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Public Areas

Reception foyer at Sherwood Park ApartmentsIn perfect keeping with the nature and location of Sherwood Park Apartments, none of the rooms are equipped with telephones or televisions. A small reception area on the ground floor of the building is furnished as a lounge area, with cable television and a telephone extension that allows guests to make free local calls. International calls can be made, by arrangement, from a telephone in the main office. Very surprisingly in this day and age, there is currently no Internet access at the property.

Stepping down from the reception area, one enters a large and attractive main terrace. This is furnished with two large palm-thatched sunshades that provide shelter to four sets of tables and chairs. Nigel, the manager, hosts occasional barbeques on the terrace when occupancy and demand dictate, and the barbeque unit is available for personal use at other times.

Swimming Pool

A further level down is the 13½x6½ metre swimming pool, the depth of which varies between 1m and 1.75m. Although the water looked to be in excellent condition, sadly the pool was looking a little tired during our visit and the photos do not do it justice. The very wet ‘dry season’ experienced on Tobago prior to, and during, our visit meant that the refurbishment that had been planned could not be completed before our arrival.

The swimming poolTwo more palm-thatched sun umbrellas, identical to those on the main terrace, are situated on the pool deck. These provide welcome areas of shade through much of the day. There is a substantial range of chairs and sun loungers around the pool, although it has to be said that some padded cushions would make the loungers more comfortable. We would, endorse the claim made on the Sherwood Park Apartments website: this is not a place where you need to get up at the crack of dawn to place your towel on a sun-lounger.


The Sherwood Park Apartments offer comfortable and affordable accommodation in a tranquil and central location. These factors alone should guarantee the continued success of the establishment. When you add the cheerful and friendly hospitality of General Manager Nigel Pirtheesingh and the other members of his staff, you have a winning combination.

Tobago’s best-known characteristic, and the reason that so many visitors fall in love with the island, is the friendliness of the endemic population. They are a strange people who on first meeting may avoid eye contact and often Main terraceappear unfriendly and unapproachable. However, politely bid them the time of day and make a joke and the façade easily cracks and you will hopefully be treated to the widest, most engaging, smiles you have ever seen. Shrewd business people cash in on this characteristic and choose employees with the cheeriest smiles, who are likely to endear themselves most to visitors. Whether by design or leadership, Sherwood Park Apartments have certainly achieved the right mix.

Nigel sets a fine example. He is constantly charging about, running guests to the beach, dealing with staff and maintenance issues, handling the complimentary airport transfers for arriving, or departing, guests. Yet, no matter how busy he is, he never shows the slightest impatience and always seems happy to stop and answer a guest’s questions, or simply to pass the time of day.
Nigel’s cheery attitude extends to all the staff. It is always a good sign when you hear employees singing, whistling or exchanging friendly banter while they work. In many places, this could be a distraction while writing a review. Here, it just brought a smile to my face.

A grocery and laundry service is offered to guests for a small additional charge.


Sunset over Sherwood Park ApartmentsIt would be difficult to find another property that offers such a winning combination of friendly hospitality and affordable comfortable accommodation in such a tranquil setting.

Everything about the Sherwood Park Apartments reflects the essential ambience and character of Tobago itself. It illustrates the very best of the island's relaxed, laidback, friendly personality.

As the Sherwood Park website states, “Arrive a stranger, Depart a Friend”. Never was a truer word spoken. What more can one say?


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