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Sunset Apartment at SeaScape

SeaScape offers two self-catering accommodation options:

  • Sunset: a two bedroom apartment that comfortably sleeps four adults.
  • WaveSong: a one bedroom apartment suitable for two adults.

Both apartments are furnished and equipped to identical standards. Our main description relates to Sunset, where we stayed. WaveSong is almost identical as it is effectively a one-bedroom version of Sunset.

Sunset Apartment

Naturally, the two-bedroom Sunset Apartment occupies the larger, two storey, part of the SeaScape building. Actually, it is not really true to say that Sunset is a two-storey unit; perhaps describing it as one-and-a-half might be better.

The living area in Sunset ApartmentOpen, high ceilings are a critical design feature in non-air-conditioned tropical buildings. Allowing the hot air to rise well above head height makes a noticeable difference to comfort. In Sunset’s case, the ceiling is vaulted, with a second bedroom rising off a mezzanine floor at the front of the building. It is an unusual arrangement that works remarkably well.

Excluding balconies, Sunset offers around 56m2 (600ft2) of internal floor space. This is reasonable, even when occupied by the maximum of four adults. Once you get past the magnificent views, one of the first things most likely to strike you, on first arrival, is the quality and standard of furnishing.

Both levels of the house face the sea. The frontage is fitted with unglazed wooden shutters. The slats can be opened by varying degrees so that optimum levels of light, breeze and ‘openness’ can be achieved. The panorama of Castara Bay is just stunning, particularly when all 5½ metres of shutters are fully open. This arrangement works very well. It allows the shutters to be hooked back, fully open, early in the morning, when the sun is behind the property, and then semi-closed during the afternoon when the sun shines on the frontage.

The well-equipped kitchen in Sunset ApartmentBoth apartments offer fantastic views over Little Bay beach. The wider view takes in all of Castara Bay and the dozen or more fishing pirogues invariably moored there. Groups of pelicans often take up residence on these boats. I never tire watching them climb high into the air and diving into the turquoise waters before resurfacing with a fat fish in their beak.

Facing due west, the apartments are a magical place from which to view the memorable Castara sunsets, some of which seem to set the evening sky afire alight in flaming reds and oranges. Jill has been quick to remind me not to forget the silvery moonscapes which, in their own way, can be equally impressive. Mind you, the ambience at SeaScape was so relaxed that I was invariably asleep long before any thought of moonscapes entered my mind.

The kitchen area in Sunset apartmentThe ground floor of the apartment comprises a large open living area with bedroom leading off. The kitchen area is separated from the main dining and living area by a breakfast bar, with storage units beneath. On our arrival, the breakfast bar contained an attractive fruit bowl with a welcome message and flowers, some bananas and papaya (pawpaw). There was also a small stock of beer and bottled water in the fridge.

The living area is tastefully decorated and furnished. A cane sofa and matching armchairs are arranged around a glass-topped coffee table and provide a relaxed area to chat, play cards or possibly read one of the novels or magazines provided in the adjacent bookshelves. Should you tire of the sound of the breaking surf, entertainment can be supplied courtesy of a small alarm clock radio/MP3 (iPod) speakers unit. The provided 10x25 binoculars also come in handy for closer examination of the pelicans and other sights out in the bay. 

The formal wooden dining table with six chairs hints at rather more sophisticated dining than most visitors are likely to envisage in this unpretentious fishing village. Mind you, fairly complex meals would be quite possible in the reasonably-equipped kitchen. Best of all, your chef can enjoy the spectacular views across the bay while preparing meals.

Sunset Apartment's kitchen areaThe kitchen is equipped with a medium-sized fridge-freezer.  Other equipment includes a six-burner gas (bottled) stove with griddle, a kettle, a small filter coffee maker and an electric toaster. We found a reasonable stock of crockery, cutlery, glassware and cooking utensils. Very sensibly, a small fire extinguisher is handily located in the kitchen area – something we see surprisingly seldom in Tobago. Equally sensible are the electronic insect deterrents and battery-operated emergency light in each apartment. It would seem almost strange to come to Tobago and not experience temporary power or water failures.

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