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Master Bedroom

Master bedroom - click to enlarge

Offering some 21sq.m. of floor space, including the en suite bathroom, the master bedroom is of reasonable size. It is also nice and breezy when both pairs of cedar louvered double doors are open; one leading from the living area and the other out onto the private veranda.

The bed is fitted with a large mosquito net. During our last visit, we did not use the net and simply followed our normal practise of positioning our trusty electric bug mat between the fan and the bed. We found this perfectly adequate. This year, we decided to use the mosquito net for no reason other than to check whether the net became stuffy in use. I am delighted to say that we slept perfectly every night. In fact our only minor criticism was that the bed was fitted with a standard double mattress when it could have been so easily adapted for a queen-size mattress. Since our visit, we understand that the bed has been upgraded to a full queen-size bed (5' x 6'7").

Since our last visit, an attractive recessed single bed mounted above storage drawers, with suspended mosquito net, has been constructed as the end of the bedroom. Master bedroom - click to enlarge Louis’ skills are clearly apparent and this modification represents a material enhancement to the room, both visually and in practical terms.

Bedroom furnishings include a bedside table on one side, and a wall-mounted bookcase and shelf on the other. Both sides have a decent reading lamp. A selection of reading matter is stored on the shelf. Although there were no notes to say so, I assume that the “take one, leave one” principle applies. There is nothing more frustrating than choosing a good book from the property’s library, then having to leave before you finish it; not to mention selfish guests who just take books without leaving a replacement.

As mentioned, louvered double doors lead from the master bedroom and onto the wrap-around veranda. The veranda is shaded by a deep roof overhang and runs around three sides of the house, but still manages to feels very private. It is a lovely spot to enjoy an early morning cup of tea overlooking the mature mango trees and lush gardens.

Master bedroom ensuite bathroom - click to enlargeThe master room’s en suite bathroom is relatively small, but perfectly serviceable. It is dominated by a large walk-in tiled shower. Sadly, the shower only utilises a very basic local instantaneous water heaters.

A cold-water washbasin and toilet complete the bathroom fittings. Toiletries can be stored on an adjacent shelf or in a small unit under the washbasin. There is no shaver socket, but a hair dryer is provided in the main room. Since our previous visit, a raised unit ideal for baby changing has been constructed in the bathroom.

Bedroom 2

At 18sq.m., the second bedroom is smaller than the master bedroom, but still of reasonable size. A locally-made four-poster double bed with mosquito net dominates the room.

A small built in wardrobe with fabric curtain front provides 0.75m of full-length hanging space. As in the master room, lots of hangers are provided. Bedroom 2 - click to enlarge The only furnishings are a small chest of drawers, a single wooden chair (part of the dining set) and one bedside table, with wall-mounted shelf on the other side of the bed. A floor-standing electric fan is provided for additional cooling, although leaving the wooden window louvers open should be adequate at most times of year.

As in the master bedroom, a very neat recess has been added in the last year or two. In this case, it houses a full-size double bunk bed, with mosquito net frontage. I bet the kids really fight over who gets the top bunk!

As in the master room, the second bedroom has louvered cedar doors providing access onto the wrap-around veranda. Being located immediately adjacent to the swimming pool, guests can step out of this bedroom and virtually into the pool, or use the chairs and loungers on the pool deck for their early morning cuppa’.

The second bedroom does not have an en suite bathroom. However, it shares an external bathroom intended for shared use by both the second bathroom and pool users. The entrance to the bathroom is immediately next to the bedroom, so this arrangement is adequately convenient. The bathroom is equipped with washbasin, toilet and walk-in shower with water heater.

Bedroom 3

Measuring 3.2x1.8m (5.8sq.m.), the small third bedroom could be used by adults, but is possibly best suited to children. I can imagine that this room would have immense appeal to most children or teenagers. It is a wonderful little ‘den’, just far enough away from the other rooms to give a feeling of independence, while still having everything remarkably close to hand.

Bedroom 3 - click to enlargeDespite the small size, the room has a built-in full-length double bed. A mosquito net ‘curtain’ is fitted across the front. A small built-in wardrobe offers hanging space and shelves, supplemented by a five-drawer chest. The room has shuttered windows and a double louvered door leading onto the spacious rear veranda. The doors have top and bottom bolts and so there should be no danger of small children letting themselves out in the middle of the night. An electric fan mounted above the bed provides additional cooling.

Adjacent to the third bedroom is a spacious general bathroom fitted with a large tiled walk-in shower with instantaneous water heater, washbasin and toilet.

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