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This page lists all restaurants and eateries in the Crown Point Region, which includes Store Bay, Bon Accord and Canaan. Listings are in alphabetical order, by restaurant type as indicated by the marker flags above. A more detailed interactive map is available here.

Hold your mouse over any Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) for further information. Click on the RSR rating to cast your own 'satisfaction' with those services you have experience of.

You may also find our list of Tobago's most popular, and least popular, restaurants, as voted by holiday-makers in our Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) polls, of use when choosing restaurants..

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Betsy's Hope Restaurant & Bar

Old Store Bay Road, Crown Point

Tel: 639-1543

Attractive covered-pagoda style restaurant overlooking the hotel swimming pool. Previously traded as Bonkers. Good steak. Good value for money. Reasonable wine selection.


Betsy's Hope Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Dinner only — International   

RSR Cafe Coco

Store Bay Road, Crown Point

Tel: 639-0996

Under same ownership as Coco Reef Resort, this is Tobago's largest restaurant. Wonderful decor totally out of character with simplicity of menu. Food and service are excellent and prices reasonable. Well worth a visit. Open from 6:30pm.


Cafe Coco

Prices: Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Good — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Coco Reef Resort

Crown Point

Tel: 639-8571

Good food. Reasonably romantic setting, if you don't mind a "large" restaurant setting. Expensive - as all hotel restaurants tend to be (they have to add additional resort taxes).


Coco Reef Resort

Prices: Cheap — Open: Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Crafter's Steak House & Grill

63 Store Bay Local Road

Tel: 714-2955

Located in a new building opposite the Crown Point Beach Hotel in Store Bay Local Road, Crafter's Steak House & Grill opened in April 2017. Initial reports seemed positive, despite high prices.

Crafter's Steak House & Grill

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Kariwak Village Restaurant

Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point

Tel: 639-8442

Most reports are good, but I've haven't found it the most welcoming of places. They are justifiably proud of their home-grown spices and herbs. Open every day from 7:15am for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Kariwak Village Restaurant

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Pizzeria   

RSR La Cantina Pizzeria

Milford Road, Crown Point

Tel: 639-8242

La Cantina is a quality eat-in/take-out Pizzaria, serving more than 30 types of authentic Italian pizza, salads and panini, etc. The restaurant is located next to (left of) the RBC Royal Bank between the Coco Reef Resort and Pigeon Point Road, and is open daily, except Wednesdays, from 11:30am-2:45pm and 6-10pm.


La Cantina Pizzeria

Prices: Average — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Good — Open: Dinner only — Italian   

RSR Pasta Gallery

Pigeon Point Road, Crown Point

Tel: 727-8200

Owned and run by Swiss-Italian Fab Ceppi (best noted for his brilliant off-road safaris) and his charming Trinidadian wife Claire, The Pasta Gallery offers both dine-in and take-away dining from very accessible premises in Pigeon Point Road. Click here to see their menus. Open 11am-2:30pm Thu/Fri and 6:30pm-10pm Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat.

Pasta Gallery

Open: Dinner only — Local/International   

RSR R&C Taste of the Caribbean

Sandy Point, Crown Point

Tel: 274-4471

R&C Taste Of The Caribbean Cafe is a semi open-air café-restaurant located at the Sandy Point Beach Club near the airport. Although they primarily cater for members and guests staying at this popular timeshare apartment hotel, the restaurant is open to the public. The sea views make it a notable place to enjoy a drink and meal in the early evening.

No photo available

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Average — Ambience: Average — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Simmer Down Restaurant & Bar

Crown Point

Tel: 631-2006

Open breakfast and lunch (06:30-02:30) and dinner (5:00-10:00pm). 'New world' cuisine featuring foods from all the islands of the world in a casual atmosphere. Entertainment most evenings. Lighter Snacks available at adjacent Sundowners Bar.


Simmer Down Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Ambience: Not great — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Steak & Lobster Grill

Crown Point

Tel: 639-8533

Small sea-side restaurant at the Sandy Point Village apartment hotel - an establishment of poor reputation.

Steak & Lobster Grill

Open: Dinner only — Local/International   

RSR Table for Two

No fixed abode

Tel: 786-2539

Table for Two is a totally unique dining experience. You don’t know where you will be dining, nor what your meal will be, other than that it will be vegetarian. You are simply guaranteed a totally unique experience with yourself and your loved one being the only diners. The only way to place a booking is to complete a form on the Table for Two website. The form asks various questions about your relationship and interests that will enable your host and chef, Elspeth Duncan, to tailor a perfect experience for you both. The reports are great, so if you fancy treading off the beaten track, why not give it a go?


No photo available

Open: Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Al-Wadi

Old Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 639-8711

Al-Wadi Arabian Cuisine serves Arabian fast food such as beef, lamb and chicken gyros, parsley potatoes, garlic chicken chunks, falafels and more. They are located in Spence Plaza in Old Store Bay Road. The are open from 11am to 11pm daily.


No photo available

Open: Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Apex Bar & Grill

Milford Road, Canaan

Tel: 631-2739

Apex Bar & Grill is a sports bar and restaurant located in air-conditioned premises in the new complex above Penny Savers supermarket in Canaan. They are open from 11am to 2am every day except Sunday, when they are closed.


No photo available

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Bago's Beach Bar

Pigeon Point Road

Tel: 631-8487

Bago's Beach Bar is an interesting little beach bar restaurant set in the idyllic location on the beach at Pigeon Point. The bar is open from 11am to late, every day. Mixed crowd and very popular with the local expat community.

Bago's Beach Bar

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Colours Restaurant & Bar

Pigeon Point Junction, Crown Point

Tel: 631-8184

Part-owned by the entertaining owner of the Black Rock Cafe, now closed. Reports are very mixed, but the place is a popular drinking hole with the expat community.

Colours Restaurant & Bar

Open: Dinner only — Local/International   

RSR Drunken Joe's

Old Store Bay Road, Crown Point

Tel: 495-8792

Drunken Joe’s is located at the junction of the Milford Road and Store Bay Local Road, just outside the airport. It is primarily a (sometimes) lively bar and chill-out place, but it does have a limited menu. We believe that they are open from 4pm to midnight daily.

No photo available

Open: Dinner only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Food 4U

Bon Accord

Tel: 486-3141

Located far down Old Store Bay Road, near Kilgwyn Bay, Food 4U claims to be an authentic Tobago restaurant and advertises tantalisingly tasty Tobago dishes. They are open from 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Reservation is required.

No photo available

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Bad  — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Chinese   

RSR Fortune Chinese Restaurant

Milford Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 639-8818

I was highly amused by a comment in an online guide, some years back. It said: "If you want to eat good Chinese food in Tobago, go to Trinidad". I confess I've never felt tempted to try this take-away or had decent Chinese food anywhere in Tobago. Open Mon-Sat 11am-11pm.

Fortune Chinese Restaurant

Open: Breakfast & Lunch — Local/International   

RSR Good Eats

Cnr Crompstain & Milford Road, Crown Point

Tel: 639-8660

New for 2017, Good Eats is a food outlet opposite the airport offering a variety of tasty items freshly prepared to order. Their menu includes items such as pancakes, tortillas, wraps, roast bake, sandwiches, salads and fruit. Lunch favourites include 'Jerk shrimp sandwich' and 'boneless lamb shoulder'. Open 7am to 3pm every day.

Good Eats

Open: Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Intriguing Ideas

Crown Point Shopping Plaza, Crown Point

Tel: 330-4138

Intriguing Ideas describe themselves as “a modern Caribbean rustic restaurant cafe that serves exquisite local gourmet dishes. It is a casual dining experience with cosy ambiance and friendly family staff. If you have a culinary adventurous side, be sure to ask about the ' JUST MAKE ME SOMETHING NICE' from the menu. Your meal will be created on the spot by Food Designer, Arlene. After a few questions about your palette, she will whip up exactly what you never knew you wanted”. The restaurant is located at the Bananaquite Apartments in Store Bay Local Road and is open daily from 7am to 10pm, but closed on Tuesdays.


No photo available

Open: Dinner only — Local/International   

RSR Mesoreen Cafe Bistro

Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 308-0660

Mesoreen Café Bistro is a small local restaurant and bar located down Old Store Bay Road in Bon Accord. We believe that they are open from 6:30am to 11pm on Fridays, closed on Mondays and open all other evenings from 6:30pm.


No photo available

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Average — Ambience: Not great — Open: Breakfast only — Pancake   

RSR Original House of Pancakes

Milford Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 635-1736

Open for breakfast from 7am to 12:30pm. Used to be a Tobago institution but sadly standards have dropped badly in recent years. Service appears to be running for the accoldade of slowest on Tobago. Relocated to the rear of Colours Restaurant (opposite entrance to Pigeon Point Road) in 2009.


Original House of Pancakes

Open: Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Overhang Lounge

Milford Road, Crown Point

Tel: 379-0317

The Overhang Lounge is a lively bar and restaurant located upstairs at Jimmy’s Holiday Resort in Crown Point’s strip. They serve lunch, dinner and drinks and have three large-screen TVs constantly tuned to the latest in sports and a wide range of music including soca, dancehall, hip hop, techno, and reggae.

No photo available

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Renmar's Restaurant & Bar

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Tel: 631-8768

Renmar's is the main restaurant within the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, so you will need to pay the park admission fee to get in. It is open daily for lunch, with dinner by reservation only.


Renmar's Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Ambience: Not great — Open: Breakfast & Lunch — International   

RSR Restorations Coffee

Adjacent to Airport, Crown Point

Originally trading as Vie De France, this cafe has long-held reputation for the slowest service on Tobago. Despite that, it still represents the best place to wait for flights, etc. It has suffered a severe demise, before the name change, but a refurbishment in recent years has left the place looking very much smarter and quality seems to have improved.

Restorations Coffee

Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Tobago Paradise Travel and Grill

Pigeon Point Road, Crown Point, Tobago

Tel: 322-9441

The trading name Tobago Paradise Travel & Grill is almost bigger than the premises, but charming couple Allan and Lynette are carving quite a name for the excellence of their seafood dishes from their tiny restaurant on Pigeon Point (immediately after the Conrado Resort). More than a few will tell you that this is the best place for grilled lobster. But, phone and reserve because they only have a small handful of tables. They are open from Monday to Sunday from 5:30pm to 10:30pm for dinner. Luncheon bookings can also be taken for groups of six people or more.

No photo available

Open: Lunch only — Indian   

RSR Trinbago Curry House

Pigeon Point Road

Tel: 350-7817

New for 2013, the Trinbago Curry House is conveniently located in Crown Point. Open for breakfast (from 10am) and lunch for curry and roti (lunchtime only).

Trinbago Curry House

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Bad  — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Tristar Restaurant

Airport Terminal, Crown Point

Tel: 639-8088

A snack bar/cafe located in the terminal building, directly opposite the arrivals/departures area. It may not be the most romantic of venues, but prices are reasonable and quality decent although some staff could do with some serious customer service training.

Tristar Restaurant

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Breakfast & Lunch — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Waving Gallery Restaurant & Bar

Store Bay Beach Facilities

Tel: 629-8905

No information or reports.

Waving Gallery Restaurant & Bar

Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Wonky Windmills

Pigeon Point Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 788-3622

Wonky Windmills Restaurant & Bar is a small local-style restaurant located conveniently in the lower reaches of Pigeon Point Road, just off the main Milford Road. We understand that the restaurant is open from 9am to 10pm Tuesday through Saturday, and closed on Sunday and Monday.


No photo available

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — BBQ   

RSR Chef's BBQ

Pigeon Point Junction, Milford Road, Crown Point

Tel: 631-3000

Chef’s BBQ is a fast food outlet conveniently located in the small arcade of shops at the junction of Milford Road and Pigeon Point Road. Typical barbeque fare with local overtones. Primarily take-away, but there are generally a couple of tables and chairs outside the outlet. Reports have tended to be very disappointing in recent years, with frequent complaints of bad service.

Chef's BBQ

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Bad  — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Fast Food   

RSR Church's Chicken/Pizza Boys

Corner Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point

Tel: 712-6251

Located in the very noticeable new building just a short distance from the airport. What can you say?


Church's Chicken/Pizza Boys

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Average — Open: Breakfast & Lunch — Cafe   

RSR Golden Girls Bakery

Milford Road, Canaan

Tel: 639-7465

A good breakfast option for bake-and-saltfish and other local specialities.

Golden Girls Bakery

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Pizzeria   

RSR Pizza Boys

Pigeon Point Road Junction

Tel: 712-6040

Well, it serves a purpose I guess. Open every day from 9am to 6pm.

Pizza Boys

Prices: Cheap — Open: Breakfast & Lunch — Cafe   

RSR Rosie's Home Style Bakery

Milford Road, Bon Accord

Tel: 660-8762

Very good local bakery and cafe. Eat in or out.

Rosie's Home Style Bakery

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Fast Food   

RSR Royal Castle

Milford Road, Crown Point

Tel: 672-1284

Chicken and Chips fast food. Open Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri & Sat 10am-midnight. [May 2012: Moved from the airport to the 'Golden Star' complex at the start of Pigeon Point Road.]

Royal Castle

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — BBQ   

RSR Skewers

Milford Road, Pigeon Point Junction

Tel: 631-8964

Skewers serves grilled Mediterranean -style meats and sea food with tasty Arabian side dishes. Customers can choose "a la carte" or one of the "combos" with price ranging from TT$35-60. The establishment has some tables inside and outside or food can be taken out. Initial reports positive.


Prices: Cheap — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Store Bay Kiosks

Store Bay Beach Facilities

A collection of six small kiosks, trading under the names Alma's Local Food, Miss Esmie's, Miss Jean's, Miss Joyce, Miss Trim and Sylvia's Food Shop. Competition between them ensures good value and quality. Miss Jean (first kiosk on right) is almost a local instituition and is reputed to sell the best Shark & Bake and Salt Fish on the island.

Store Bay Kiosks

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