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Guest Report   

Chris Sowerbutts from U.K. visited in March 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

As my sister and I used this great website so extensively to help plan our recent trip i was determined to get a report added on here when i (sadly) got back home, which is now (very sadly) the case...

We stayed at Birdie's Nest 26th Mar-1st April, as the reviews all seem to say, my sister and i both totally 100% agree that Birdie's Nest is an absolutely top place and Prince is an absolute legend!

Firstly Prince agreed to collect us from the airport and on the drive over to the apartment already started to give us great practical info, including going out of his way to take us to the supermarket and to drive down all the little routes where it would be possible for to walk to the various places near the apartment. He'd arranged for us stay in the larger upstairs apartment as the others (we'd booked a smaller apt downstairs) were empty, and at no extra cost (although the 2nd bedroom was understandibly locked off and this was an exception so don't go trying to do Price out of any hard earned income!), this made it extra special as the upstairs is so spacious and has direct use/access on to the wicked terrace out front.

As we were cheapskates and hadn't booked a car for the time here (we were diving and they did free pick-up's/drop offs!) on our first night Price drove us to a nice place to eat and then picked us up later, he also did the same for the 'Sunday School' thingy and as other guests have also experienced he checked on us every day to ensure we were ok, didn't need anything and just to have a good old chat. I'm sure if you'd have asked for anything he would have sorted it out for you, he's just a genuine top lad!

I won't go into details but although the the apt is quite old-fashioned in decor and compared to some places may seem a tad basic, it is well kitted out for a easy life if your doing DIY catering, it has A/C in the bedroom, our room had 2 big double beds, cable TV if you really can't leave it alone for 2 weeks, a great shower, probably the most comfortable sun lounger and chairs i've ever used on a holiday for the terrace, plus a seperate covered, yet still outside with a great view dining area. He's thought of little practical touches like providing candles and bits n bobs like that. If you want serious luxary then you should look elsewhere, but for the money this place comes up trumps big time.

Black Rock is not too far from all the main stuff in the South, but far enough so you feel like your really getting a better, less touristy vantage of the place, plus then your closer still for trips out to the more rural, hilly and rainforesty north. It has a good cash point and eating/drinking out options nearby, the next beach along (Grafton) is pretty stunning for a 'beach day' and when we were there usually empty. It's so close to where most of the leatherback turtles come to nest (Birdie's Nest is on "Turtle Beach" but there's a bit in middle of the beach which blocks a walk totally along to where the turtles seem to come), but you can literally 'pop round' to that bit of the beach esp if you have a car and don't fancy a walk in the dark, i'd advise to hook up with the local SOS (Save our Seas) volunteers and experience the pretty amazing thing of the big turtles coming up to do their thing, plus if you do it that way it doesn't cost a penny and you're not in a big organised group of tourists.

The highlight for us was staying in this lovely location where you do feel like you are actually seeing "real Tobago", each day watching amazing sunsets from the raised terrace (which had an incredible, if not best view and vantage on the beach by the way) and of course scoffing brekkie while also watching the same lovely view, but a bit brighter and with all the cheeky little birds around you - instead of bats! It gave us access to everything we needed in the South end of the Island and was an all round really good experience.

The only negatives i can think of are you are so close to the sea it can keep you awake a bit until you get used to it, and the damn cockrills crowing in the morning, but then these little blighters are literally kept by homeowners in every part of Tobago (yes even in "built-up" Crown Point according to some fellow sleep sufferes!) Take some sturdy ear plugs and you'll be fine!

I seriously wouldn't hesitate in recommending this place and area on the Island, we had another week+ staying in other areas of Tobago further up North, but this i recokon had a bit of everything and was my overall fave, taking all things into account (inc. cost!). I would do as most people advise though and get a car, esp if this location is your only base on your holiday, there are plenty of nice things walkable, but a car would give you so many more options, esp for buying fresh fish & veg which only seems possible at random little stalls dotted along the main roads - the dive centre staff had to become our personal cheuffer's just so we could eat at night, so if you book with 'Extra Divers' they now definately know where this place is to collect you!

Go, enjoy!

Guest Report   

Alan Wood from U.K. visited in January 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

Prince is not so much the proprietor of a first class trio of villas, he's more of a personal close friend who looks after you with attentive and genuine care. Nothing is too much trouble and he's a funny guy too.

Birdies Nest is perfection. It is spotless, has everything you could possibly need (or did do till I broke the microwave plate thingy. Sorry dude, a new one will be sent, frisbee style across the Atlantic as soon as Ebay get it to me).

I sincerely hope the coastal erosion takes one look at what Prince and his charming mum Princess are doing here and clears off to bother some inferior place.

I'm loathed to go on anymore as you will all book the place up and I'll not be able to get in again.

We will be back, so lock up your microwaves.

Alan and son Eliot Wood

Guest Report   

Rob & Belinda from U.K. visited in January 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

Well what can we say, a fantastic place we found in the Birdies Nest, a right jewell in the crown, perfect position on the beach even though it was somewhat rural "so to speak". But safe.......

You do need a car to get around (no doubt Prince will sort that out for you). We stayed in the upper floor so glad we paid that bit extra as the sundeck was brilliant having the sun from from 8.00am until it went down in the evening, fantastic, also the BBQ came in handy as we enjoy cooking, it was great..

Many a day you wouldn't see a soul on the beach...You could almost imagine it was your own private beach....Tranquillity!!!!

We must mention Prince...What a guy, he will do absolutely anything if he thought it would make your stay that much better, he truly is a special guy. So very kind and thoughtful, he did such a lot for us whilst we was there (even running us into Scarborough to meet some friends from england which came in for the day on a cruise ship, then he came back for us). He showed us all around the island, nothing was too much trouble to him, what a gem...This guy has got what it takes to run a succesful business.... Not forgetting his mum (Princess) lovely lady always has a big smile on her face..

There is a cracking little place called "The Fish Pot" we had a great meal there, we only wish we had tried it sooner in our stay. It's about a 5 minute drive well worth the trip, they are so friendly & helpful, the foods great!! Very personal feel to it.

Also there's a little (Locals) bar just up the hill from Birdies Nest called "Michaels". From the outside it looks a little rough around the edges, but truly is worth a visit or two. Michael's a great guy, he made us feel so welcome, those rum and cokes have a lot to answer for....The locals love to chat with you as well.

There aren't many places in the world of which we would go back to visit, but Birdies Nest and Tobago is one of those places...

Take it from us you'll have a great time....

Guest Report   

Joanne Morrow from Canada visited in January 2009 and awarded  Four out of Five

We had a wonderful time at Birdies Nest. Prince Robinson could not have been a better host. The apartment was large and very clean.If ever there was something that we needed Prince was right there to help (even though he was busy running for office).We walked on lovely Courland beach every morning and one morning we were fortunate enough to be there when the fishermen were bringing in their nets. After standing watching for a short time one of the men let us know that they could use some help. We pulled the ropes for over an hour, along with others that happened by.We got our workout,a new life experience, and a great appreciation of the hard work that these men do for a living.Tobago is a very beautiful island and Birdies Nest a great place to stay, away from the tourist area. As you have said on this site a car is necessary. One drive that we would strongly recommend is the road from Castara across to Roxborough. We were blown away by the beauty. There is no point in trying to describe it,just go to Tobago and see for yourself

Guest Report   

Keith & Jacqui Egglestone from U.K. visited in January 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

Birdies Nest has everything you could possibly need and if there is something missing then Prince will do everything in his power to obtain it for you. Jacqui enjoyed the beach within a couple of yards from our door which seemed to exist solely for her use. My favourite was the larger beach nearer Plymouth where I could watch the fishermen hauling in their net and video the Pelicans. Enjoyed watching and listening to the local steel band practicing in the evenings.

The most memorable thing about our stay was the hospitality of our hosts, Prince and his mum Princess. We were made to feel as though we were the only visitors who had ever been to Tobago, nothing seemed too much trouble and their good humoured willingness to please really made an impact on us. We definately aim to visit again, even if it is just to visit our friends Prince & Princess.


I have to second that. Prince is the best host you could possibly have, we have now renamed him "The King!". Absolutely nothing is too much trouble for him. One morning he asked if he had disturbed us, during the night? We hadn't stirred at all, but he had been busy finishing off the bench for the garden which had been partly built before we arrived, so he finished it at 3am! His aim throughout was to ensure we enjoyed our visit to Tobago, and Black Rock "his village" where it is only too apparent that everyone holds him in the highest regard ~ not bad for a guy who is only in his early twenties!

The apartment was spotlessly clean and had everything that you could possibly need. I am sure that by the time we return next time (bird feeders and the garden were next on the agenda) even more will be done to accomodate guests.

The beach was vast, and unlike other islands, virtually empty! Immediately in front of Birdies Nest I swam for the first couple of days, although the waves were quite strong. I'm not sure whether it was influenced by the full moon or not but after that the waves were too strong for swimming, but the exhilaration of running in and out of the sea, and even dancing on the beach to the sounds of the crashing waves and the music from my ipod was magic. I had the beach to myself and it was an experience of pure freedom that I will never forget. When we called in on our way back to the airpot (we spent our second week in the north of the island) the sea was much calmer, so it varies quite a lot here, but the sea breeze was always very refreshing.

Being in the south of the island, it is much easier to shop for food (Prince will tell you all the best places to go).We did get a pizza in one night, and went to "Sunday School " at Bocco one night for a bbq, but other than that we were happy to eat in and sit on the patio, with a drink or two, (or three). We had happy evenings chatting to either Prince, Princess or our neighbours, there was definitely a very relaxed, friendly feel to our stay. We would love to return, and hopefully be able to book the apartment upstairs next time, but whatever, I can't imagine returning to Tobago without returning to Birdies Nest!


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