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Bacolet BayLegend has it that Robinson Crusoe was stranded on Bacolet Bay beach in 1659. There are even families on Tobago that claim direct descent from Daniel Defoe's fictitious character. In truth, Defoe never even visited Tobago but if he had, Bacolet Bay would certainly have been the location to inspire his story.

It may not be the largest beach on the island, but Bacolet Bay is certainly one of the loveliest. It is the epitome of a natural Caribbean beach and therefore hardly surprising that several films have used it as a backdrop. Some people find the silver-grey volcanic sand found on much of the Atlantic coast less attractive than the yellow/white coral sand of some of Tobago's Caribbean beaches, but it's certainly a lot easier on the eye than the reflected glare of brighter sand, and far softer in texture.

Bacolet Bay beachThe beach is around 120 metres in width. It shelves very gradually and is surprisingly shallow. There is ample shade under the palms and trees bordering the beach and the hotel has a good stock of padded sun loungers for guests.

Technically, there are no private beaches on Tobago. Bacolet Bay is no exception. Although the hotel has private walkway down the cliff to the beach, there is also public access to the beach. Guests from adjacent hotels and residents make regular use of it, particularly at weekends. Despite that, we have never seen the beach over-crowded. Even the regular Sunday beach-football matches between small groups of local lads tends to be more a source of amusement than a nuisance.

The Atlantic Coast typically experiences rougher sea conditions than the calmer Caribbean side. However, Bacolet Bay faces due south and is largely protected from the prevailing northeast trade winds by Bacolet Point. Conditions vary enormously. The sea swell tends to be at its highest during the first half of the year and calmer in the summer months.

Other Facilities

The swimming poolThe hotel has a small, but attractive, swimming pool. It was once the largest swimming pool on the island. Immediately adjacent to the pool is a large covered deck area, beneath the hotel's main terrace. There is also a large area of open-air deck around the pool and a good supply of padded sun recliners.

The pool deck has a shower and changing rooms with toilets. This facility is nice and handy for guests who prefer the beach.

Leading off the pool deck, a steep wooden set of steps lead to a charming sundeck situated just a few feet above the foreshore rocks. This is a truly romantic spot and a wonderful and popular venue for wedding ceremonies. In fact the Blue Haven Hotel is one of the most suitable venues for weddings on Tobago, offering a wide variety of possible ceremony locations.

Live entertainment is provided in the hotel on a seasonal basis.

The hotel has a tennis court, just a short walk from the main buildings, and in decent playing condition.

Review Conclusion

Blue Haven Hotel at nightIn our previous review, we concluded….

“The Blue Haven is undoubtedly the most romantic luxury hotel on the island, if only because of its lovely location and its air of restrained calm and sophistication. Those seeking high levels of service and accommodation and the quiet atmosphere that only a relatively small hotel can provide should give the Blue Haven Hotel very, very serious consideration indeed. We look forward to a return visit.”

Do we still feel the same after our most recent visit? Well, my only criticism was that our seven-day stay was not long enough.

Our review videos are available on YouTube.

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