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Guest Report   

Marion Uckert from Germany visited in February 2007 and awarded  Four out of Five

We have stayed at Birdie's Nest during the beginning of our holidays in February 2007 and it was a really nice start! The rooms are very convenient, we had a kitchen and really enough space for our luggage and the very best is the location directly at the sea! In the morning you have a beautiful look from you window to the deep blue sea and in the evening you can sit on the veranda and watch the pelikans on their way back to where they sleep. The beach is huge and sometimes we were really alone there.

Our host Prince Robinson was very friendly and gave us some good advice where to go and what to visit. The village is nice, there are some shops and the steel drum factory of "Katzenjammer".

The most impressive experience we made at the end of the beach (near Plymouth) where fishermen were pulling out the net together with tourists from the nearby hotel in the early evening. It was a good catch and they threw a large and a small manta ray and some blowfish back to the sea. Dozens of pelikans and frigate birds were diving into the water and catching fish out of the fishermen's net - smashing!

We will not give the maximum 5 stars because: Unfortunately there are some construction works going on in the neighbourhood so that a walk on the beach is disturbed by concrete blocks lying in the sea. Directly at Birdie's Nest there is a kind of a sand heap you have to climb when coming back from the beach. But generelly it is a really marvellous place to be! To go to Fort Bennet and watch the sunset with a cool Carib in your hand - that's Caribbean feeling!

Guest Report   

Muriel DesVignes from Canada visited in February 2007 and awarded  Four out of Five

6 of us spent 17 nights at Birdie's Nest, near the delightful village of Black Rock, and about 50 metres from the gorgeous shore close to the ancient black rock itself. The upstairs apt was where I stayed, and it was by far the nicest of all, with very large bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge living room and very well laid-out kitchen with everything needed to prepare our meals. The beauty was the patio on the front of the upsatirs apt. We prepared our meals and walked right out onto the patio to eat under the stars at night, or to watch the water churning and crashing below us in the a.m. Some days the breakers were just too strong and mighty for swimming ,and it could be very difficult getting back to shore, (Never go alone)but slightly to our right was a protected natural pool that was always safe and always great fun, thanks to the current that playfully jostled us along. We called it "bobbing" instead of swimming, but it was absolutely fabulous. Always sparkling clean thanks to the strong tides washing in and out. Our daily routine included walking the full length of the beach, right up to the exit into Plymouth, and twice we did go into Plymouth to do a little sight-seeing and shopping.(be prepared...lots of sunscreen , lip balm , and a bottle of water, plus a t-shirt or wrap in case you "dally" as we did, and the sun gets too hot before you get back.)

Prince was fantastic ,taking our husbands to Mt. Irvine to golf whenever they wanted, driving them to do some banking into Scarborough, and then extending their trips to nearby points of interest. He charged a very reasonable fee, and if he couldn't drive us he arranged for friends to do so. He also set up our friend's laptop so that she could correspond overseas daily.Advised us as to local bakery, small grocery, good restaurant (Seahorse Inn) etc.

Princess made us delicious fresh bread on a holiday w/e, and would have made additional baked gods had we required it. Just order ahead. They also have a washer, book ahead also.

A few draw backs......the debris in front of the villas just up the beach, but Prince has been promised this is being removed before Sir Elton John's arrival end of April.Often there was broken glass along the beach, and steel posts in unexpected places which could really do harm if not seen. My friend and I were constantly picking up broken bottles and shards of cuttlery when we went walking. It seemed especially bad the days immediately after Carnival .Also be aware : We enjoyed the locals next door, but some would perhaps not . It could be quite noisey some nights with 4 dogs barking intermittently and the roosters crowing all night every night. We got accustomed and those who did not, used earplugs, but most nights the roaring ocean overcame all else. I miss that sound so much back at home!

There is a gentleman who makes a habit of coming to Birdie's Nest every a.m. trying to sell dried up and deformed old coconuts ! We were told he "dresses down" and acts mentally challenged, but in truth has no money problems .And another man lured 5 of us into running up to Rex Turtlre Beach to see a turtle laying her eggs, then demanded money . He was very upset when we offered too little, and despite having given him boxed candy and other things, he kept insisting on more money. This was upsetting and embarrassing, and in hindsight, could have been dangerous. If anyone other than Prince offers to take you anywhere, or do you a big favour, be sure to ask immediately how much it's going to cost you and feel free to politely decline the offer. You will never get 2 taxi drivers who have the same rate, either, so ask the fee before you leave home.Several times we were asked to give "another $20.00" and were scrounging for the extra cash.

A minor inconvenience was the lack of steps down to the main beach. Sometimes there was debris like coral or broken cement in the sand, and one had to pick their way carefully up to the guest house and down to the water. This will be remedied, Prince said, as soon as a retaining wall gets constructed in front.

BAsically, this spot is ideal and very private. Rooms were very clean, but guests are to do their own basic housekeeping.(sweeping and dusting, clean your bath and toilet and sink.) Beds were fine, and patio furniture in good shape. It's the location right on the water that makes it HEAVEN, however. All of us agreed we would go again. Thanks Prince and Princess!

Guest Report   

Donald H from U.S.A. visited in February 2007 and awarded  Five out of Five

Birdies Nest was great. There was just the two of us and we stayed in the upper apartment. It was very clean and comfortable. Prince was a pleasure to do business with-very accomodating. We were right on the beach, as advertised, and within easy walking to town. We also rented Prince's car which was well appointed and reliable.

The beachfront work was still going on when we were there, but Prince was fair about discounting our rate because of it. The work is probably done by now. All in all, a great place to stay for the dollar.

Wonderful site by the way and proved to be very helpful to us.

Thanks, Don H

Guest Report   

Karl Turner&Jackie Taskas from U.K. visited in December 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

Me and my fiancť stayed here for just 6 nights (I night lost due to the flight being delayed) but itís one of the best holidays Iíve had. We were picked up from the airport on time, and Prince (our host) took us shopping on the way home. Sadly the shops were closed as we arrived on a Sunday evening but Prince had already brought us the essentials which were: fruit, bread, butter, cheese and water.

The apartment we stayed in (number 2 I think), although the smallest, was huge! We had AC in the bedroom and some funky lamps that came on when you touched them!!

The biggest bonus for me was the tour that Prince gave us. He took us around the whole island explaining many features, monuments and why the beaches had their names. He also arranged a snorkel dive off the coast of Speyside where we got to see a large reef and many fish. We were asked if there was anything else we wanted to see and we also ended up going to the Botanical Gardens which were completely covered in Christmas lights! All in all great value for money and very interesting.

The holiday as a whole was perfect, the empty beach on our doorstep and the hot sunny weather made staying at the house easy to do. The water is warm and refreshing and the rocks nearby are great to explore.

This is a perfect place to get away, with Prince being the friendliest guy I know and all the help he gave made it one to remember.

Guest Report   

Abby Stafford from Trinidad visited in September 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

I have vacationed at Birdie's nest since it came into creation, and i must say it is even more beautiful every year. When i read the reviews i thought to myself imust add something.

As mentioned above prince was there at the port every time i have stayed in tobago and i choose to stay nowhere else. It is private secure and comfortable.

Its a home away from home, with a beach suitable for long walks and the water is always wonderful. the sunset is impeccable and so is the sunrise if you get up early enough to see it.

I always recommend this guesthouse to anyone who wants to stay in tobago, it is affordable and perfect for a getaway. If you think you will get lost in tobago have no fear sigla is there to help you find all the interesting spots and locations in tobago and he is just a phone call away.

Turtles, the beach, sunsets and sunrise, snorkelling and even fishing is a fun way to spend a vacation. also if you don't feel like cooking fast food is alwats available, just a 15 minute drive if so much. There are also restaurants available close by, if i continue i will never finish just take my advice Birdie's Nest is the place to be.

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