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Sue S

We visited Tobago a couple of years ago and fell in love with the island. I've been checking the internet and have come across the Sunset Valley Estate near Englishman's Bay. Has anyone stayed there or can give me any information on it? The location looks gorgeous.

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Sunset Valley Estate/ Mom's Bed And Breakfast   

Rhian Jones

My family of three has just returned from a holiday in Tobago. We feel that it is important to share our good fortune with others. We booked our holiday over the web and so were a little anxious as to what we would find on arrival. We need not have wasted a moment worrying about our stay at Sunset Valley/ Mom's Bed and Breakfast.

Prior to departure, Rande Price, the owner, was most obliging, with nothing being too much trouble. Also, he always replied promptly. This was how things continued when we arrived in Tobago to be greeted after a four hour delay by his parents.

The villa stands majestically above Englishman's Bay. The view is breathless with the Rainforest behind you, a super flamboyant tree bordering your view down the coast and Englishman's Bay to your right. The villa nestles beautifully in the environment, allowing you to gaze at so many different birds, insects and reptiles.

Besides the view, the villa is spotlessly clean, with an abundance of clean linen. The location pleased all our family because there was place to sit in the sun as well as in the shade. Two hammocks were well positioned to make the most of the views. French doors on both sides of the rooms allowed you to live out of doors. All the windows had mesh on them for the evenings, thereby minimising insect intrusion.

The lounge had a large video and DVD collection that was up to date. The indoor area was cool and welcoming as was the fully equipped kitchen.

We stayed at Sunset Valley on a bed and breakfast basis, but this was unlike some other bed and breakfasts because we had the complete run of the house, pool and delightful grounds. As for the food, it was excellent in terms of quantity and quality. It was excellent value for money and Donna/Mom was anxious to ensure that we were satisfied. We were more than satisfied!

It would appear that much thought and care has gone into Sunset Valley/Mom's Bed and Breakfast and it shows in every aspect and little detail. This extends to the Visitors' Information Folder. It is well organized and is probably the best we have ever used. They even provide extra copies for the visitor. We found all their recommendations to be correct and honest. One of them was the restaurant called Sunshine Restaurant. It is owned by their gardener, Simon. It is located at the junction for Roxburgh and Bloody Bay. The food, prepared and cooked by Vanessa, was delicious, hot and very reasonable. It is little wonder that it has been used by the Tourist Board.

Finally, and unequivocably, we would recommend Sunset Valley/ Mom's Bed and Breakfast. We understand why people who have been there return home and book it immediately for their next visit to Tobago. When we return to Tobago, we will do likewise. This villa is such a haven that you almost want it to remain a secret venue, but that would be unfair to others. We are so glad that we found it. It is all the website states and more!

Stay Last Week At The Sunset Valley Estate, Aka Moms B+b   

Ernesto Blokosso

After my wife and I had three nights at the Hilton, then three nights in the north at the Blue Waters in Speyside, we moved up to Englishman's Bay to a rented house called the Sunset Valley Estate, also known as Mom's Bed and Breakfast (although Mom doesn't really do this anymore). We stayed at this house for a full week and here is my review for others who may be considering this property...

First of all, the only thing I can say is DO IT. We had looked at the website for this property at, and the photos looked nice, sounded isolated, had views, nice pool, etc. But in no way did the site do this place any justice. I have never stayed somewhere with such spectacular views and magnificent setting. From this glorious vantage point up on the side of the hills that lead into the Tobago Forest Reserve, we figured we could see 50 miles out to sea (seemed like it), and the house has a 180 degree view of the sea... a truly sweeping view that was awe-inspiring at any time of day. We saw so many rainbows over the horizon that they began to seem redundant, watched the rain sweep in in small storms out to sea that passed over the tiny fishing boats circling around the Sisters Rocks.

The house was very airy and spacious. The rooms to sleep were nothing special, but everything was always spotless and clean, and all you had to do is open a double-door to remind you of the miles of sea outside. The other side of the house led up to a sharp, forested ridge atop the Tobago Forest Reserve. Nothing up there... just trees. You can only see two other houses from the property, and both far enough away to never inhibit us from skinny dipping in the 15 x 35 pool that was also spotless and always crystal ice blue and refreshing.

The birds... If you don't like birds, this is not the place for you. We saw and HEARD so many birds to make it seem almost comical. First of all, we are somewhat early risers (though not always) and is a good thing, because there are dozens of cocricos across the hillside, and hearing them all sing (if you can call it that) to each other, echoing in tandem across the valley, is an experience I will never forget. There were also dozens of these yellow-tail birds that made a gutteral whoop, then melodious music, then jerking flapping motion, all at once... There were the little green parrots all over the place that mate for life. There were boobies and pelicans out to sea. And there were many crowned mot mots that have to be one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. And more, all right near the house. If you are a bird lover, this is paradise. We often didn't need our binoculars to have a great view of them.

The grounds... the house is set on 3 acres across a very steep hillside, and we freely walked the grounds and ate the fresh avocados, limes, and pummelos that were there for the picking. If only it had been the time of year for mangos, we could have eaten hundreds, and star apples too.

Mom and Pops... These are the caretakes who live on the property below the main part of the house which we rented. They are an American couple who have been in Tobago for 15 years and they were very accommodating and we enjoyed their company. They were very respectful of our privacy and we knew when they would be coming upstairs and knew where they were. Mom cleans every day, and did our laundry for us. She hates dirt, so needless to say, the place was always so clean. And Pops has some great stories to tell, and he is a hiker, and despite being 72, he took us a vigorous 3 hour jaunt through the forest reserve, him leading the way, clearing the path with his machete. He often was barefoot too. He also took us to the Highland Falls, where we hiked in and swam into the small canyon at the base of the falls, right underneath them.

All in all, I am writing too much. Obviously, I highly recommend this place, as it was always stunning, every corner of it. If you want remote and isolated and beautiful, this is it. (and the gorgeous beach at Englishman's Bay was only 5 minutes away).


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