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Blue Waters - Fantastic   


Hi again!

Well, for the second week of our holiday, we chose Blue Waters. Partly because of it's location, partly because of the reports we read on here, and partly because of the close proximity to a large number of dive sites. I'm so glad we did :)

We loved it here, the bay on which the hotel is situated is fantastic, and as others have said, the protection it receives from Goat island and Little Tobago mean the water is quite calm, and therefore good for snorkelling. The rooms are fine for the amount of time you spend in them, with air conditioning and decent bed. We had one of the cheaper rooms, and I didn't get a look in the more expensive ones, but everyone I spoke to was very happy with theirs. For the price, we thought it very good value.

All of the staff were great, very friendly, but at the same time, it felt as if they were still being 'themselves', and not under instructions as to how they should behave, what they should say to guests, etc. The atmosphere in the hotel is also really good, with a healthy mix of tourists and locals in the bar, again, very refreshing. The atmosphere was probably also that way because of the interesting mix of guests who were there, young and old, divers, birdwatchers, and so on...everyone was quite chatty, which was also good. Met some very nice people.

Table Tennis table, in a room, with air conditioning! Big thumbs up :D

The restaurant and bar both have food on offer, both were good. Great Flying Fish sandwiches in the bar, good food in the restaurant with some great local flavours. Also, if you're into wine, it's a good idea to check the special offers laid out at the entrance to the restaurant :wink:

What can I say - we thoroughly enjoyed it, wish we'd stayed longer, and would go back any time.

Duane and team - keep up the great work!

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Bluewaters Inn Jetty   10 May 2005

Kevin Hampson from South Devon

Hi Duane,

How are the jetty repairs coming on. When we were over last October you were not sure when you were going to make a start.

I hope its all finished by October this year I missed my walks out to the end to feed the fish.



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Msg In The Fishpot?   

V Fabry

My travel companion has developed a major allergic reaction to MSG, also called Ve-tsin or E621, wich is a flavour enhancer. It is used is a lot of mixed spices, seasonings, conveninence products and boullion cubes. When she eats something with MSG in it it happens that she has to be rushed of to a hospital with a allergic shock. Not a nice idea when you are staying in Speyside. :cry:

Maybe Duane could find out if the stuff is used in the kitchen of the Fishpot and/ or the Shipwreck bar?

Any ideas where or what you could eat safely?

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V Fabry

I would like to hear from people who have been to Speyside recently. How is the snorkeling at the moment? Did anybody see these great manta rays lately? Is it possible to see them at all without diving?

We love to snorkel and would welcome any tips about good spots of the coast and also with what snorkeling trips or boats are good.

Are there good maps of that area? What is the average price for a trip to the rainforest or to little Tobago? Wich guide do you recommend?

Any information about this area (Charlotteville to) is very welkom, I did read already everything on the net I could find...

We are going in July and staying in the Blue Waters Inn. :D

Tips about where in speyside to eat (at what your favorite is ) must be useful, reviews of the restaurant at the BWI are mostly not so great...

Last question, is is possible to walk or hike in the Northeast witout a guide? Is it very hot and muddy?Will we get terribly lost in the jungle?

I'm so looking forward to it...

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Ideas From Bwi Fans   

Annabelle Oconnell

Hello everyone,

Long time no post from me, but I have been keeping in touch with this great website.

Needless to say it's looking like another holiday in Tobago this year! Last year was my first time on that gorgeous island, and I really did fall in love.

My partner and I stayed at the Blue Waters Inn last time, and are looking to go again for one week, but maybe move to another location for the second. This is where I need some help: I loved BWI because of the location, the proximity of the rooms to the sea, and snorkelling right off the beach (essential). Is there another hotel that would cater to these needs elsewhere on the island that anyone can recommend - hotels or appartments for two? 8)

In the meantime I will keep researching given all the info is here, but I thought it would be interesting to hear from people who also loved staying at BWI and maybe experienced another great place.

Cheers all!


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