Sightseeing: Region 5 - Upper Atlantic

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RSR Argyle Waterfall ****

Located just outside Roxborough, on the Scarborough road (only a few hundred metres from the road to Bloody Bay and Caribbean coast), the Argyle Waterfalls are Tobago's highest waterfalls, tumbling 54m (175ft) in a series of stepped cascades.

Admission is TT$60 including the cost of a guide. The guides will find you, more than the other way around, at the entrance from the Windward Road and in the parking area, but make sure that you see their 'official guide' badge before handing over any money. The guides only get a fraction of the admission charge, so please bear this in mind when tipping at the end (assuming you were happy with the tour, of course). It is a 15-20 minute nature walk from the parking area to the actual falls. There are deep cool pools for swimming.

WARNING: We strongly advise visitors NOT to visit the Argyle Waterfall other that with a responsible guide or tour party. We have received reports that some visitors who visited the falls in the late afternoon, after the guides had left, have been subject to intimidating demands for money.

Argyle Waterfall

RSR Tobago Cocoa Estate ***

Enterprising Tobagonian Duane Dove is breathing welcome life into one of the island's rapidly dissapearing cocoa estate's. As can be seen from their recent press release, the estate is now producing its own chocolate bars. Tours of the working plantation are offered, together with a small souvenir shop and cafe.

Further information:

Tobago Cocoa Estate

RSR Corbin Local Wildlife Park***

Corbin Local Wildlife Park is a beautiful site near Mason Hall which is dedicated to preserving Tobago's wildlife. Large enclosures house rescued and endangered animals such as tattoos (armadillos), quenks (wild pigs) and iguanas, with the aim of breeding and releasing them to increase local populations. A large area of forest borders the park, which offers the opportunity to see many more species along a number of hiking trails. There is a bird hide overlooking a large pond which attracts caiman and lots of bird species, such as manakins, honeycreepers and woodpeckers. Tours are available by pre-arrangement.

Further information:

Corbin Local Wildlife ParkCorbin Local Wildlife Park

RSR Craig Hall Waterfall *

If you want to experience a small waterfall away from the normal tourist areas, try the Craig Hall Waterfall near Mason Hall. It is on the right of the road between Mason Hall and Moriah.

Craig Hall Waterfall

RSR Nutmeg Grove   *

This historic site of an old sugar mill is being lovingly restored by a local community group, the Nutmeg Grove Association. The site is easily accessible from Mason Hall. Follow the Easterfield Road east (towards Hillsborough Dam) for half a kilometre. You will see a sign for Nutmeg Grove on the left of the road. Follow this good secondary road for around 400m to the site.

Greenhill Waterfall

RSR Greenhill Waterfall   *

This small waterfall is located on the left of the road between Studley Park and Green Hill. It is best visited during the latter part of the wet season as it can dry up during the dry season. The waterfall is about a five minute hike from the car park.

Greenhill Waterfall

RSR Fort Granby   *

Fort Granby was built in 1768 to protect the island's short-lived capital of Georgetown. There are no traces of the fort left, except the gravestone of a young soldier. The grave is set on a pretty wooded headland with nice views and benches are provided under the trees. Nearby is the Dry Dock Pub - a small local restaurant made from a converted boat, the Marquis of Granby.

Fort Granby

RSR Genesis Nature Park
& Art Gallery *

Located at Goodwood, half-way up the Windward Road between Scarborough and Roxborough. This small reserve and art gallery are converted from the garden and living room of local artist, Michael Spencer, who local paintings and sculptures are for sale. Resident wildlife includes two capuchin monkeys, boa constrictors, turkey, turtle, agouti, parrot, wild hogs, cocrico, caimans, silky Bantams, squirrells and fish..

Genesis Nature Park

RSR Hillsborough Dam ***

The source of Tobago's drinking water, Hillsborough Dam is only accessible by permission from the Water & Sewerage Authority (Tel: 639-9093) and a fee is charged. The reservoir is set in a forested area and is a good location for birding (herons and waterfowl) and caiman. You can only get access with a qualified tour guide. There is a small waterfall at Hillsborough. It can't be seen from the road, but you will find them on the left hand side of Hillsborough Trace as you proceed towards the dam.

HIllsborough Dam

RSR Rainbow Nature Resort  *

A short distance from Goldsborough Bay, the Rainbow Nature Resort is a converted cocoa house, now operating as a restaurant with accommodation. Rainbow Falls are a 10-minute walk away and you will be provided with boots to walk in and out of the pretty stream that leads you to the falls, with kingfishers and lizards to keep you company.

Further Information:

Rainbow Nature Resort

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