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2 Week All Inclusive Fast Approaching   

Jonathan Smith

Good Afternoon.

Having planned our holiday for a good 10 months or so this website has been absolutely invaluable in aiding our planning and building our excitement for our impending holiday. We are staying at the Grand Courlan and will be visiting friends who live on Trinidad whilst we are there. We are staying the first two weeks in September and I was wondering if I could ask a few questions before we go:

1. Is this a busy time of the year for tourism?

2. I am unsure of how much money to take with us- we would like to go on some excursions to see as much of the island as possible, but as we are unsure of the cost- we don't know how much to take!

Any help would be much appreciated!



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Lgc Visit Report 10-18 July 2005   

Martin Pavey

This was our first visit to Tobago and the first time we have stayed at an AI hotel. We are very experienced travellers and we hope not to find things the same wherever we travel, it is all part of the enjoyment and experience of visiting foreign parts. LGC was around 30% occupied during our stay and this I am sure made it all the more enjoyable.

Hotel: The hotel was kept tidy and although in places was looking a little tired, for example the pool tiling, it was clean and functional. Our room was good, very comfortable bed, bathroom was fine, and the only problem being the bathroom extractor did not work. The hot water system worked well and there were copious quantities at any time of the day. The A/C worked but we turned that off and used the ceiling fan and opened the patio doors to acclimatise us to the outside temperature.

Staff: The experience of staying at a hotel can be made or marred by the attitude of the staff. I am very happy to report that the staff at LGC were very friendly, helpful, and courteous during our stay. Their attitude was one of helpful friendliness and I have nothing but thanks and praise for them.

Location. The hotel is located on Stonehaven Bay and access to the beach is from a hotel gate, which closes at 6pm. The beach was nearly deserted whenever we went down, and is ideal for a quiet stroll. Be aware however of the Aloe and mango sellers who pester you whenever you set foot on the beach. A useful hint is to immediately turn right on leaving the hotel gate, walk along the road 50m to the bar, and then go onto the beach (after stopping for a drink which is included as part of your hotel deal). The sellers seem to congregate at the beach entrance opposite the hotel gate. Someone who was staying at LGC made the mistake of giving the mango seller some money, and then they couldn't get rid of him whenever they went down to the beach. If you get pestered like that, report it to the hotel.

Drinks: LGC is an AI resort and that means all drinks, apart from champagne and bottles of wine are included. The wine they were serving was good at the start of our stay, and was served from the bottle, but deteriorated later in the week when it was being served from bags. The bagged wine was very poor in our opinion. Spirits are top quality branded and cocktails are made using the same. Beer is the local Carib, which is fine, especially on a hot day. The beach bar did serve up some odd tasting beer, and I never found out why as we only drank there once.

Meals: We both are veggie, which usually doesn't cause us any problems as we enjoy most vegetables and are happy simply by not having the meat or fish. However, the food at LGC was, in our opinion, quite poor and following our usual technique meant we were eating potatoes, pasta or rice plus cauliflower or broccoli and carrots or brussel sprouts and peas every day for lunch and dinner. These vegetables were tasteless and clearly from frozen as they were exactly the same size, colour and shape every meal. We made friends with the cook on our first night there and she kindly made us a sauce from cheese or tomato, to go on our veggies whenever she could, but after a week we really wanted better than that. One night they had a veggie pasta dish on the menu, but the soup, and all the starters, were non-veggie. The pasta dish was horrible. The pasta was boiled to death, and the sparse sauce was virtually tasteless. We really had expected hot, spicy Caribbean sauces, but unfortunately did not get served anything with any real flavour at all. What might have been the best meal for us, a variety of curry dishes was served for lunch one day when we were out on a trip, so we missed that.

Breakfast was probably the best meal for us highlighted by the delightful small birds coming down to drink unguarded orange juices left on tables while the guests were off getting more food. The easy way to stop the birds getting at the juice is to put your coffee cup on top of the glass. The fruit juices tasted like they were made from concentrate, were very sweet, and had little flavour. The cheese served was mostly processed and flavourless, though they sometimes served Camembert, which was better. The fresh fruit, something you might expect on a tropical island, was not however good quality and was mostly hard and tasteless.

So all in all we found the food at LGC disappointing, and clearly made from low cost ingredients. This was underlined after we had lunch one day at Castara Beach and were served a superb veggie dish with a host of spicy veggies.

The Caribbean Bistro always serves buffet style meals but be careful that the temperature of the food is kept high enough to prevent bacteria multiplication. I suffered the squits after eating rice there one day, probably not a good choice given the possibly poor temperature control. Other times the food there was quite hot.

So all in all we found this not a great dining experience. We did have contact with the meat and fish when we got some for the cats, however it looked a rather unappetising grey colour and smelt strongly after a few hours in our room fridge.

Spa: As there were a low number of guests we had no trouble rescheduling our treatments and enjoyed the experience. My toenails are still shining!!

In conclusion, and despite our disappointment with the food quality, we had a great time at LGC, and carnivores may view the menu differently.

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Going To Lcg And Need Advice   

Claire Walne


We are heading off to Le Grand Courland Spa Resort on Thirsday the 7th of July due to an unexpected upgrade- the Grafton overbooked so we are very lucky and being moved next door!

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer!

Firstly we've been advised by our travel agent to take travellers cheques in US dollars - I've not read anywhere that this is preferred - is it?

My second question is regarding trips! We are staying in Tobago for two weeks and we want to see as much of the island and experience as much as we possibly can. I have been on lots of websites and read about lots of trips but I am now getting confused. Who are the best people to book with and where are the best places to go?

We really want to go and experience Tobago not just the beach and cocktails (although I am sure we'll fit some in!!).

All advice is welcome and gratefully received - regarding anything to do with visiting Tobago 8)

Thank you in advance....

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Lgc Ai Scope   

Martin Pavey

Hello everyone,

We are off to LGC in 10 days time and would like to ask if their AI rate covers drinks from the bar at all times.

The reason for the query is that someone we know has just returned from an AI trip to the Maldives, and got really stung when their table ordered a round of drinks just after midnight only to find the drinks were suddenly not inclusive. The bar prices were astronomic and they were not aware beforehand this would happen. I looked at the LGC web site but it doesn't mention anything like this.

Looking forward to our first trip to Tobago. Will report on our return.

Martin & Susie Pavey

Guildford, UK

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New Review April 1 2005   

Toby And Melanie


just wanted to put anybody's mind at rest having just returned from LGC.

having read the scare stories posted elsewhere on this forum we were a bit concerned but rest assured you'll be ok!!!

not quite sure why the other people got so agitated but the hotel was fine.

everything was modern and clean (though the bathroom we had did need refurbing) and the staff were exemplary. the food was pretty good but not brilliant but i think that's par for the course for an AI resort. Drinks were good though!

tennis courts were fine, sun loungers were fine, beach was ok - not the endless golden strip you may think but quite a steep beach dotted with some pretty large rocks.

we had a good time though i'd hesitate to recommend LGC because it's not the same 4* qual as Europe/Middle East. It's probably a solid 3* but i have to say the staff were excellent.



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