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Wave Song Apartment

The living area of Wave Song apartmentThe one-bedroom apartment, WaveSong, is a little smaller than Sunset, but has the added feature of a large balcony. In almost every other way the two apartments are extremely similar – even identical – and so rather than bore our reader, I will only describe the differences.

WaveSong offers a spacious 35sq.m. of covered accommodation floor area. This basically consists of a large living room and kitchen with the bedroom and bathroom leading off, exactly as in Sunset. The bedroom is a little more spacious than the ground floor bedroom in the larger apartment. The bed now boasts a new full-frame mosquito net, which overcomes the problems associated with suspended coronet-type nets as found in the other apartment.

Views from Wave SongA dining counter with high stools overlooks the bay and avoids any necessity for a large dining table. A sofa and two armchairs provide a relaxed seating area adjacent to the balcony. In every other way, the two apartments are identically equipped and furnished and everything to exactly the same high standard.

Bi-fold doors lead on to WaveSong's 5.9x1.8m balcony. The balcony deck gives some of the best views of Little Bay and the beach available. The balcony is equipped with a pair of rattan chairs and a small all-weather table. It is an ideal spot for al fresco dining.


Castara has undeniable charm. The Tobago I fell in love with more than 50 years ago is rapidly disappearing as modern life takes over. Fortunately, a few vestiges remain and Castara is one of those places where you really do feel removed from the rat race. Make no mistake, it will not suit everyone. Some people will absolutely loathe the laid-back ‘back-to-basics’ lifestyle of the village, but many others spend a fortune seeking this sort of environment.

Stunning views of Castara BaySo, what does ‘back-to-basics’ mean? Well, everyone seems to have their own definition. The one thing I am sure of is that the term does not have to mean living uncomfortably or having to ‘rough it’. I suppose it’s all relative. As far as I’m concerned, ‘simple’ is fine, but I do expect a comfortable bed, a decent shower and washing facilities with hot water. I also demand the ability to be able to cook a good meal, particularly if the offerings of local restaurants are limited.

In this respect, SeaScape undoubtedly offers everything we require.


As an experiment, I decided to try the video recording facility of my DSLR camera during our 2014 trip to Tobago. I never envisaged publishing the recordings, but thought they could be a useful reminder when editing the review, back in the UK. I didn't even look at the recording for 6 months. Then, Paul Tallet, our weather guru, produced a truly excellent DVD of his last trip to Tobago. It inspired me to have a look at my own video recordings. Apart from some focussing issues and the fact that I forgot to film the smaller WaveSong apartment, I felt the results might be a useful accompaniment to this review. So, please enjoy.

Our review videos are available on YouTube.

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