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Accommodation: Bedrooms

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom lies at the end of the living room. The views from the windows, which run the full length of the three external walls, are quite stunning. How lovely to sit in bed and enjoy your first cup of coffee looking out over the Caribbean Sea. It is also quite amazing to be some 500 feet above sea level and yet be lulled to sleep by the sound of the surf breaking. This is not something you can normally hear during the day when the call of the birds drowns all other sound.

The bedroom is furnished with a Queen-size bed, two-drawer bedside tables and small Tiffany-style lamps that look attractive, but which are not ideal for reading. The bed is fitted with a conventional mosquito net. We promptly stowed this behind the bed head. With mesh on all the windows, we had no desire to sleep behind a stuffy net. As a precaution, I did plug in our trusty Good Knight bug deterrent (available at all local stores for around TT$35), but in honesty we have not found mosquitoes to be a problem anywhere this year.

The only other furnishing in this bedroom is a tall chest of drawers. Around a meter of full-length hanging space is provided, with plenty of hangers. There is lots of floor space for suitcases and bits and bobs, but a chair would have been nice, if only as a place to drape clothes overnight. In fairness, Pete and Jane are searching for something appropriate to the room.

Master Bedroom BathroomThe en suite bathroom is fitted with a flush toilet and wash basin but has a decided lack of shelf and storage space for toiletries and cosmetics. Neither is there anything resembling a half or full-length mirror. This is certainly not a place for those who spend a lot of time on their appearance.

The showers in all three bedrooms are unusual in that the shower stalls are lined with anodised metal sheet rather than tiled. This is practical and adds to the rustic cabin feel.

The bedroom is fitted with two ceiling fans. With all the shutters open, we found that the nights could be surprisingly cool and had to help ourselves to additional covering from the laundry cupboard (Peter tells me that they are taking over lightweight cellular blankets on their next visit).

This has been the remarkable thing about this property. Even at the very hottest times of the day, the villa remains cool and comfortable. We slept like logs – although I confess that the racket of Tobago’s awful national bird, the cocricos, did wake us before dawn on two mornings, generally heralding the arrival of rain. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a rainforest if it didn’t rain. However, the showers (if one can call tropical rain a shower) invariably happened at night, or in the hour or two following dawn. The occasional daytime shower never lasted more than five minutes and simply freshened everything up.

Second & Third Bedrooms

The second and third bedrooms are identical, apart from minor decorative differences. Each room offers a total floor area of 6.5 x 3m, including the en suite bathroom, and is housed in a small extension leading off the main living room. This arrangement means that each bedroom has three external walls, each consisting of side-by-side shuttered windows with mesh sashes. This ensures that the rooms remain cool and even the overhead ceiling fans Second Bedroomare unnecessary much of the time. Being located at the rear of the property, these bedrooms do not benefit from sea views, but look out over the equally impressive rainforest.

Both bedrooms are furnished with a pair of standard single beds, each with a mosquito net. The beds could obviously be pushed together to form a king-size double, but then the mosquito nets wouldn’t quite cover the bed. However, as mentioned, we have found the nets to be totally unnecessary. In fact on our last night I forgot to switch on our mosquito repellent burner. It simply proved that it hadn’t been necessary in the first place – assuming that you have closed the mesh sash windows before dusk.

The only other furnishing in the second and third bedroom is a single bedside table separating the two beds. There is no reading lamp. Mind you, I found the ambience so soporific that reading in bed was a nice idea, but half a page was generally as much as I could manage.

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