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How to create a user account on the myTobago discussion forum

I assume that you can now read posts and are reasonably comfortable about navigating your way around the forum. So, how do you post messages? Well, you can't; at least no until you've registered a user account. However, user accounts are not just for people who want to post a message; there are advantages for every reader.

Why are accounts necessary? That's a simple one. We don't want readers posting marketing rubbish, defamatory or libellous statements, obscenity or any other content that will lower the tone and standard of this site. We validate everyone's email address before allowing them to post messages. We also insist on users registering proper names - not silly nickname or alias.

Our philosophy is simple: If you aren't prepared to allow us to validate your existence and post messages under your own name, then we probably aren't interested in what you have to say. I don't mean to be harsh, but that is the bottom line. The Internet is a funny place. It is used by millions of lovely people. It is also used by a few morons and we would prefer that particular category of reader to go elsewhere. Compare the content of our forum with that of other travel review sites any you'll notice the difference. We work hard to preserve those high standards.

User Account Advantages:

Allows the user to post messages.

  • Provides visual aids to identify new posts since the user's last visit.
  • Allows you to 'watch' specific topics so that you receive automatic email notification when anyone replies to the topic.
  • Allows topics to be 'watched'. The system will email you whenever a post is made in the topic.

Registering a User Account:

At the top of every forum page, just below the top banner and Google sponsored adverts, you will see the following line:

To register an account, simply click on the Register link in this menu line. This will produce a Registration Agreement form. Details of our policies are provided in the Notes for New Readers forum and you must naturally agree to these by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.

Having agreed to those terms and conditions, you will receive the following page:

As can be seen, the actual registration page could not be simpler and can be completed within 60 seconds. Completion notes are provided next to each item, but I will repeat them here:

Your Name: This is the name that will appear next to your posts. You will also use this name to log in to the system. There is no advantage to abbreviating your name as the system will offer to 'remember' you and log you in automatically. However, you must use a proper name, not a nickname or alias. If the name contravenes this policy, your account will be disabled, any posts you make will be deleted and your email address blocked from future registration of an account. User names must be unique. You may be lucky enough to get away with your first name, but chances are that it will already have been registered by someone else. The most usual convention is to use your first name plus the first letter or two of your family name. First names are best because we try to keep the board friendly and its much nicer to reply to someone by first name.

E-Mail Address: A valid email address. As soon as you press the Submit button at the bottom of the page a confirmation email will be sent to this address. You will be unable to log into your account until you have received this email and clicked on the link in our message.

Password: A password of four or more characters. Please note that our system is case sensitive, so 'A' is not the same as 'a'. Re-enter the password in the next box to confirm your entry.

Confirmation Code: You must enter the six-digit set of letters and numbers displayed to confirm that you are a real person. My apologies that this is necessary, but this is a security defence against the automated registration robots used by spammers.

Country of Residence: A general indication of where you live. The country will do, but it's much nicer to be a little more specific. Knowledge of where you are from is vital when answering questions. After all, there's no point in recommending a mosquito deterrent only available in the UK if you are based in Canada.

Country Flag: Just a fun refinement of the above entry. Please note that the flags of all the most common visitors to Tobago are at the top of the list, followed by an alphabetical list of the rest of the world.

Board Style: My apologies for getting technical, but myTobago is designed for users with 1024x768 resolution computer screens and better. If you don't know what this means, don't worry. Basically, if you can see the full width of the myTobago banner at the top of every page of our website, when your Internet browser window is maximised (press the middle button of the three icons in the top right of your browser window, as illustrated below) then you are running at high enough specification. If so, leave the board style set to 'subSilver'.

If you cannot see the full width of the banner (and forum messages), then you are operating an older or lower-specification computer and you will be better off trying one of the other settings. Try 'SmallScreen' first and then 'StandAlone'. These settings can be changed at any time through the Profile link in the top menu line of every forum page.

Having completed the registration form and pressed the Submit button, you must check your email for our welcome message. The new account must be activated by the Forum Administrator as a guard against registration by spammers. If your registration takes place between the hours of 9am and 9pm British time, this will invariably be completed within a minute or two and you will be notified by email that your account is active. You will then be able to log on to the forum.

The above registration options only cover a small number of the options that you can select for your user account. You can change everything except your username at any time by selecting the Profile link after you have logged in. Until you feel more comfortable in the forum, just leave this section alone.

Logging On:

You log in to the forum by selecting the 'Log In' link on the forum navigation line, or by scrolling to the Log In section at the bottom of the forum index page:

Clicking on the Log In link will produce the following page: Enter your username - exactly as you registered it and was shown on the system's Welcome email to you - and password. If you leave the Log me on automatically each visit box ticked, the system will remember your entry and automatically log you in whenever you connect to the forum.

If you ever forget your password, simply click on the blue link marked I have forgotten my password. You must then enter your username and email address. If the system can't find a match, you will need to contact me personally. If it does find a match, the system will email your username and password to you.

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