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D Rich

I realised that the creator of the website stated that there was only one negative review of the Surf Side Hotel. Well this one makes three since it is the opinion of my sister and I. We were absolutely horrified at the conditions at the hotel. There was dog faeces, yes you saw right, DOG FAECES outside our hotel door when we first arrived. It was just covered with sand and we didn't realise what was the source of the smell at first. When we did and we asked for it to be moved it took them about two days before it was done. Not to mention the noise that is experienced because of the Golden Star pub next door. On our first night of arrival I had absolutely no sleep because the noise was deafening. Even my windows were vibrating to the sound of the music. When I went to management to complain about it, I was answered (with a smirk on their face I might add) that this happened every Wednesday night and on weekends and they could not tell me when the music would stop. Our experience there was absolutely terrible. I guess there is a reason why there rates are so cheap. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. :x

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Surfside Hotel Resort - Waste Of Time   


Post Recreated: Originally posted - 07 March

This was the far more worst hotel we have ever stayed at. They never attend to you unless you are white. You have to ask for everything such as towels, to clean the swimming pool etc. and wait hours after you can get it. To do your laundry is a waste of time because the machine aren't even working properly. The owners are not very friendly neither respectful. They don't even watch you in your face unless you are white. The gates are locked every night after 6 and thinking that the security guard would at least have the courtesy to get up and open the gate, he sleeps in the booth or watches television. The maids are very nice and pleasant to talk with and even they and all think that the owners are a waste of time to ask for anything. The bedrooms are very huge but the rest of the apartment is small. There in not even enough cutlery nor glasses in the kitchen to provide for a family. They are suppose to change your towels everyday or every other day ...that's a waste of time... If you want to be treated like a HOG stay at this hotel otherwise if you want to get your moneys worth stay in a have a better chance of enjoying yourself. p.s. this is very true because we recently stayed here this year...

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