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Things To Do At Grafton Beach Resort?   



I am looking for the best way to use my seven days at the Grafton Beach Resort, as a female travelling alone.

Any good ideas?



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Feedback On Grafton Review   

John Bagby

We went to the Grafton in March 2004 and have checked back a few times to see the promised review. Frankly I haven't got anything to add, except to comment that we have pretty much full agreement with everything that Steve has written. I think the review is fair and balanced. Despite being mid 30's we had a few concerns about the type of people that AI might attract but this was simply not an issue. We loved Tobago and thought the hotel was great.

One word of warning if you are considering travelling there with Virgin which we did. I have no hesitation in recommending them and thought the Tobago service was great, but we travelled on one of their recommended twin-centre deals which twins the Grafton with the Rex Papillion hotel in St Lucia. This hotel was very different (bigger, more 'chainy' possibly more downmarket) and was not a good match for the Grafton. Fortunately we went to St Lucia first so we saved the best until last!

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Grafton Beach In June   

Tony J Taylor

Off to the Grafton Beach on June 14. I was there with the family in 1998 and had a great time. Looking at the posts it seems to have gone through some hard times but has come out of this with a refurb. Anybody been in the last few weeks and can give me some current feedback.

When we were there in 98 we went diving with Dive Tobago. Do they still exist and if not any other good dive outfits around the area?



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Room Layouts At The Grafton   

Peter Allday


We will be off to the Grafton Beach in a little under 3 weeks, and were wondering what the beds were like in the rooms (what size and how many?) I need to know because there will be 3 of us there (the 3rd being our daughter who is 3) and we need to know whether we need to ask for a rollaway bed or if they already have 2 double beds in the room.

Any sign of the Grafton review?



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Grafton Beach   

Mike M

Firstly want to say thanks for all the tips and advice on what has been a great discovery for our research for our holiday next week. Can anyone give me an update on the Grafton, we are only going for a week and thanks to this site have managed to prebook Neptunes and sorted out our sightseeing itinerary, but my girlfriend still has reservations with the hotel compared to say the Corlan next door. So any more info would be gratefully appreciated!

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