a-dios ~ Charlotteville ~ Cove Point ~ Delaford
Goat Island ~ Hermitage ~ Iguana Bay ~ King's Bay ~ L'Anse Fourmi ~ Little Tobago
(Bird of Paradise Island) ~ London Bridge Rock ~ Louis D'Or ~ Lucy Vale Bay ~ Man O'War Bay
Marble Island ~ Merchiston ~ North Point ~ Pedro Point ~ Pirate's Bay ~ Prince's Bay
Roxborough ~ Queen's Bay ~ Queen's Island ~ Shore Park ~ Speyside ~ St.Giles Islands
(Melville Islands) ~ Starwood ~ Trois Rivieres ~ Tyrrel's Bay

Region 5 - Upper Atlantic

On the southern slopes of Tobago's mountainous backbone, this area is pounded by the Atlantic Ocean and extends from Scarborough to Carapuse Bay. Villages and locations include:

Adelphi ~ Arden ~ Barbados Bay ~ Belle Garden ~ Belmont ~ Carapuse Bay ~ Cardiff
Cinnamon Hill ~ Easterfield ~ Florida ~ Friendsfield ~ Glamorgan ~ Goldsborough
Goodwood ~ Granby Point ~ Green Hill ~ Hillsborough ~ Hope ~ John Dial ~ Kendal Place
Mason Hall ~ Mangrove Bay ~ Mesopotamia ~ Minister Bay ~ Montrose ~ Mount St.George
Pembroke ~ Pinfold Bay ~ Providence ~ Richmond ~ Richmond Island ~ Studley Park
The Lure ~ Windsor ~ Zion Hill

Region 6 - Lower Atlantic

This region extends from Friendship in the east to Bacolet in the west and including Tobago's capital, Scarborough. This belt of land, covering the southern slopes the hills which form Tobago's backbone, is Tobago's most populated area. Over 80% of the population live here, although it is not the islands prime holiday area. The region covers the following villages and locations:

Auchenskeoch ~ Bacolet ~ Calder Hall ~ Canoe Bay ~ Cove ~ Diamond ~ Friendship
Lambeau ~ Little Rockley Bay ~ Lower Town ~ Lowlands ~ Morne Quiton ~ Mount Grace
Orange Hill ~ Patience Hill ~ Petit Trou ~ Port Louis ~ Prospect ~ Riseland ~ Rockley Bay
Rockly Vale ~ Scarborough ~ Shirvan ~ The Whim ~ Tobago Plantations ~ Union

Charlotteville Beach  Typical local housing

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