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Guest Report   

Debra Gross from Trinidad visited in April 2015 and awarded  Five out of Five

My stay at Paradise Found Villa was the perfect vacation. I was so relaxed in the ambience of such indoor and outdoor attraction. The villa is perfect for a large group. The luxury of each bedroom is well outfitted with air condition units which made it relatively easy to sleep comfortably throughout the entire night. The kitchen facility was easily and conveniently located which made it easy for us to prepare meals regularly. The indoor pool was a plus, since we spent most of our time hanging out. The garden was well maintained and provided us with the beauty of nature while we spent our time.

I would recommend this villa to anyone travelling to Tobago with a large group. This is the ideal villa, where you can appreciate the beauty of Tobago in all its glory. Notwithstanding, the villa is located within close proximity to the Mt. Irvine Fish Market and the Mt. Irvine beach. It cannot get any better than that.

The owners, Mr. & Mrs. Thompson made us feel very comfortable by communicating with us and ensuring that everything was ok. That was a Bonus for us. In that regard, I would like to say thank you and to also remind you that we look forward to spending time at Paradise again.


Guest Report   

V.Davies from U.K. visited in February 2015 and awarded  Five out of Five

Paradise Found Villa-Tobago

Having just returned from the most beautiful Paradise Found Villa located at Mount Irvine Bay, Tobago I feel I must write to say how fabulous and breathtaking the Villa is. It must be one of the best Villas on the Island, it is most perfectly located overlooking Mount Irvine Bay with the surfers riding the waves from dawn till dusk, and this is viewed right from the open terrace and bedrooms. Its so peaceful & quiet with so many different birds visiting the wrap around beautiful gardens, and you are spoilt for choice with so many different sun seeking luxury sun lounges on offer to soak up the wonderful climate.

On entering the Villa it takes your breath away, you walk into the magnificent massive lounge and dining room and then step straight onto the bal lustrated terrace and swimming pool, which is covered with a circler roof, and the view looks straight across to the blue Caribbean sea - absolutely fabulous, no wonder they called it ‘Paradise Found’ (passers by actually stop and take photographs of the Villa)

The owners have made the Villa exceptionally welcoming with is beautifully decorated and furnished rooms. All the air conditioned bedrooms and en suits are huge and extremely comfortable and it really is the perfect villa to accommodate families and friends. We had the most wonderful holiday and could not fault it, thanks to the owners who have thought of everything with their high standards of cleanliness, car hire, wifi etc. Tobago is so unspoilt, with fabulous beaches, great food and lots of places to explore, it’s the ideal vacation for a relaxing, fun loving and enjoyable holiday, it really is ‘Paradise Found’, we will be back!! fun loving and enjoyable holiday, it really is ‘Paradise Found’, we will be back!!

Guest Report   

Amzad Khan from Trinidad visited in December 2014 and awarded  Four out of Five

Paradise Found Villa is without doubt a brilliant architectured building constructed on sloping land overlooking the Mt Irvine beach facilities.It is high rental priced as a lot of amenities and spacious accommodation have been provided. My estimate is that this structure is well over 20 years but it is generally well maintained especially the grounds, walls, furniture and inner floors. The rooms are spacious comfortable and the bathrooms are equally comfortably sized and equipped. The kitchen is quite furnished with necessary cutlery, pans, pots , dishes, plates and glasses necessary for day to day cooking. Every appliance in the kitchen worked well. The indoor Pool though small was quite an attractive and welcome facility that allowed kids to maximise its use especially during the nights and when rain fell.The place was generally quiet, with mediocre daily housekeeping. Transport to and from the Airport by Gus was prompt and on time .

An Overall rating judging from the price we paid for Paradise Villa which initially evoked tremendous positive anxiety prior to our stay regrettably after our stay can only at best be rated according to all Nine adults who stayed there as fairly Good.

Now what is responsible for this mediocre rating for this high priced Villa well maintained building ???

The main answer is simply very poor SAFETY and poor SECURITY.

1. While All five bedrooms faced the scenic Mt Irivine beach the doors to all the rooms had glass sliding doors.. Most of these doors couldnt lock at all, and those that were locking partially, easily opened with a minor jolt.

In addition We only found out upon our arrival that the building next to the Paradise Villa, where two innocent retirees reside, that they were physically attacked and almost killed with some of their priced possessions stolen. Questions directed to our informants who are well aware of the surroundings and its happenings, names withheld, about whether guests at Paradise villa were also ever attacked was met with stifled smiles and rolling eyes. Its was then obvious to us that previous guests at Paradise Villa were attacked before but the details were withheld I guess not to invoke fear in the hearts of our family members. While the major yard gates were well secured, and the main entrance doors were also well secured. Not one of the 5 bedrooms was safe because of the sliding glass doors and the relative ease with which an intruder could reach the bedrooms from the ground floor bypassing the major building entry doors by scaling the porch of the Master bedroom and scaling the wall of the furthermost room opposite the swimming pool. No one therefore could have slept comfortably during our 4 nights knowing the history of vandalism and attacks defeating the very intent of a vacation of having relaxed minds and sleeping sound. We were all potential easy sleeping targets for some weirdo or weirdos. While the owner of the Villa opted for sliding glass doors to provide views o the scenic beauty of the mt irvine beach facilities in the process compromised security. we would have prefered security especially as we are aware that there is a high proliferation of guns in the hands of evil minded individuals.

2. The other shortcoming was that the dining and living room area which are both quite large were very hot during the day and also during the nights. Just when we wanted to relax and move away from the buzzing mosquitos in the pool area,and some wanted to watch television and others to dine relax and read we couldnt because of the unbearable heat. The ceiling fans installed did work but they do not cool but only improve circulation partially. In this day and age air conditioning of the dining and living room is a MUST.

3. The existing TV was about a 29 inch CRT stone age TV. We should have had access to at least a 47 inch or larger plasma, LCD or better yet a 3 D LED Smart TV. These are low cost items relative to the rental charges.

4. While we were told that there is a washer and dryer.That was a lie, there were no Dryer but a typical wash spin dry. We had to wash clothes using the washing machine and then hang up the clothes on lines to dry.

5.While the Villa boasted about fridges in the rooms the main room the Master bedroom fridge was a outright failed fridge, zero cooling. There was one other fridge that was not cooling properly.

6. The mixer taps in the shower generally were stiff and difficult to turn to direct the water to the shower or to the low tap. water was coming out from both areas at the same time. This was reported to Gus.

7. The bulbs around the pool area were blown and left that way a very very long time. Generally the lighting all over were poor and reading a book all throughout the building during the night was a difficult challenge. Only low wattage bulbs were used presumably to reduce power costs but this had the effect of being a nuisance to enthusiastic reading guests.

I am making a fervent appeal to the Owners after they read this report to receive the comments objectively and do not become defensive or offensive. Please be calm and composed in receiving the positive comments and the negative comments as well. Kindly understand that I am benchmarking your place relative to other places we stayed in Tobago where we paid half your daily rental price but amenities, comfort,surroundings far exceeded Paradise Villa. Paradise villa main advantage is its huge accommodation.We need to raise the bar at Paradise Villa.

Acceptance and effecting my suggestions will certainly improve the comfort level of your guests. Afterall it is that very reason why you are in this business, the hospitality business. All the best Pat.

Guest Report   

Fatima Mohamed from Trinidad visited in December 2014 and awarded  Five out of Five

I visited Paradise Found Villa the 17th -21st of December of 2014. My first impression walking into the luxurious spread was that it was really gorgeous. The view of the Mount Irvine beach from the patio overlooking the property is nothing short of breathtaking. The beach itself is across the road from the garden gate less than a minute walk away. There are 5 large, air-conditioned and en suite rooms which all leads onto the pool deck. Each of the rooms had their own toilet and bath which was welcoming and highly convenient as it was a large group of us staying together. The room that I stayed at had a fantastic view of the horizon and I was privy to the most beautiful sunsets on the sea. The indoor pool is one of the major attractions of this property equipped with enough pool chairs and lounges making it a perfect place to relax. Also to, the gardens were very well kept with a landscape enviable to most. We cooked quite a few times in the kitchen and were most pleasantly surprised at the availability of kitchen utensils and functioning appliances. The villa’s manager Gus and Shermin the caretaker were both friendly and pleasant in our dealings with them during our stay. As well as Pat, who was very accommodating during the booking process. We have recommended this villa to all our friends and family as one of the best in Tobago!

Guest Report   

Michael B. Taylor from U.S.A. visited in July 2014 and awarded  Five out of Five

I must take some time to comment on my stay at your Villa -

Paradise Found - in Tobago. This was my third time staying there. The fact that I kept coming back speaks for itself, but sometime words are as good as actions. I have found the stay at the Villa delightful and relaxing. The Villa itself is so comfortable and well kept, indeed I could say, elegant. The setting on the elevated land allows for a view which always takes my breath away. Set as it is, away from the roadway also makes it very peaceful, day and night. At the same time, transportation is easily available. The indoor pool is a boon, which can be exploited to the fullest, especially on days when the weather outside may be unpleasant. The availability of a housekeeper, who does a great job cleaning and, if asked, cooking, allows visitors more time to take it easy and not have to spend time in the kitchen is also a bonus.

All that I have written is also the experience of the many people who stayed at the Villa with me, including Family Members and friends. It is certain that I will be back in July with yet another group.



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