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How to post a message on the myTobago discussion forum

So, you now know how to navigate the forum. You've registered an account and logged in. You are now ready to post your first question or report.

New Message:

The first thing you must decide is where to post your message. After all, a message about kite surfing is hardly likely to receive much attention in the Weddings & Honeymoons discussion group, is it?

The first step, therefore, is to navigate to the most appropriate forum for your message. Rather than posting one long report offering combined comment on your accommodation, restaurants and tours, etc., it's better to break it up into a series of small messages that you can in the appropriate places. After all, nobody is going to be looking in the accommodation forums for comment on restaurants.

At the top and bottom of every topic page, you will see a newtopic button.

Clicking on this newtopic button will produce the following form.

As you can see from the navigation line above the form, this user is posting a new topic in the Food & Drink forum. Making the post is as simple as entering a meaningful title in the Subject line, entering the text of the message in the main panel and then pressing the Submit button.

If you would like to see what your post will look like before sending it to the system, simply press the Preview button. You can then make any corrections before finally clicking the Submit button.

I always recommend composing long messages in a normal word processor (Microsoft Word, etc). The advantage of this is that you can use the word processor's spelling and grammar checkers and edit your message to your hearts content. Once satisfied, you can select and copy the text then paste it into a forum post form. Please note that doing it this way will not preserve any formatting applied in Word (other than line/paragraph breaks). The forum uses a special code for formatting, called BBCode.

You can format your message with BBCode by selecting the text you wish to format, then clicking on the appropriate symbol just below the Subject line, as illustrated above. The BBCode items are fairly self-explanatory and a simple tutorial for forum beginners is not exactly the place to discuss them.

Emoticons (who thinks of these names?) can be added to a message to express an emotion or sentiment. Click where you would like the icon to appear in your text, then click on the appropriate icon from the panel on the left.

You can define a Signature in your Profile. This is a block of text that will appear at the bottom of every message. It simply saves you having to enter it every time. If you haven't got a signature defined, then the option to attach the signature will not appear.

The second option is of more interest. If you tick the box "Notify my when a reply is posted" then an automatic email notification will be sent to you as soon as another reader replies to your post. There is an option in your Profile to always tick this option by default, in much the way as the signature option is selected in the illustration.

Replying To A Post

Replying to a post is almost identical to posting a new topic. You must first select the topic which you want to respond to. With the actual posts listed, you will see two buttons at the top and bottom of the page. Clicking on the postreply button will open the form detailed above and add your post to the end of the existing messages in the topic. Please note that clicking on the newtopic button will create a brand-new topic with no connection to the topic or messages being displayed.

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