Sightseeing: Region 1 - Crown Point

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RSR Buccoo Reef ***

A protected marine park, Buccoo Reef is Tobago's most famous coral reef. Glass-bottom boat trips to the reef are available from various points, including Store Bay and Pigeon Point. The trip normally includes snorkelling on the reef and a swim in the Nylon Pool - a shallow sand spit in the middle of the lagoon.

Sadly, Buccoo Reef is now a shadow of its former self. Fishing, land run-off, reef-walking and indiscriminate plundering of the coral for tourist souvenirs has almost destroyed the reef. Many visitors still enjoy trips to Buccoo Reef, but as far as I'm concerned, access to this national treasure should be controlled more tightly.

Please remember, coral dies when touched. Coral scratches can lead to serious infection and could even lay you up for a few days. Some types of coral, known as Fire Coral, can even give you first or second degree chemical burns. Always refuse reef-walking shoes offered by unscrupulous glass-bottom boat operators. Regardless of what they might tell you, fish do not inhabit areas of dead coral. Their tips will be zero if they take you to areas where you see nothing, so most will actually be taking you to areas of living coral on the edge of the reef.

Please read our article by Dr.Owen Day of the Buccoo Reef Trust about preservation of the reef.

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Buccoo Reef
Buccoo Reef
Reef Scene

RSR Fort Milford *

Fort Milford is located on the westernmost tip of the island, next to the runway at Crown Point airport. Only a few cannons and crumbling walls remain of this ancient fort.

Fort Milford

RSR Pigeon Point ****

Full details are given in our Beaches section, but Pigeon Point must be included here simply because it is such a major visitor attraction.

Store Bay

RSR Robinson Crusoe's Cave

Forget it! It's hardly a cave and probably had little to do with Robinson Crusoe, despite the fact that there are people on the island who claim to have descended from this fictional character..

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