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Reviewed by Steve & Jill Wooler in March 2012

Black Rock Dreams from Grafton Beach

The Chaconia Suite is a luxurious condominium located within the striking and prestigious Black Rock Dreams building in Tobago’s beautiful Stonehaven Bay. A major feature of this stunning holiday rental apartment is direct access to the natural, palm-fringed sands of Grafton beach with its safe swimming. There are just a handful of self-catering holiday accommodations in Tobago with direct or close access to such a beautiful beach.

This review is specific to Chaconia Suite. It only applies in the most general sense to other units in the Black Rock Dreams complex.


Black Rock Dreams from the end of Grafton BeachStonehaven Bay lies between the village of Black Rock and the hamlet of Pleasant Prospect on what we refer to as the Lower Caribbean coast (region 2 in our maps).

Several of the island’s best restaurants are located along, or close to, this stretch of coast road. The Seahorse Inn, perceived as one of the island’s best restaurants, is situated just a 30-second walk from Black Rock Dreams. The more casual, Fish Pot Restaurant is less than a mile away, at Pleasant Prospect. Tobago’s leading Italian restaurant, La Tartaruga, is just two miles further on, in Buccoo village. In fact, every restaurant in Regions 1 to 3 of our restaurant listing is within a 15-20 minute drive of the apartment.

Black Rock village will be of little interest to visitors. However, Pleasant Prospect is a particularly useful hamlet. It is home to the very useful Marie’s Place mini-mart, a Pizza Boys outlet, local food take-away stalls, a bar and the only ATM cash machine in the area.

Spectacular views over Grafton BeachEvery notable feature in the main Crown Point-Plymouth-Scarborough triangle lies within a 10-15 minute drive of Black Rock Dreams. The apartment is ideally situated for tours of Tobago’s beautiful coastline and rainforest. When one combines these factors, Chaconia Suite undoubtedly boasts one of the best locations on the island.

The island is small, but very few shops, restaurants, beaches or other facilities are within walking disance of most accommodation. Private taxis are expensive. We strongly recommend that visitors rent a car or jeep


Black Rock Dreams apartmentsI suspect that the architects who designed Black Rock Dreams have an affinity to the wonderful old colonial public buildings found in so many Caribbean capitals. Perhaps they wanted to present a modern take on the style?  If so, they certainly achieved their goal. Black Rock Dreams is a hugely impressive and attractive building. It dominates the northern end of Grafton Beach and yet looks totally at home there.

Black Rock Dreams was completed in 2006. It turned out to be quite the opposite of the monstrosity I had envisaged after seeing the land being cleared a few years previously. The intervening years have been even kinder. The lines of the building have been softened by skilful landscaping and retention of the natural foliage along the border with the beach. Moreover, it looks what it surely is: the most up-market and luxurious condominium/apartment building on Tobago.

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