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Each floor has three bedrooms. All the bedrooms are air-conditioned and fully en suite, with the exception of one bedroom on the lower floor, which has a private bathroom adjacent. The bedrooms are simply, but comfortably furnished and our only general criticism would be the appearance of the anti-glare film installed over the plastic secondary windows.

Upper Floor Bedrooms

Upper floor master bedroom - click to enlargeThe master bedroom provides a massive 36sq2 of floor space, including the bathroom. This is actually larger than any standard hotel bedroom on Tobago. Located to the rear of the property, the bedroom has windows on two sides. These offer views out to sea and over the gardens. However, as with the other bedrooms, security windows coated with a blue anti-glare film do rather spoil the views.

All the bedrooms are decorated and furnished similarly, with cream stucco walls and white woodwork. Wall mirrors and an occasional print or photograph prevent the rooms from appearing too stark. The dark stained wooden doors criticised in our last review have been painted white, complimenting the cool white tiled flooring utilised throughout the house, so the house now appears very much lighter and brighter than it did previously.

Master bedroom en suite bathroom - click to enlargeThe rooms are simply furnished. Our master bedroom had a pair of very attractive high-backed rattan padded chairs and table, a comfy leather armchair and nightstands with reading lamps on either side of the bed. A range of built-in cupboards provided some 1.75m of full and half-length hanging space and storage shelves. A small security safe is provided.

The master bed features a spacious California King mattress (6-feet wide). The linen was clean and of good quality. A single top sheet and light cellular blanket proved adequate with the air-conditioning on. There was absolutely no trace of mosquitoes or other biting insects.

The air-conditioner was a modern split-unit device. It was far from the quietest we have come across, but it quickly cooled the large room and did not disturb our sleep.

Upper floor single room - click to enlargeThe en suite bathroom is small, but adequate. The washbasin is set into a small wooden vanity unit with ample storage space and drawers. The walk-in fully tiled shower is fitted with a large raindrop head producing a nice, gentle cascade for sunburned shoulders. The bathroom fittings were fairly typical of older properties on the island in that they showed evidence of the damaging effects of the salt-laden coastal winds. Nonetheless, they worked. An electric shaver point is provided, but in typical Tobagonian manner, it is located on a wall with no adjacent shelf or mirror. All the upstairs bathrooms have shaver sockets. However, on the lower floor, only the master bedroom has a shaver socket.

Next door to the master bedroom is a bathroom. This has doors both from the adjacent children’s bedroom and from the common corridor that separates the three bedrooms from the living room. This means that this bathroom can be used as both an en suite bathroom for the children’s bedroom and as a general cloakroom for everyone else. All bathrooms are similarly equipped with washbasin, pedestal toilet and fully-tiled walk-in shower.

Upper floor double bedroom - click to enlargeThe adjacent single room is relatively small at 2.4 x 3.65m but is quite large enough for a double-decker bunk bed, nightstand, lamp and a rattan armchair. It would be ideally suited to two children. Although there is a full-length wall mirror, there is no dressing table or wardrobe. However, there is plenty of wardrobe space in the adjacent bathroom. We were delighted to find that the noisy air-conditioner mentioned in our previous review had been replaced with a very quiet and efficient modern unit. All bedrooms also have an overhead ceiling fan.

A reasonably spacious (4.7 x 3.65m) bedroom completes the upstairs accommodation. This corner room has windows on two aspects; to the front and side of the property. It may not have sea views, but the lovely grounds of this property make just as nice a view as the sea – and often a damn sight more interesting, given the wide variety of bird-life we saw at SeaBreeze. The room is furnished with a double bed, nightstands with lamps and a small cushioned armchair. Two built-in wardrobes provided 1.6 metres of full and half-length hanging space and storage drawers. As with the children’s bedroom, the previously noisy air-conditioner has been replaced by an excellent modern unit.

Lower Floor Bedrooms

Lower floor master bedroom - click to enlargeAs mentioned, the original owner of SeaBreeze was a wheelchair user. A lift (elavator) was installed for access to the lower ‘pool level’ floor of the house. It was the only means of getting from one floor to the other internally.

SeaBreeze was the very first property on Tobago to boast a lift. Even today, such a feature is a rarity on the island. Sadly, with no other lifts on the island, it was inevitable that the device would suffer from servicing problems issues. With the passage of time the lift has become unreliable and has now had to be taken out of service, rather than risk guests being stuck between floors.

So, at this time, there is no internal access from the upper floor to the lower floor, or vice versa. Guests must use an external staircase to descend to the pool level and then access the lower floor via doors that lead off the pool deck. The current owners intend to have the lift removed and a spiral staircase installed. In the meantime, access is via an external staircase sheltered by the roof overhang. This is unlikely to inconvenience guests, assuming that young children can be housed on the same level as their parents. In the case of older children and teenagers, the separation might even be a great advantage.

Lower floor single bedroom - click to enlargeThe lower floor is effectively a separate self-contained unit. It has a spacious living area, furnished with three sofas, and a small kitchenette. The kitchenette has no cooking facilities, but is equipped with a hot and cold water stainless steel sink and a large fridge with freezer compartment.

The lower floor features five sets of very attractive arched half-glazed doors that provide entry to and from the lower floor to the pool deck or garden. The living area has two adjacent sets of these doors. With both sets open, the living area appears to become part of the pool deck. Just five steps and you can jump into the water. The living room is cooled by a large ceiling fan and a free-standing floor fan and is a perfect place for older members of the party to take refuge from the hot afternoon sun, whist still being able to supervise younger children in, and around, the pool. With the facilities of the kitchenette, this living area becomes an ideal pool bar or luncheon spot.

The sea-facing lower floor ‘master’ bedroom offers a comfortably spacious 21sq.m. of accommodation. Another set of the attractive arched double doors allow occupants of this bedroom direct access onto the covered patio beneath the upper terrace. The bedroom room is cooled by an overhead ceiling fan and modern whisper-quiet air-conditioning unit.

Lower floor living room area - click to enlargeThe California King (6 foot) bed is flanked by nightstands with reading lamps and a rattan chair. A built-in wardrobe provides 1.5m of full-length hanging space, plus a single bottom shelf for storage. The en suite bathroom is small, but adequate, and equipped with the usual trio of washbasin, toilet and walk-in tiled shower.

Next to the ‘master’ room is a spacious (3.1 x 4m) bedroom fitted with an armchair and two single beds separated by a nightstand with lamp. There is 1.5 metres of full-length wardrobe hanging space with two storage shelves. Like the adjacent master bedroom, this room faces the sea and offers direct access to the grounds and lower-floor terrace through a fourth set of the wide arched patio doors. There are no opening windows and security considerations would make it unwise to sleep with the patio doors open. The room does not have an overhead ceiling fan, but is equipped with a modern split-unit air-conditioner.

This particular bedroom is not fully en suite. It does, however, have its own bathroom, just six steps away across a wide central access corridor. In fact this bathroom is actually the largest in the property, measuring some 3.6x2.3m. With white half-tiled walls and mottled-grey tiled walk-in shower, relieved by an attractive high-back cushioned rattan armchair, the bathroom is attractive.

Lower floor single bedroom - click to enlargeAnother spacious bedroom (5.35 x 3.7m) completes the lower floor accommodation. It is furnished with another pair of side-by-side single beds separated by a nightstand and lamp, a padded rattan chair and a simple cane dressing table with six drawers. A built-in cupboard provides half-length hanging space, plus five storage shelves. The small en suite bathroom contains a toilet, washbasin and walk-in shower.

This bedroom has a single large external window with louvered shutters. However, because the lower floor of the villa is cut into the sloping landscape, the ground level outside is effectively at window level, so views from the window are limited. We were delighted to find that the old air-conditioner reported in our last review has been replaced by a new, quiet unit.

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