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This page lists all restaurants and eateries in the Crown Point Region, which includes Store Bay, Bon Accord and Canaan. Listings are in alphabetical order, by restaurant type as indicated by the marker flags above. A more detailed interactive map is available here.

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You may also find our list of Tobago's most popular, and least popular, restaurants, as voted by holiday-makers in our Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) polls, of use when choosing restaurants.

Prices: Quite Expensive — Open: Dinner only — International   

RSR Caribbean Kitchen


Tel: 766-1010

Expensive for what is offered. Top ratings in our RSR poll when first opened, but frequency and nature of votes has fallen dramatically over past 18 months. Votes now less enthusiastic, or negative. This mirrors local opinion which changed from positive to negative, following alleged reports of food hygiene issues.

Caribbean Kitchen

Prices: Average — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Good — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Runnemede Valley

Tel: 660-0505

The best Caribbean cuisine that I have ever tasted. Reservations are required for dinner or lunch. High tea and refreshments available. We strongly recommend booking a morning nature tour (all days except Saturday) with the hotel, followed by a leisurely lunch. Frankly, I can't think of a nicer day out.


Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Boathouse Restaurant & Bar

Depot Road, Little Bay, Castara

Tel: 660-7354

Wednesday night is music night. $TT200 per person for entertainment centred around African drums and sometimes steel pan. Hugely variable catering. Closed Saturdays.


Boathouse Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Cascreole Bar & Beach Club

Castara Main Beach, Castara

Tel: 639-5291

Should be a local gold mine given its stunning location on Castara's main beach. Sadly the opposite is more the case. Very mixed reports. They are undoubtedly capable of producing a good meal, but erratic service and opening mean that visitors tend to opt for more reliable local alternatives.

Cascreole Bar & Beach Club

Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Chances Bar & Cafe

Bay Hill, Parlatuvier

Tel: 639-5629

No photo available

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Ambience: Good — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Local/International   

RSR Coffee Shop

Northside Road, Castara

Tel: 704-7819

The Coffee Shop, or Cheno's as it is more commonly known, has become THE place for holidaymakers to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. The catering is modest, but this is more than offset by the warmth of welcome, in a village not known for smiling staff. Well done, Chino!


Coffee Shop

Prices: Average — Quality: Below Average — Ambience: Not great — Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR D'Almond Tree

Castara Beach

Tel: 683-3593

This establishment is something of a contradiction. The cold, unappetising rotis and owner's surly, rude manner has always left us unimpressed. However, we accept that many visitors enjoy the place. Perhaps this has more to do with the location than the cuisine or service. So, don't be put off by our comments. After all, you have little choice for lunch in Castara.

D'Almond Tree

Prices: Average — Quality: Bad  — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Eula's Restaurant

Englishman's Bay

An unauthorised shack (upper floor added since photo taken) built on THA land at Englishman's Bay and operating despite eviction notices. No running water or drainage. Eat at your own risk! WARNING: The family running this cafe have numerous criminal convictions and are alleged to be responsible for most of the crime against tourists in the Castara area. Befriend and berobbed! Avoid like the plague!.

Eula's Restaurant

Prices: Cheap — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Golden Flower Restaurant & Bar

Main Road, Moriah

Tel: 660-0568

Golden Flower is a small local restaurant located beside the main road in Moriah village.

Golden Flower Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Quite Cheap — Quality: Below Average — Ambience: Very Little — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR L & H Restaurant & Bar

Castara Bay Road, Castara

Tel: 639-2973

Located above the Grocery shop, next to the Fishing Cooperative. Upstairs dining patio. One visitor describes it as offering the best basic menu in Castara at the best basic price. Visitors may rightly find the take-it-or-leave-it attitude off-putting and feel more inclined to dine somewhere more hospitable (not easy in Castara).

L & H Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Quite Expensive — Quality: Excellent — Ambience: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Marguarite's Local Cuisine

Main Road, Castara

Located next to the school at the start of the village centre. Very good food. Fish & Chips and excellent home-baked pizza. Take-away service, with delivery. No alcohol licence, but you can take your own beer and wine, but not spirits. Maurgarite's is as good as it gets in Castara. Open for lunch and dinner.

Marguarite's Local Cuisine

Open: Dinner only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Riverside Cafe

Main Road, Castara

A small local restaurant serving honest and low-cost local cuisine. There are only a couple of tables on the veranda in front of the house, but they do offer a take-away service. Home-made icecream and local delicacies are offered at weekends.

Riverside Cafe

Open: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Shirma's Cafe & Bar

Northside Road, Castara

Shirma’s Cafe & Bar is located just a short walk from Castara’s main beach and beside the Northside Road, opposite the ATM cash machine. Shirma’s local cuisine is a great choice for an affordable, filling and tasty lunch, provided you don’t mind eating out of a takeaway container. They regularly do breakfast from around 7:30am and normally have a great barbeque on Friday evenings. A great way of interfacing with the friendly locals that patronise Shirma’s.

No photo available

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Open: Lunch only — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Sunshine Restaurant & Bar

Bloody Bay

Described by one visitor as "delicious, hot and very reasonable". We enjoyed a fabulous Crayfish dinner there in 2007 - as expensive as lobster, but just as good. Service was friendly and welcoming. The restaurant closed for a year or two, but is apparently open now.

Sunshine Restaurant & Bar

Prices: Average — Quality: Average — Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Vaness

Bloody Bay

Vaness is owned by a lady of the same name. She previously owned and ran the adjacent 'Sunshine Restaurant', now operated by her daughter. Vaness cooked us the best crayfish we've ever had on our last visit. Recent reports indicate her reputation with seafood continues.

No photo available

Open: Lunch & Dinner — Caribbean/Creole   

RSR Bingi & Hazel

Northside Road, Castara

The charming Bingi, and his lovely wife Hazel, are two of the best ambassadors for Castara and Tobago. Located beside the main Northside Road immediately before the turn down to Little ‘Heavenly’ Bay in Castara, what first appears to be a shack turns out to be a veritable store house inside. Apart from the usefulness of this little mini-mart, Hazel is a wonderful cook and is particularly noted for her bread. There is no set menu or hours of operation – just ask Hazel what she is cooking and when, then put your name down. You are welcome to eat on their small veranda, but most people take the food back to their accommodation. Try them – the food is great and the interaction with Bingi and Hazel will always bring a smile to your face.

No photo available

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