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Paradise Point Apartment ('Bamboo' 1-Bedroom Apartment)

Views of Castara BayThis delightful studio apartment is beautifully equipped and furnished. It boasts the same exceptional views of Castara as Paradise Point Villa. The apartment offers the highest standards of holiday accommodation and is the piece de resistance of this fascinating property.

A short flight of steps leads from the main sun deck to Bamboo’s attractive latticework wooden door and then into a delightful 9½x3½m covered balcony. Cool and in shade throughout the day, this lovely space has the look and feel of a traditional conservatory, aided by large clay planters containing mature tropical plants. The balcony is furnished with some all-weather chairs and a pair of small wooden tables and chairs.

Glazed double doors, plus fold-back windows over the breakfast bar, enable the dividing wall between the balcony and the apartment to be opened up. This creates a real sense of ‘being at one’ with the environment. I cannot think of a finer spot for a writer to sit and explore their creativity – assuming they can drag their eyes away from the views of course. The north coast road passes just a few metres above and behind the apartment. Despite this, you are so unaware of traffic that you could easily believe you were deep within the rainforest.

The apartment itself offers a spacious 615sq.ft. (57m2) of accommodation, divided into four areas: living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Bamboo Apartment living areaA large, but very quiet, split-unit air-conditioner services the entire apartment. As with Paradise Point Villa, the spacious balcony and attractive large ceiling fans mean that air-conditioning will seldom be required. Nobody could climb onto the balcony so it would be quite safe to lock the main door and sleep with the glazed doors open, enjoying the balmy Caribbean breezes. Make sure you keep the bedspread close by – it can get surprisingly chilly during the early hours.

The attractive and comfortable living area of Bamboo is equipped with a rattan three-seat settee and two armchairs with vibrantly coloured cushions. There is also a small wooden dining with pair of chairs.

Two sets of louvered doors lead to the bedroom, with another four-poster queen-size wooden bed and decorative mosquito net. Surprisingly, given that the bedroom has adequate space, there are no bedside table or reading lamps. The bedroom features a useful double dressing table. There is considerably more full-length wardrobe hanging space (with hangers) than guests are every likely to need for an informal holiday in Tobago. A decent-sized security safe is provided for documents, currency and jewellery, etc.

The well-equipped kitchenAdjacent to the bedroom is another of the property’s signature bathrooms. These add a touch of class and elegance and are as lovely as any we have seen on the island. They boast twin washbasins, ample space for toiletries, a hair dryer, great mirrors and good lighting. What more could one ask for?

The kitchen is furnished and decorated in a hugely attractive manner. Although equipment levels are similar to the kitchen in Paradise Point Villa, it is clear that Bamboo is Alice’s preferred residence when staying here. It is one of the most elegant and cosy living spaces that I have encountered on Tobago, regardless of accommodation type or price. Alice certainly has a wonderful eye for design and décor.

Supplementary Accommodation (2-bedroom 'Robinson Crusoe')

Robinson Crusoe is the two-bedroom unit below Bamboo apartment. Because it lacks a full kitchen, it is generally only rented to visitors as supplementary accommodation to either Paradise Point Villa, or Bamboo apartment.

The unit has its own independent entrance and there is no internal access between Bamboo and Robinson Crusoe. Parents with young children may consider this a problem, but those with older offspring may find it an advantage.

One of the two bedrooms in Robinson Crusoe apartmentThe lattice door to Robinson Crusoe takes you into a lovely covered balcony, fractionally smaller than that in Bamboo. The balcony is dominated by a large wooden breakfast bar housing a small fridge, toaster and a hot and cold-water bar sink. A coffee machine and blender and small collection of glassware and crockery are the only kitchen facilities. Residents can make a cup of tea or store a cold drink, but little else. A portable electric burner, pot, and pans are available upon request.

Leading off the balcony are two identical air-conditioned en suite bedrooms. The bedrooms are less spacious than those in the villa or Bamboo apartment. However, the standard of furnishing and appointment are of the same high standard. Each bedroom has a four-poster double bed with decorative mosquito net. There is insufficient space for bedside tables, but around a metre of full-length wardrobe space and storage cupboards. The bathrooms are just as lovely as the others at Paradise Point, but have a single washbasin rather than double.

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