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It is difficult to categorise the accommodation at Paradise Point due to the unusual architectural style and layout. It comprises two separate accommodation units available in different configurations to suit the requirements of small or larger parties.

Paradise Point Villa is a self-contained two-bedroom accommodation unit. It can also be rented as a luxury studio by singles or couples who only need a single bedroom.

Paradise Point Apartment, which is also known as 'Bamboo', is a self-contained one-bedroom studio apartment.

There is also a two-bedroom unit, with its own access, named Robinson Crusoe. This unit is located immediately beneath Bamboo. It has no kitchen. It is only rented as supplementary accommodation for guests who have booked either the villa or the main apartment.

This flexibility means that Paradise Point could be ideal for families or groups of up to 10 people.

Paradise Point Villa (2-bedroom villa)

Located on a single level, directly beneath the main deck, Paradise Point Villa offers a gross accommodation floor area of around 725ft2 (38m2), excluding the wrap-around balcony.

One of the two bathroomsThe house consists of two near-identical air-conditioned bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. These are positioned on either side of a central kitchen. The rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished and have a cosy, homely feel, particularly appropriate for the tropics.

Flying stairs drop from each end of the main deck to the wrap-around balcony of the villa. Both bedrooms o the villa have glazed double doors onto the balcony. Each bright and breezy bedroom has a small cosy living area, furnished with a wooden table, cushioned cane sofa, armchair and matching coffee table. One room also has a shelf/desk unit stocked with books, novels and tourism brochures.

Each bedroom is dominated by an attractive queen-size four-poster wooden bed with decorative mosquito net. Limited space means that there is only room for a single bedside table. Both sides of the bed are equipped with flexible wall-mounted reading lamps. The beds are quite high, allowing you to lie in bed and admire the wonderful views of Castara. The extra height also means that suitcases and other luggage can be conveniently stored beneath the bed.

Adjacent to the beds are built-in wardrobes with attractive wooden louvered doors and a decent stock of hangers. In total, there is a little over 1.8m of full-length hanging space and storage shelves in each bedroom. The wardrobe doors feature narrow full-height mirrors.

One of the two bedroomsAlice seems to be particularly keen on bathrooms. Very ‘American’ in style, the gold and chrome bathroom fittings and decorative tiles seem almost out of place in Castara. Mind you, they do provide a touch of luxury and endorse the fact that this property is different from other holiday rental property in the area.

While the chrome and gold fittings are certainly attractive, we felt that the strongest bathroom feature was the twin washbasins. Set into an attractive vanity unit, the washbasins are backed by charming decorative wall tiles and full width mirrors. There is lots of space for toiletries and the lighting is excellent. A good hairdryer is provided in the master bedroom – I use the term ‘master bedroom’ loosely as there is almost no difference between the two rooms. The property is naturally plumbed for both hot and cold water. As might be expected, both bathrooms have electrical shaver sockets.

The shower stalls in both Paradise Point Villa and the apartments are fully enclosed tiled units with modern showerheads. There was plenty of hot water and good pressure.

All linen and towels were of excellent quality and changed every three days. Beach towels are not supplied, so do not forget to bring your own. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and we slept well. There are no neighbouring houses, so no dogs or cockerels (roosters) to disturb the peace. Tobago’s raucous national bird, the cocrico (rufous-vented chachalaca) are found in great multitude in this terrain, but disturbed our early morning slumber no more than elsewhere.

The well-equipped kitchenA 3x2.9m kitchen is located in the centre of the apartment with doors from both bedrooms. This allows either room to be sealed off when the apartment has been rented by a solo traveller, or couple who do not require the second room.

The kitchen is equipped with a large five-burner gas stove, microwave oven, toaster, filter coffee makers, blender, fridge-freezer and dishwasher. We initially thought that there was no hot water. It turned out that the hot water tap in the kitchen has to be run for 4-5 minutes.

The kitchen is separated from the front balcony by two sets of double windows. These can be opened and folded back to reveal a 6ft/1.8m bar/ serving hatch between the kitchen and external balcony. Four tall stools are positioned on the balcony side of this breakfast bar. Adjacent is a semi-circular terrace furnished with a table and chairs. In shade all day long, and making the most of the stunning views of Castara, this will unquestionably be the dining and liming spot of choice for most residents. The high hillside position catches the best of the cooling breezes. I would recommend that guests bring a light pullover, wrap or long-sleeved shirt for the occasional cool evening.

The second bedroom suiteThe bedrooms are fitted with modern split-unit air-conditioners. These proved silent and efficient in operation. The house is so well shaded by the roof overhang and benefits from such cooling breezes that the indoor temperature during the day never rose above comfortable levels. We only used the air-conditioner at night when the shutters were closed to keep out insects and for extra security. Mosquitoes were almost conspicuous by their absence. We did not have to use the decorative net and forgot to switch on our trusty electrical bug deterrent burner most evenings.

In our original review, we reported that mature trees largely obscured the views from the villa. Since then, the trees have been trimmed back and the view is now uninterrupted.

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