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The swimming pool and views at Bijou des Caraibes

The front of the property is dominated by a 33 x 17 foot swimming pool, set in lush tropical gardens that are a riot of colour all year round. Hedges around the pool and property afford total privacy, although sadly these also block the lovely views of Buccoo Reef and the Caribbean Sea. An adequate number of recliners are provided around the pool. There are also a few tables and chairs set around the garden.

The rear of Bijou provides access to three of the apartments and overlooks an attractive deep gorge. As the property is not over-looked, visitors have total privacy, other than from other guests, of course. Not being near any main roads and with no closely neighbouring properties, the only sound is the twittering of birds.

[2004 Update: We visited Bijou during our 2004 visit and noticed that the hedges had been trimmed, providing views of the reef whilst still preserving privacy.]

Although located high on Mt.Irvine, the hedges and relatively small windows of the apartments mean that guests are more likely to rely upon the air-conditioning than the natural cooling breezes at night, but this at least means that they are unlikely to be disturbed by the cacophony of cockerels and Chachalaca (a.k.a cocrico) so annoyingly endemic of dawn in Tobago.

The wide walkway and seating area at the rear of the property are an ideal location for al fresco meals using the shared electric barbeque. With only four apartments, and aided by gentle stirring by hostess Judy, it is inevitable that this will often result in an impromptu social gathering of all, or most, guests.

Your Hosts

Whilst the accommodation at Bijou Des Caraibes can be highly commended in its own right, without any shadow of doubt the strongest feature of a stay at this property is Trinidadian host Judy Gemmet, ably assisted by Swiss husband Yvon and their 11 year old son Yann.

As already mentioned, Judy is a natural hostess. She simply loves having people to stay and if they weren’t paying guests, she would undoubtedly fill the house with family or friends. Judy seems to spend her life organising things for her visitors and doing everything possible to ensure that they have a trip to remember. She actively fosters a wonderful community spirit amongst the guests and regularly organises group trips to popular local restaurants and local events. They always invite guests to join them for a drink during their stay to foster the cosy relationship.

Judy’s local reputation is legend. She is fiercely protective of her guests and any individual or firm who gives her guests disservice better watch out. We well remember the night a local taxi firm failed to collect two guests for a trip to a restaurant. So fierce was the battle that the taxi firm even tracked down their owner, who was away in Trinidad, and persuaded him to ring Judy to apologise. He then repeated the call and apology, early the following morning.


Bijous Des Caraibes offers comfortable, affordable and highly hospitable self-catering accommodation. Within this category of accommodation, Bijou is an ideal solution for both first timers to Tobago and repeat visitors. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to readers of - but be sure to book early.


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