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Guest Report   

Steve And Helen Vesty from U.K. visited in January 2006 and awarded  Four out of Five

Spent an all too short 6 nights in Coconut Heights. What can we say that hasn't already been said. Overlooking the beach, loads of space and everything you need from hammock to fully equipped kitchen. Castara is really laid back and non commercial and Porridge and Jeanelle couldn't be more helpful, including hire car if you need it. Shopped on the way in but plenty of local choices for dinner if you don't want to cook. We didn't try Jeanelle's cooking but wished we had after hearing the reports. Kelly can take you on an excellent local rainforest walk and the Argylle Waterfall is well worth the climb. Just don't expect much sleep - between the crashing surf, the mad cockerel (thinks sunrise is 3.30 am!) and the occasional late night action at The Boathouse next door, most of our snoozing was caught up on during the day!

Would definitely go back though - a real gem.

Guest Report   

Renate Goerner from Switzerland visited in January 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

We arrived in the dark at the Beach House and "wow" the ocean was so close that we had the impression it's running through our bedroom. In the morning we woke up and were delighted of this amazing view from our balcony. Just sun, beach, palms and breadfruit trees. Well, there was something else calling our attention this first morning: a hen! She wanted to come in our apartment but we weren't that responsive of her idea. In the evening of our first day (Saturday) we tried the "Boathouse" for dinner as they announced a live band. This little restaurant is just nearby the Beach House. Brenton, who is running the Boathouse, started dancing with the tourists and later on he was entertaining us with a couple of songs, obviously well known to the locals, who had much fun, too. The next day we put something in the feeder of our balcony to get the birds attention. It took not more than 15 minutes and the first arrived. We saw motmots and other rare species very close. In the evening (Sunday) we went with Porridge to the Sunday School. If you like to drink Rum while listening to a great steel band and if you like to dance: don't miss this experience! On Monday evening we had a little chat with a local at the Boathouse. We told him about the visit of the hen and that it would be nice if she were laying an egg. Guess what we found that evening on one chair of our balcony? We were not sure if this wasn't a joke from the locals so we decided to keep a straight face. To make a long story short: the next morning the hen came on our balcony and sat down on the chair ready to lay one egg more. We got three eggs in one week and I think if we hadn't disturbed her several times it would have even been more. By the way, the eggs were delicious! The next day we went on a boat trip to pigeon point and had a great barbecue on no mans land. Have you ever been eating fresh pineapple standing on a sand bank with your feet in the water? On our last day we went on an island trip. The vegetation is very beautiful; one bay looks nicer than the other... This is the place to stay!

One word to the organisation: You will find exactly what is promised on the Website of the Beach House. Read carefully the instructions you get by e-mail because they are very helpful. Then your stay at the Beach House will be one of the nicest holidays you've ever had. On your ride from the airport or your first day ask Porridge about things to do (like boat trips, island tours etc.).

Renate & Nadja

Guest Report   

David Bray from U.S.A. visited in November 2005 and awarded  Five out of Five

Tobago, Castara, The Beach House...I've been to over 50 countries and have never considered returning to the same place until now. The Beach House is everything promised and more than can be described in words. The accommodations were tidy, cozy and romantic. The location was one of the best on earth...breath taking views, secluded beach, tranquil atmosphere. The Beach House isn't beach front front it's a part of the beach. Then there's Castara...just enough amenities to make vacationing comfortable, but not enough to feel like a resort area. It was easy to get to know the community within in a couple of days. The people are willing to offer their services, but aren't yet jaded by the tourist trade. The area seemed to be equally enjoyed by both romantic couples and families with small children. All this for about the same price as Motel 6.

Just a word of advise, although there are a few place in Castara to eat out or get basic food stuffs and sundries, you would be well advised to stock up at the market in Scarborough with everything you will need for your stay.

Guest Report   

John & Jude from U.K. visited in September 2005 and awarded  Five out of Five

If your idea of a holiday is simply falling out of bed and into the sea, then this is for you!. My wife and I have just returned from The Beach House, and cannot believe that we were actually there!

After pouring over the pictures taken during our stay, we have both vowed to return soon. The wildlife on the 'door step' took our breath away, the birds, lizards, and fireflies at night were always in constant sight. We will never forget the cheeky Bananaquit! What a character this is! Mot-mots called on a regular basis as shy as they are.

The sea contained some of the most interesting sights once we passed D'Original Mayor. Shoals of fish including angel & parrot fish were visible on every visit, my wife experienced snorkeling for the first time and for once I could not get 'her' out of the sea, on one occasion we were surrounded by hundreds of sprats just as curious about us!. We spent relaxing evenings watching the pelicans dive for supper, the sun melted into the sea whilst dinner was cooking in the oven (with a cold Carib in hand of course!). Porridge made sure that we had plenty of supplies and having met new fellow travelers (from Norway and Germany) we organised a spontaneous dinner party to show off our English style roast dinners much to our guests delight!, the kitchens equipment and standards were faultless and if any thing had of been needed I am confident in Porridge being able to get it somewhere!

The property was well maintained and kept spotless thanks to Jeanelle and Porridge who looked in on a regular basis to make sure everything was okay. Porridge was an excellent host and source of information. He made sure that all the guests were happy.

I have read all the other reviews, and holidays are what you make of them, this certainly made ours for us. There was little else that we needed or wanted to do.

Many thanks to all those who made us welcome. And thanks to our new friends, Porridge, Jeanelle, Shaquille, Duck, Anaconda & Duane in Castara, Nils and Irene from Norway and Norbert and Tanya from Germany, all the friendly local shop and restaurant owners and above all to the owners of 'Coconut Heights' who made it all possible!.

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Finnish Guest Report   09 May 2013

Kuroma from Vantaa, Finland

This was our second time in Castara and our 5th on Tobago, this time with 3 good friends. They still are.

The Beach house is our favourite and we all had our own sanctuary. The house is located perfectly right on the beach. We could fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up with bird song sending the fishermen to their work. We snorkeled among the corals, sting rays, turtles and rainbow colored fishes...

Mr. Porridge, our omnipotent fixer of everything; a djungle trip with the bird specialist Newton George, a beach safari with his son Jackhill, and all kinds of assistance by Jeannel, his ever helpful


We all found our professional angles too, Ms Sirpa got a set of lovely promotional pictures of her artisan objects, Mrs Ulla paints her next art exhibition on motives above and under the water, and Mr Tapani sketched and painted a years supply of aquarells.

Looking forward for the next time in Castara Beach House.

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