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This page lists all restaurants and eateries in the Crown Point Region, which includes Store Bay, Bon Accord and Canaan. Listings are in alphabetical order, by restaurant type as indicated by the marker flags above. A more detailed interactive map is available here.

Hold your mouse over any Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) for further information. Click on the RSR rating to cast your own 'satisfaction' with those services you have experience of.

You may also find our list of Tobago's most popular, and least popular, restaurants, as voted by holiday-makers in our Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) polls, of use when choosing restaurants.

Prices: Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Not great — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/International   

RSR Fish Pot

Pleasant Prospect

Tel: 635-1728

The Fish Pot is located in Pleasant Prospect (next to Marie's Place). Open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays. Expensive, but the cuisine is always delicious.


Fish Pot

Prices: Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Good — Open: Dinner only — Italian   

RSR La Tartaruga

Buccoo Village

Tel: 639-0940

Italian cuisine. Great dining hosted by a highly entertaining owner. Full ŕ la carte menu with appetizers from TT$25 and main courses from TT$55. The 250+ Italian wines are the restaurant's real strength. Open Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) from 6:30-10:00pm.


La Tartaruga

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Average — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Luvinia's Restaurant & Bar

Buccoo Village

Tel: 631-1349

Luvinia's Restaurant & Bar is located on the terrace of Miller's Guest House overlooking Buccoo jetty. They offer a Caribbean ŕ la carte menu and 'home cooking' on a Saturday. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open Monday to Sunday (closed Monday evenings) from 8:00am-10:00pm.

Luvinia's Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/International   

RSR Makara Restaurant

Buccoo Integrated Facility, Buccoo

Tel: 340-9547

Makara offers a fusion of Caribbean and International flavour from premises located on the upper floor of the new Goat Racing stadium ('integrated facility') in the centre of Buccoo. Open from 11:30am to 10pm every day except Tuesday, when they are closed.


Makara Restaurant

Prices: Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Pavillion Restaurant

Villas at Stonehaven, Grafton

Tel: 639-0361

Lovely setting overlooking Stonehaven Bay. Excellent international cuisine and wine. Expensive, but most people seem to enjoy the experience.


Pavillion Restaurant

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Dinner only — International   

RSR Revs Steakhouse & Bar

196 Shirvan Road

Tel: 789 9620

Rev's Steakhouse & Bar describe themselves as a “Themed bar serving signature cuts and cocktails”. Opening times can be erratic during the week, but the bar has become a very popular social meeting point for the local ex-pat and business community on Sunday evenings, when live music is often provided.


Revs Steakhouse & Bar

Prices: Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Excellent — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — International   

RSR Seahorse Inn

Old Grafton Beach Road, Grafton

Tel: 639-0686

Widely regarded as Tobago’s premier restaurant, our RSR polls indicate a wide diversity of opinion/satisfaction with The Seahorse Inn. Open Every Day. Breakfast 8-10:45am, Lunch noon-3:30pm, Dinner 6:30-10pm.


Seahorse Inn

Prices: Average — Open: Dinner only — Tapas   

RSR Basil's Restaurant & Bar

133 Shirvan Road, Mount Pleasant

Tel: 631-0121

Basil's Restaurant & Bar offer both local and international cuisine, including take away. Open-air dining only. Mosquitoes have always been a serious problem at this property. No othere information available.

Basil's Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Average — Quality: Above Average — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch only — Cafe   

RSR Cafe Cream Cheese Yogurteria

Union Trace, Orange Hill

Tel: 660-7761

The Orange Hill Nature Ranch is well-known for its wonderful goat cheese and yogurt. Although only minutes from the busiest parts of the island, the ranch is located on an abandoned sugar cane estate and well-worth a visit.


Cafe Cream Cheese Yogurteria

Prices: Cheap — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Fad's Homestyle

Shelbourne Street, Plymouth

A small buffet-style local restaurant, open for lunch, that serves authentic local dishes. Initial reports are very encouraging.

Fad's Homestyle

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Good Times Bar

Buccoo Road, Carnbee

Local restaurant somewhat off the tourst trail, but we are told they do reasonable local cuisine luncheons plus light snacks in the evening.

Good Times Bar

Prices: Cheap — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Chinese   

RSR Hollywood Chinese Restaurant

Shelbourne Street, Plymouth

Chinese food, either take-away or served in their own air-conditioned restaurant or for take-away. Ready-made buffet or full menu. Cheap, but like all the Chinese restaurants on Tobago, a sad replica of the high-quality Chinese food that British visitors are used to.

Hollywood Chinese Restaurant

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Ambience: Not great — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/International   

RSR Krackers Restaurant

Shirvan Plaza

Tel: 639-7000

Located in the new Shirvan Plaza, near the junction of the Claude Noel Highway and Shirvan Road, Krackers features inexpensive international and Creole-style cuisine. Comments rate it more highly than more established competitors offering similar fare, such as Chef's BBQ. Open from 10am-10pm, Monday to Saturday.

Krackers Restaurant

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Open: Dinner only — Chinese   

RSR Papillon Chinese Restaurant

Auchenskeoch Road, Grange

Tel: 639-9941

A small Chinese restaurant offering both an eat-in and take-away service. Far from the excellent standards of the best Peking and Chinese fare available in the UK, but a useful facility for villa-dwellers in the Mount Irvine area.

Papillon Chinese Restaurant

Prices: Quite Cheap — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Redder Than Red

Pleasant Prospect

Tel: 340-5395

New for 2012, this brightly-coloured wooden chattel house at Pleasant Prospect offers Caribbean cuisine with a European twist. Open from 9:30am to 6:30pm Tuesday to Saturday and 9:30am to late evening on Sundays. Limited seating so booking essential.

Redder Than Red

Prices: Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/International   

RSR Surfers Restaurant & Bar

Mount Irvine Beach Facilities

Beach cafe, serving Bake & Fish, burgers, etc.

Surfers Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Below Average — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/International   

RSR Waves

Grafton Beach, Stonehaven Bay

Previously known as Buccaneer's Beach Bar, this beach bar/restaurant belongs to the Grafton Beach Hotel and Le Grand Courlan, but is open to non-residents for daytime drinks and light meals. Stunning location and the previous poor food and terrible service are hopefully things of the past as the bar has been fully refurbished in recent years and has a new manager.



Prices: Cheap — Quality: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Pizzeria   

RSR Pizza Boys

Pleasant Prospect

Take away pizzas. Quality has improved dramatically over recent years and whilst the quality will never compete with a genuine Italian pizza, their offerings represent excellent value and we have become fairly regular patrons over recent years.

Pizza Boys

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