A guide to Tobago's most memorable sightseeing spots

Englishman's Bay

Tobago may not be the most activity-orientated destination in the world but there are a surprising number of features and spots worth visiting.

The most surprising thing about most of the places mentioned in this article is the fact that so few are commercialised. Hordes of tour guides selling their services, souvenirs, refreshments and other facilities are the exception, not the rule. For that reason, those used to the sanitised, organised tours of many other destinations may be in for a shock. They may even be disturbed by the lack of refreshment and dining facilities, toilets or even souvenir shops. Sightseeing in Tobago takes a little planning for optimum comfort.

Our sightseeing suggestions are split across multiple pages corresponding to the different geographical regions of Tobago. You can access them by clicking on the tabs at the top and bottom of each page, or by clicking on the different regions in the links, or map, below.

Our sightseeing article starts with a few general suggestions for on and off-island tours.

Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6

Overview Map Region 1 - Crown Point Region 2 - Lower Caribbean Region 3 - Upper Caribbean Region 4 - North End Region 5 - Upper Atlantic Region 6 - Lower Atlantic

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

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