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Guest Report   

Camille from Trinidad visited in May 2016 and awarded  Three out of Five

My friends and I saw this place online and the pictures made us excited to go. There were 12 of us so this Villa was ideal.

We were allowed an early check in and late check out which was much to our satisfaction. Upon arrival at the villa, we were somewhat disappointed. The general upkeep of the villa and advertised items was much to be desired.

1. CD/Stereo system - was a little radio that didn't work. Thank God we had our music set up and laptops.

2. Grill - a mess

3. Pool - filters didn't work well

The photos were far from the reality. With a musky smell and the obvious use of Lysol moments before our arrival, we were not impressed. Some of the electrical outlets were not working and as we arrived the handyman came to do minor repairs and change light bulbs.

The grill that was advertised at first glance we thought it was propane then realised that it previously was and due to lack of maintenance it was converted to a coals grill.

The furniture on the patio poolside needed maintenance and general upkeep. The upholstery was somewhat dingy and out dated. The filters in the pool were not working well so after one day into night in the pool, the water was murky and the bottom barely visible. To this complaint the realtor retorted "well one, two,three....twelve people in the pool what do you expect."

The realtor was rude and his dry humour was not at all appreciated.

The weekend however turned out to be one of the best we've had despite the little hiccups.

We would possibly stay at another Villa during our yearly trip.

Guest Report   

Alana from Trinidad visited in August 2015 and awarded  One out of Five

The price for this villa was very attractive for a large group and the pictures online made the place looked really nice, however it was far from that.

First to begin with, upon arrival in Tobago around 8.30 pm with 4 kids, 2 sick adults (from ferry ride) and 2 elderly persons, we had to wait 45 minutes for the realtor to meet us.

On arrival to the house, we were shock to see the flight of steep stairs (especially for the elderly, this was not mentioned to us).

On entry in the house, it had a spacious living area with an outdated television and it had an 'old' smell with an uncleaned pool. There were also two dogs that were there sleeping on the lounge chairs, which the realtor claimed it was stray dogs but they seemed pretty at home to us.

On checking the rooms, the upper level bedroom had used personal items stacked in a closet/cupboard, when this was mention to the realtor his reply was 'just put it aside', I said but that's unsanitary, he said 'if you all want to use it you all can go ahead', I was in shock/pissed off at his comment; mind you I was already upset about the long wait. I looked at him and said, why would we use that, it's unsanitary. He looked at me and said, 'feel free to fill the bin up'. My level of anger and disappointment was just sky high at that moment. Mind you he did have an attitude as well.

I then asked him about the water supply. He said that there is a shortage of water in Tobago (I never had this issue at any other villa). He then went on to say that there is 6 tanks, but currently we only have two filled, WASA should come tonight or tomorrow to refill. WASA did come later that night and my husband had to attend to them.

After we unpacked the vehicles, we checked the rooms/beds thoroughly, where we found hair on one of the bed, white spots on another and black spots on another. We were disgusted by this. The towels looked dingy and was not white (which was not a problem, but I expected white).

Maybe about two hours after the fridge started to give off a terrible stench, upon checking it, it was hot at the bottom part and cool at the top part (we had meat in there as well, and yes some of our meat did spoil).

The air condition in the kids room stopped working due to being iced up and the toilet flooded.

The air condition in the room with the two double beds on the main level also stopped working.

The room with the single beds on the main level had electrical outlets that was not working (one of the outlet was 220 current but had 110 outlet).

We call the realtor numerous time that night to get some of the issues sorted or to be relocated. The realtor did not answer his phone, I left voice messages and text messages, he started rejecting the calls and then his phone was switched off. This really pissed me off so much.

Some of us did not sleep.

The next morning, he called around 9 am, I started to explain the situation, he said he will send over the maid and the electrician. I told him we were very much dissatisfied and we need to talk about the cost, maybe a cost reduction. He said okay.

The maid came in about 40 -50 minutes after I spoke to him, and the electrician came about two hours after. Everything got sorted out related to those issues.

However the realtor never called us to find out if everything was okay.

Eventually everyone settled the next evening and tried to make the best of the situation. The realtor did reimburse us for one night.

This is the last time I will be going there and I will not recommend it for anyone until they upgrade and improve their villa and customer service.

Guest Report   

Pearl Simona from Trinidad visited in May 2013 and awarded  Four out of Five

I must say the place was very accomodative and fitted our stay very well. The hiccups was the stove, which eventually settle down, the white creamy face towels, that need replacement.

All in all the time we spent there has left us with lasting memories, and do not be surprise of our return again this year.

The pros outweighs the cons.

Guest Report   

Carl Cassim from Trinidad visited in August 2012 and awarded  Two out of Five

This report relates to Calabash Villa /house located on Jacamar Drive overlooking

the Mt.Irvine golf course in Tobago

I would advise caution to anyone contemplating using this property for vacation.

The price is attractive,the property itself is spacious, well furnished bedrooms,airy living /recreation area, but the kitchen appliances need attention - refrigerator and stove are well below par - you need a bit of ingenuity in getting the stove to function properly.

The water supply is a problem - especially if your group is large - housekeeping is scheduled three days a week and the housekeeper washes the linen and towels -which combined with normal laundry and personal usage needs of a large group

puts a train on the water supply which consists of six (6) 400 gallon tanks fed from the island water supply.

There is some uncertainty re the reliability of the main water supply - according to the agents/realtors for the house it is unreliable - from persons around who are resident on the island water to supply to the Mt Irvine area is good and not a problem.

Our experience has been totally different- within three days of our arrival we were down to two tanks of water- we called both the house agent and the water authority (WASA) to ask for a truck borne water supply as it was close to the weekend and the housekeeper was scheduled to do her cleaning the next day.

The agent assured us that he would make the report and that we should get water within the next day or two - saying it depended on WASA's scheduling.

In an effort to expedite matters we contacted WASA to plead for help

WASA was very helpful and willing to help,but on checking their records found that water rates were in arrears and there was no request made for water. WASA

personnel however promised that they would call the house agent who had said that the rates were paid today and once verified would arrange delivery.

We did get a call after an hour that we would get water which was subsequently delivered some two hours later.

All's well that ends well - but one cannot help but be disappointed that the rates were not paid , putting persons who in good faith rented the property at risk of being embarrassed by a no water situation and ruining the vacation experience of at least ten young children.

The lack of concern and misinformation experienced leaves you the customer with a distinct uneasy feeling of being hustled.

Guest Report   

Cande Maharaj from Trinidad visited in April 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

Stayed at the villa with family members and it was truly everything we expected. I agree the pics nonlinear don't do the rooms any justice at all. Those rooms are spacious, clean, updated and beautiful. Everyone was extremely satisfied with everything, I will definitely be back in Tobago this August and will definitely be using Abraham Tobago realtors in future villa bookings, simply because they are very professional. Take my word readers you would not regret your stay at the calabashes villa.

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