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Guest Report   

Jenny from Trinidad visited in December 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

I would like to say that I will nevr stay at summerland suites again. The owner was extremely disrespectful and insulted myself and my friends. He is vey cocky and full of himself. Do not stay here. There is no microwave no bedroom door they refuse to give extra towels...

I paid for 5 nights but left after one.. After being disrespected by the owner. Very poor customer service and its not worth the price.

There are much nicer places to stay in tobago trust me. The owner talks to you like you a child and he's doing you a favour... Very disappointed And dissatisfied.

Guest Report   

Karlene Leu-Coldero from Trinidad visited in August 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

Stayed for 6 days. I was told that check in time is 1pm. After having a rough ride on the boat with my family we arrived at the suites at around 12: 45 - 12:50 pm. Visited the office to a very chatty and fully of himself manager. The office assistant assisted me in completing my receipt all this time the manager was only bombarding me with un necessary chat. Then to over hear that they were having problems with the refrigerator in that "suite" and that the room is not ready. Now what are we to do !!!! The manager wanted to know if we have any cold storage I said to him yes however its in the cooler, and said to me we could go to the beach since the suite is not ready for us to check in, he suggested for us to check him back in an hour >>> now you tell me what crap is this !!!!!! If it was a foreigner who hired a taxi what would they have done. On hearing this my husband was really angry and he decided to go and chat with the manager and to give him a few choice words... After 10 minutes he came back to the car to say we can now go to the suite>.. Totally unacceptable....

No microwave, no proper cooking utensils, no privacy to rooms (2bed. suites) no can or bottle openers. Suites need a total overhaul... The office too is not customer friendly and inviting.

And just imagine in this day and age the security have to get up every time some one comes to the gate either to the office or the entrance to drive in or out. (what about an electronic gate). To sum it up the Suite wasn't sweet at all! FIRST AND LAST TIME.

Guest Report   

Marilyse Chan Attong from Trinidad visited in April 2012 and awarded  Four out of Five

Well I must say that we loved the suites. The rooms were clean and the staff was polite. The only thing was there was no microwave, a modern commodity that we wanted and desired. Other than that we immensely enjoyed. The pool was a blast. Management needs to update the wifi and Cable but we loved and will be coming again God 's willing in August. Big up to the cleaner who was so accommodating And bout clean towels everyday.

Guest Report   

Jason Sparx from Barbados visited in October 2011 and awarded  One out of Five

First off I had to get out of my rental car to open the gates,because the security was too busy texting away on his phone.Then the room was dirty under the bed especially.The kitchen had cobwebs and spiders.There was no dish washing liquid and the sponge wasn't even fit to wash the floor.There was no cable tv.No cord for the internet so i had to buy one to plug in to get online.The power went out and they had no back up generator.The day I was leaving the receptionist office was locked.The whole week I was there I only saw security and gardener,no house cleaning lady.It was the worst place I've ever stayed.A cheap motel would've been a lot better.

Guest Report   

Tammy from Trinidad visited in June 2011 and awarded  One out of Five


I haven't stayed at summerlands suit as yet, and that's the reason that I am disappointed. I made reservations to stay at the suite, i was told that we have to make a deposit, and fax the receipt to them. Because the banks are always busy, i decided to do an online transfer, to hold my accommodation. I printed the receipt, and faxed it to them. When i contacted their office, the secretary told me that the owner does not recognize that type of payment, i assured her that the money was already credited to the account, and what are we to do, she told me that he will call. 2 weeks of constant calling and he finally returned our call. He was very arrogant on the phone, so i had to fix him right. His argument is that there is a lot of fraud going on, and he does not recognize that type of payment therefore he does not want to confirm our reservation. I told him sir in this modern age of technology you don't want to accept an online receipt? i told him well why didn't he contact the bank to confirm that the money is on the account. i also asked him, what about persons who do not live in Trinidad or Tobago and want accommodation what form of payment does he accept? He couldn't answer.I was also told that he was very rude to the teller dealt with him. So here it is 1 week away from our vacation to Tobago, and because of the long holiday, we can not get accommodation because the owner of summer lands suite refuses to confirm the reservation, and everywhere else is booked. So he has my $888 which he says he will refund, well I am still awaiting his call. UTTER RUBBISH. Somebody also told me the said reason they didn't stay there is because the attitude they received was not friendly, and she's not paying her money for that, why didn't i get that feedback before. :(

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