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Sighting List

Southern Lapwing

The following 53 species of bird were sighted on 12th February, 2003, during our four or five hour bird watching session with Newton George.

It should be noted that this represents around 25% of all the species that are known to breed on Tobago, despite the fact that the bird watching was all undertaken in the most developed part of the island, within 15 minutes drive of every major hotel - namely the Grafton Caledonia Bird Sanctuary, the sewage works of the Tobago Hilton in Lowlands and on the Bon Accord Estate.

The species sighted were as follows:

American Wigeon
Barred Antshrike
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks
Black-throated Mango Hummingbird             
Blue-backed Manakin
Blue-crowned Motmot
Blue-faced Grassquit
Blue-gray Tanager
Blue-winged Teal
Brown-crested Flycatcher
Buff-throated Woodcreeper
Carib Grackle
Chivi Vireo
Common Moorhen
Copper-rumped Hummingbird
Eared Dove
Fuscus Flycatcher
Gray Kingbird
Great Egret
Greater Yellow Leg
Green-backed Heron
Green-rumped Parrotlet
Laughing Gulls
Least Grebe
Lesser Scaup

Lesser Yellow Leg
Little-blue Heron
Magnificent Frigate Bird
Pale-vented Pigeon
Palm Tanager
Red-crowned Woodpecker
Ruby Topaz Hummingbird
Rufous-tailed Jacamar
Rufous-vented Hermit Hummingbird
Rufus-vented Chachalaca
Scrub Greenlet
Short tailed Swift
Smooth billed Ani
Southern Lapwing
Spotted Sandpiper
Stripe-breasted Spinetail
Tropical Kingbird
Tropical Mockingbird
Whattled Jacana
White-cheeked Pintail
White-fringed Antwren
White-lined Tanager
White-tipped Dove
Yellow-breasted Elaenia
Yellow-breasted Flycatcher

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