Tobago Reader Satisfaction Rating Polls

Your chance to express your opinion on many aspects of holidaying on Tobago

hare your Tobago holiday experiences with other readers. Express your opinion by voting in our Reader Satisfaction Ratings (RSR) polls. Help to influence public opinion by rewarding good businesses and shaming bad businesses.

Votes for hotels and other holiday accommodation can be posted in the Accommodation section, via the 'Add Report' tab of each property. Your vote will be shown in your report and added to the cummulative RSR score for the property.

Our other polls are very much simpler. Rather than asking for subjective assessment of quality or other features, we simply ask you to choose a one-to-five point award based on your overall satisfaction with the business. 'Satisfaction' should be a combination of quality, price, service  - summary of your entire experience with the business concerned.

Only genuine visitors who have patronised the establishment/business as a fully paying customer may vote. Readers can vote for any establishment once a year. For validation purposes, you will be asked to enter a valid email address, but this will be treated as strictly confidential and not shared with any third party.

Individual votes aSre not displayed - only a cummulative total. The overall rating awarded is weighted using various Bayesian statistical techniques to increase the "probablility" accuracy of the results and to compensate for inaccuracies where votes are very old or a business has very few votes that could unfairly distort the rating.

At this time, the following RSR polls are available. Just click on the linked title line to cast your votes:

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   CAD = $5.08

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