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Reviewed by Steve & Jill Wooler in February 2006 and March 2014

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The Sandy Point Beach Club is primarily a timeshare resort. The club is an affiliate of Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the world's largest international timeshare exchange network.

Some of the 42 Beach Club apartments are privately owned and others are retained for exclusive rental purposes. Many of the timeshare apartments are also available for holiday rental. Boasting a wide range of resort-level facilities, it is a property that will be of interest to myTobago readers.

The Sandy Point Beach Club offers eight different grades of accommodation, from simple ‘Efficiency Studios’ sleeping four to the lovely ‘Beach Villa’, which sleeps ten.


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Local residents and visitors alike regularly confuse the Sandy Point Beach Club with the adjacent Sandy Point Village. For many years, the two businesses seemed interchangeable and confusion reigned. Investigation revealed that following the Beach Club's opening in 1977, the first manager allegedly purchased a number of the timeshare units and used them for rental purposes. He subsequently purchased an adjacent plot of land and built the small apartment guest house known today as the Sandy Point Village.

From the Beach Club’s perspective, there was a major problem with this scenario. Reputation!  Whereas the Beach Club worked hard to establish a good reputation, the Village appeared to have little regard for customer satisfaction or public opinion. Visitor reports on myTobago and other independent traveller review sites clearly illustrate the difference between the two organisations.

So, I must start this review by stressing that it only relates to the Sandy Point Beach Club and in no way to the adjacent Sandy Point Village. Whilst we can recommend the former, we have absolutely no confidence in the latter ('Village') and regretfully must advise visitors to exercise great caution before booking there.


The sea front and jetty - click to enlargeThe Sandy Point Beach Club is located on, as you might have guessed, Sandy Point – a small coral headland on the western tip of Tobago.

If you have a window seat on the left hand side of your flight to Tobago, be sure to look out for Beach Club as you come in to land at A.N.R.Robinson International Airport. You will have a great view as the distinctive buildings are adjacent to the runway. Visitors will have natural concerns, therefore, about aircraft noise. I can assure them that it is no worse than at any of the many hotels (including the island’s most popular luxury hotel), guest houses and apartments in the Crown Point area. In other words, it will NOT be a problem to the average visitor. Tobago handles just a small handful of long-haul international flights per week – less than one large daytime aircraft per day. The airport probably handles one flight every 45 minutes on average. Domestic and regional flights utilise relatively small, quieter aircraft and there are very few scheduled late-night arrivals or departures.

Located at the edge of the popular Crown Point area, the Beach Club is within 10-15 minute walking distance of a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, mini-marts and shops. The hotel offers a twice-daily complimentary shuttle to Store Bay, Pigeon Point and Mount Irvine beaches.


the central courtyardThe architecture of the Beach Club is quite original and best illustrated from the air. A huge 500-year old Banyan tree dominates the landscaped grounds and dwarfs the main building. The most noticeable feature, however, is the bright red roof with distinctive steeply-pitched peaks set above stark-white rendered walls. Each ‘wing’ of the two-storey building houses two apartments; one on the upper floor and one on the lower. A staggered arrangement allows each apartment to have a sea-facing terrace or balcony.

Adjacent to the main row of apartments, the building extends in a triangular manner around an open central courtyard that features an attractive Calabash Tree (Crescentia cujete). The apartments on the front aspects of the triangle offer limited sea views; the apartments to the rear have garden views.

Two apartments (a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom) have been fitted out for those with disabilities. Ramps are provided throughout the property and all ground floor apartments are suitable for wheelchair users and those with mobility difficulties.

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