Sightseeing: Region 4 - North End

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Region 1 map Cambleton Battery Charlotteville Flagstaff Hill Goat Island King's Bay Waterfall L'Anse Fourmi Little Tobago Louis D'Or Nurseries Pigeon Peak Roxborough Roxborough Argyle Waterfall (See Region 5)

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RSR Cambleton Battery ****

Located a 20-minute walk west of Charlotteville village is Cambleton Battery. Beautifully maintained and landscaped by the local family who live at the head of the spit of land on which the battery stands, canons protecting Man O' War Bay used to be sited here. The guards on duty here would be signalled by mirror from Flagstaff Hill, from where ships approaching from any direction could clearly be seen. The battery now makes a wonderful place to relax and offers spectacular views over Charlotteville on one side, and across to Hermitage Bay on the other side. One of my personal favourite places in the area.

Cambleton Battery

Charloteville ****

Apart from being Tobago's most northerly village, Charlotteville is a totally unspoilt fishing village. The village contributes some 60% of the island's fishing catch. It is always fascinating to watch the fishermen gutting their catch at the fishing cooperative in the middle of the village, but please remember that these people are doing this for 'real', not for the tourists, so please always ask and pass the time of day before barging in and taking photographs. The village has a rapidly increasing variety of small guesthouse accommodation, most locally owned and run. There are no hotels. The village has one small supermarket (their description, not mine) and three small Creole restaurants plus a very useful small coffee bar at the Top River Pearl guesthouse..


RSR Flagstaff Hill ****

Located down an un-surfaced track on the crest (350m) of the hill behind Charlotteville, Flagstaff Hill was an American military lookout and radio tower during World War II. The lookout provides breathtaking panoramic views of Charlotteville, Man O' War Bay and the St Giles & Melville' Islands, which mark the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

I first visited Flagstaff Hill in 1960. There was no access by vehicle in those days - it was an hour's hard slog through the steaming jungle-like cocoa plantation. The view was worth it and we still treasure the photographs taken at that time. There is now a paved road to the lookout, but be warned that turning round at the end can be tricky, particularly if other vehicles are there.

Flagstaff Hill
Flagstaff Hill

RSR Goat Island

Popular myth states that Goat Island was once owned by Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond books. However, Fleming's offical biographer and members of the family deny that he ever had any connection, or own, any property on Tobago. Nevertheless, the tiny island was purchased by Tobago's local government in 2011. There is no public access to the island.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

RSR King's Bay Waterfall  *

The King's Bay Waterfall is little more than a trickle of water these days.

It is best visited during the rainy season after heavy rain, if you expect to see anything like this very old photograph of the waterfall..

Kings Bay Waterfall

L'Anse Fourmi *

If you continue east on the road past Bloody Bay you will come to the wonderfully-named village of L'Anse Fourmi. Here you will really feel that you have entered another world. The villagers are curious but quietly welcoming. There are no restaurant or accommodation in the village, but the local beach is worth a visit if you have time.

A 'road' leads from L'Anse Fourmi to Charlotteville. It was started in the early '60s but work stopped when resources were diverted to more urgent matters after the devastation caused by Hurricane Flora in 1963. In typical Tobago manner, work only re-commenced in 2002. The road was finally completed in early 2007. It does not show on all maps but it is there and it is a beautiful drive well worth taking. Highly recommended!

L'Anse Fourmi
L'Anse Fourmi

RSR Little Tobago Island ****

This offshore island is home to one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean. The Red-Billed Tropic birds are spectacular from October to June. Tours to the 450-acre sanctuary depart from Speyside village or the Blue Waters Inn at 10am and 2pm. The ride over can be a bit choppy, so those with poor sea legs, like myself, are advised to take seasickness tablets half an hour before departure. The crossing normally passes via Goat Island and Angel Reef.

Little Tobago

RSR Louis d'Or Nurseries **

Just a short distance from the Argyle Falls, this nursery offers a colourful and attractive collection of flowering tropical shrubs and fruit trees.

Louis D'Or Nurseries

Pigeon Peak   *

At 572m (1900ft) Pigeon Peak is Tobago's highest mountain. There are two routes to the top through the forest, one steeper, the other longer. Both take about three hours. You will need to hire a guide from Speyside.


The largest village on the Windward side of the island, after Scarborough. Access to the Argyle Waterfall (Region 5) is on the left just before the village. Shortly after the entrance to the falls, you can take the left turn and travel over the spectacular Tobago Forest Reserve to the northern Caribbean coast. Alternatively, continue up the Windward Road to lovely Speyside and Charlotteville. Other than that, Roxborough has little to offer. There are no hotels, guesthouses, restaurants or visitor attractions. However, around a mile north of Roxborough on the Parlatuvier (rainforest) road, be sure to stop at the Riverside Juice Bar and enjoy a cooling and nourishing fresh fruit drink.

L'Anse Fourmi

Speyside *

A small fishing village known for its fantastic diving. Ten years ago the road from Roxborough to Speyside (and onward to Charlotteville) was little more than a dirt road. The pace of life in this area has remained attractively slow (even by the standards of Tobago). The best place to view Speyside, Tyrell's Bay, Little Tobago and Goat Island, are from the lookout, which you will find on the left of the road as you start to drop down into Speyside on the Scarborough road. Be warned that you are likely to be hassled by guys selling glass-bottom boat tours to Little Tobago and Angel Reef, but a polite "no thanks" is normally enough.

RSR Jemma's Treehouse ***

A restaurant somewhat incongruously positioned in and around a seafront almond tree. The restaurant offers great views of Goat Island. Most tour parties stop here and it can become extremely busy and feel very 'touristy'. Many tourists love the experience, but I feel the restaurant has become over-commercialised and too touristy. Having said that, Jemma's side dishes are great. To be honest, you can get better food and service at a better price at the nearby Bird Watchers or Redman Simple restaurants.








Jemma's Treehouse Restaurant

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