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External Facilities

The property has adequate parking room for three or four vehicles. The grounds around the house have been liberally planted with a variety of fruit trees, including banana, mango, lime, pineapple and coconut palms. Guests are invited to help themselves to any fruit. When these trees have matured and are in fruit they will attract even more birdlife than at present.

Views from the deckA swimming pool would be a big advantage, considering the time it takes to travel down to Englishman’s Bay beach. Fortunately the bay offers reasonably good swimming and snorkelling opportunities.

The dirt trail continues past Lookout Villa for a further half-mile or so before petering out. A grass trail leads off into the bush, but lack of time prevented me from exploring this fully. The trail will be heaven to bird watchers. Much of it is shielded from the sun by surrounding trees. The packed surface and easy gradient make the walk suitable for anyone of reasonable fitness. Frankly, the opportunities for birders and naturalists are greater than any ‘proper’ rainforest tour that I have experienced. We did a bird-watching tour here with King David a year ago and saw far more species of bird than during a recent tour with David down Tobago’s ever-popular Gilpin Trail in the nearby rainforest. The biggest advantage, from a birders point of view, is that they can simply wander out of the house at any time of day or night and be immersed in a dream environment.

Housekeeping & Security

The villa is managed by a well-known (and highly recommended) local tour operator, David Williams (better known as ‘King’ David). David is an excellent host and will do everything possible to ensure that you have an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

Views over the deckDue to its remoteness, the house is only serviced weekly. However, arrangements can be made for more frequent changes of linen and towels at extra charge, if preferred.

There is only one road (track) in and out of the Englishman’s Bay Estate and the dense bush covering the hills ensures that nobody can take shortcuts. A security guard patrols the estate during the hours of darkness. In truth the very remoteness of Lookout Villa becomes its best security in this environment.

Despite that, occupants of the house should take all normal precautions and it is only common sense to lock all doors and ensure that all windows are closed before retiring at night. Small security safes are provided in two of the bedrooms and will prove suitable for currency, documents and jewellery, etc.


I started this review by saying that Lookout Villa would not suit everyone. To be totally fair and balanced maybe I should have qualified that by saying that not one of the 40-plus accommodation Englishman's Bayproperties on Tobago that we have reviewed would be suitable for everyone.

Lookout will undoubtedly make a wonderful base for birders, naturalists or those seeking total peace and quiet. I can think of no other property that provides such an excellent and comfortable base from which to indulge these hobbies or attain such a relaxed ambience.

We are not serious bird-watchers or naturalists. Neither do we particularly seek solitude.  Regardless of this we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Lookout Villa and would not hesitate to return. It is a truly unique property and one that rewarded us with a fascinating experience – a real adventure.


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