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A guide to telephone systems on Tobago and how to keep in touch

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Most people visit Tobago to “get away from it”. However, many of us still need to keep in touch with home or office. Thanks to the wonders of modern telecommunications, you will not be cut off from the world in Tobago.

TSTT Cellnet/Bmobile and Digicel offer GSM/GPRS services, allowing visitors to use tri-band mobile phones (cell phones) on Tobago. Check that your phone is capable of operating on the 1800Mhz frequency and that your cell phone account is activated for overseas use. You should also check your service provider's rates, because making and receiving calls overseas can be extremely expensive.

You can buy Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards that will work in any tri-band GSM mobile/cellphone. Digicel SIM cards are available in the Lowlands mall. Bmobile cards can be purchased directly from the TSTT office in Scarborough, if you are prepared to queue for an hour or two.

Calling Tobago From the UK

UK callers wishing to call Tobago to book accommodation, etc., or wishing to leave contact details with family and friends will be interested in the following services:

Check out the call price checker here. The data may not always be bang up to date, so check each service provider's website before committing yourself, but you will find services offering calls to Tobago landlines from as little as 5p a minute and to Tobago mobiles from 13p. What a bargain!

My current favourite of these sevices is Budgetcom. To use them to call Tobago, dial as follows:

  • 0844-566-2828 - wait for the message, then dial - 001 - 868 + local Tobago number then end with the hash (#) key.

To call a Tobago mobile phone, enter:

  • 0871-999-7676 - wait for the message, then dial - 001 - 868 + local Tobago mobile number + #

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Calling Tobago From the USA

Callers from the USA now have a choice of similar services from a company called Telecom USA, which I believe is part of the MCI group. They offer two different services:

  • 10-10-987 offer calls to Tobago at US$0.65 per minute with a $1.09 connection fee. Further information can be seen on their website
  • 10-10-220 offer calls at a flat rate US$0.94 per minute. Further details can be found on the website

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

GBP = $9.06 

   USD = $6.75

EUR =  $7.93 

   CAD = $5.25

  Mid-market rates per

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