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Swimming Pool & Deck

One of the most interesting additions to Birdie’s Nest since our last visit is the infinity-edge freshwater swimming pool. Measuring 24x16ft and with depths ranging from 4ft to 10ft, the pool is a great way to cool off in the heat of the day, particularly for non-swimmers or those who do not feel up to the often boisterous sea conditions. the swimming pool
The pool is chemical and salt free and uses ionisation to sanitise the water.

The attractive paved pool surround is furnished with sun loungers, chairs, tables and sun umbrellas. It is truly a lovely place to sunbathe or relax, looking out across the pool and green lawn to the turquoise waters of Courland Bay.  

Two barbeque units are provided for shared use by the three apartments. One barbeque unit is gas fired, the other uses charcoal.

The Beach

Great Courland Bay is over a mile in length. The eastern (Plymouth) end is largely made up of golden coral sand; the western end has a higher content of black volcanic sand. The beach is one of the longest in Tobago and consists of almost uninterrupted sand – with the exception of one rocky and rather untidy-looking stretch a few hundred metres from Birdie’s where visitors need to be careful, as there are one or two rusty old steel reinforcing rods from old beach defence systems partially hidden beneath the sand.

Courland Bay from Apartment 1 deckThe swimming conditions along this beach vary enormously. The western end, in front of Birdie’s, is the most exposed. However, when seas are running high and the surf a little too rough, visitors can walk up to the more sheltered north-eastern end of the bay, where they will invariably find more settled waters suitable for inexperienced swimmers and young children.

The beach in Courland Bay is better known as Turtle Beach and this is the most popular nesting spot on Tobago for the beautiful, but endangered, Leatherback Turtles. During the nesting season (typically March to August), these beautiful creatures can regularly be seen coming ashore during the night, digging a nest and laying their eggs before returning to the ocean. Even more spectacular is the sight of the tiny hatchlings scurrying back down the beach from the nest to the sea, a few weeks later.

Servicing & Catering

The apartments are serviced every 4 days on average. Bed linen and towels are provided (although you must remember to bring your own beach towels). All linen was clean, in decent condition and of adequate tropical weight and quality.

the pool at night
Although Princess and Prince do not provide any meals themselves, they can often recommend and/or arrange cooked meals. They particularly recommend a new local service called Royal-T Mobile Café, which offers an excellent home delivery service for local breakfasts. We tried them and were very impressed, so have no hesitation in recommending them to visitors who would like to try an authentic Tobagonian breakfast. 


Birdie’s Nest may not offer the glitz and glamour of some establishments, but neither will you be paying for fripperies. What you get at Birdie’s is comfortable, affordable accommodation, the hospitality of two of the nicest, most honest, people on Tobago and an authentic Tobagonian experience.   

Prince and Princess Robinson represent the very best of Tobago; the sort of people to whom this website is dedicated. They represent the Tobago that I fell in love with more than 50 years ago. A Tobago that is sadly becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Sunset over Birdie's NestOur Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) polls are totally genuine. The votes are posted by real people who have stayed at the property as genuine paying guests. Only the very stupidest owner tries to manipulate the polls by posting bogus reports; particularly once they know of our sophisticated validation procedures and the fact that we publicly name and shame those that try to manipulate public opinion. With this in mind, readers should ask a simple question: why does Birdie’s Nest have the second highest RSR rating of the 402 properties listed on

We loved our stay at Birdie’s. The hospitality was wonderful. The accommodation was simple but VERY comfortable. Would we return? YOU BET! Would we stay for extended period? Yes!


As an experiment, I decided to try the video recording facility of my DSLR camera while staying at Birdie's. I never envisaged using the recordings here, but thought they could be a useful reminder when editing the review, back in the UK. I didn't even look at the recording for 6 months. Then, Paul Tallet, our weather guru, produced a truly excellent DVD of his last trip to Tobago. It inspired me to have a look at my own video recordings. Apart from some focussing issues and the fact that I forgot to film the main living room and kitchen of the apartment, I felt the results might be a useful accompaniment to this review. So, please enjoy.

Our review videos are available on YouTube.

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