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Guest Report   

A Jacobs from U.K. visited in November 2007 and awarded  Two out of Five

Hotel Ground loveley, no entertainment at night, food same every day ok if you like burgers for lunch. Did not cater for vegies food got better second week of stay. Some of the rooms could do with a lick of paint and good clean. Staff ok when you had been there a few days. I did like the place but I think it should be rated as a 2 star not 3 compared with other 3 star all inclusives that I have stayed at before. Tobago is a lovery place and well worth the visit and people are very friendly, I would go back to tropikist if they made some improvements to the place.

Guest Report   

Sarah Box from U.K. visited in September 2007 and awarded  Two out of Five

My friend and I went to stay at the Tropikist recently and were initially happy with the reception we received. We had booked a Superior room, and were initially given a Deluxe room which we were pleased about, however when we got into the room, realised we had 1 bed instead of 2. We were then moved to a Superior room which was fine exept that there was no safety deposit box, which you would expect when paying a little more. They did not have any to rent at reception either which was highly inconvenience and made us feel slightly worried for our valuables. For a superior room, I would have expected the bathroom to be in a better state and the plugs looked quite dangerous, as they were broken and falling off the wall. The beach was lovely except that you cannot swim there, however if you walk a short way you have access to Store Bay which is very nice and you can hire umbrellas/chairs also (which there are very few of at the hotel beach, 4 in fact). The pool area is nice, although could have done with having more capacity for sun chairs, we frequently were unable to get a chair around the pool as early at 8 in the morning. We had heard reports about the hotel before we went and had booked room only to take no chances. We did have bakfast there for convenience, and on the odd day we spent at the hotel, were able to pay for all inclusive on request which was very reasonable at 180 TT dollars per day. We are very glad we did not pay for full all inclusive as we would have been very dissapointed. The breakfast was not great, lunch was nice but not much choice and there was not much variety in the evening menus either. (If you were a vegetarian, you would have had to eat rice and salad for the whole holiday). One day, we arrived for lunch at 2.15 to be told they had stopped serving, when they were supposed to serve it until 2.30. They then brought all the staff meals out and ate in front of us, as if adding insult to injury! When we complained they said we would have an afternoon snack served at 4.30. When this came out it was fish sandwiches and fish rosti, this is fine except that my friend does not eat fish! When she complained again that she had not been able to eat since breakfast, the catering manager went and made her a burger and chips himself, which was good. My last point would be about the general service. With the exception of a few, the staff were generally unhelpful and uninterested in their guests. You can stand at the bar for a good 15 minutes before you get any acknowledgement, if at all, mostly you have to call them over, and thats when they are not even doing anything! The bar manager (Leeroy) is an exception to this, he was excellent, and it is a pity he does not have the staff to support him. As an overall summary, I would not recommend this hotel. As a cheap room only hotel is if sufficent, but only if you are planning on not spending too much time there. One positive point though, the beauty spa at the Tropikist was excellent, with courteous and friendly staff, and great value for money, my pedicure was the best i have ever had! I would recommend a visit even if you are not staying there.

Guest Report   

Kate Collier from U.K. visited in July 2007 and awarded  Five out of Five

Before booking this hotel I was a little worried, as I had read the negative comments on this website and others. However, I decided to take the chance as it appeared that in recent years it had improved, and I was offered a bargain deal.

I travelled with my boyfriend, and we booked room only. This was as we wanted the hotel as a base to see the island and did not really want to be eating in the hotel a lot, especially considering all the bad reviews seemed to focus on the food. Consequently, this review only rates this hotel on a room only basis, as we did not eat there once during our stay, although this does not reflect our impression of the food, just the fact we were out a lot and had so much to choose from in Crown Point.

Overall, the Tropikist was perfect for us. We were upgraded on arrival, and our room was huge, with a beautiful sea view and spacious balcony. It was cleaned daily, with fresh towels, and the cleaning staff were always friendly and courteous, a comment that applies to all the staff we encountered at the Tropikist.

The main pool was amazing, very pretty with the waterfall and tropical plants, and the second more traditional square pool was good for if you wanted a proper swim. The Jacuzzi was also very picturesque, looking out to the sea and surrounded by foliage. I personally observed the pools being cleaned every day, and they were always pristine, apart from the occasional leaf or flower that inevitably dropped in from the surrounding plants. The beach, although not suitable for swimming, was pretty enough, and due to the rocks excellent for spotting crabs!!!

Another major advantage of the Tropikist is the location. We could not hire a car as we were too young, but did not find this a problem due to the central position of the hotel. I have previously stayed at the Toucan Inn, and found this hotel far more convenient for amenities. We regularly walked to Pigeon Point, and I think this was probably the furthest touristy attraction the area. Store bay was a mere meander away, as well as many restaurants. We managed to get a taxi too and from Sunday school for both of us for 100TT, less than £10, and found it easy to access Scarborough, and the Fort James hospital as was necessary!! We also went on a fabulous jeep safari from the hotel, which I booked before going, which I will fully review in the forum.

There have been comments previously about security, and although there was not a safe in the room, we paid for one at reception for the duration of our stay, which was probably safer anyway.

Overall the Tropikist was an excellent base for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. I would recommend it to any one in our position. Please ignore the old negative comments!!!!

Guest Report   

Mahadeo Samsundar from Trinidad visited in June 2007 and awarded  Three out of Five

This place cannot be beat for value for money. It is not a "luxury hotel". It never claims to be so people do not expect a 5 star hotel.

My wife and I stayed for a few days and nights at the hotel. We took a package deal that included a buffet breakfast and dinner with drinks included (not to bad).

The room was nice...lots of space not to confining and a great view of the sea and a large, soft bed(that was a definite plus).The pool is so the design and the fact that there are stools in the pool close to the bar and it is well kept. The beach is not for bathing but we were very close to other well known beaches so it wasn't a problem.

The only thing I have to say that is negative is the staff is not very informative maybe they were new but the supervisor at the restaurant was definitely very polite and helpful.

Overall it met our needs and we will stay there in the future when time and finances permit. I will definitely recommend this place to an

Guest Report   

Steve Trafford from U.K. visited in May 2007 and awarded  Two out of Five

My Family returned on 8th June 2007 from 2 weeks staying at the Tropikist Beach Hotel.

I will start off by saying we very much enjoyed our time on the very beautiful island of Tobago and had a great holiday. We went all over the Island by car and enjoyed seeing the Giant Leatherback Turtles laying eggs, Pigeon Point where we saw a Bollywood movie being filmed, and Englishmans Bay was really nice. We had a couple of trips into Scarborough and mingled with the people etc. We hired a car from just round the corner ‘James’ Mini –Market’ the car was ok but he did try and rip us off on the exchange rate.

There was some concern with the mixed reviews we had read about the Tropikist before we went.

We have been on all inclusive holidays before in the Caribbean and knew that places and opinions can vary.

We had two issues with the Tropikist which I will go into detail about later but I will start by saying we had a comfortable and clean room with an excellent sea view. The room had a ceiling fan and good air conditioning.The swimming pools and Jacuzzi were great and the location was very good. Although just a few hundred yards from the airport the noise was not intrusive. On this point we did speak to one couple who had been charged £53 by the tour operator for taxi transfers!! We were charged 35TT!! Its only a few hundred yards.

The two issues we had with the Tropikist were the food and the bar.

Firstly the food. On previous all inclusives we had become accustomed to buffet style meals with a large and varied selection. Regrettably this was not the case at the Tropikist. The evening meals were a la carte 80% of the time. Even when it was ‘buffet style’ you were still served by the staff. Usually it consisted of 3 choices. One of chicken, one of fish and either another meat or occasionally a vegetarian option.

The descriptions on the menu appeared to have been taken out of a gourmet cookbook, something along the lines of “boneless chicken marinated in a mouthwatering xyz sauce” which could be sweet n sour or jerk or similar, depending on which jar they opened that day. Or ‘tender pieces of lamb marinated in a rich mint gravy’.

What we actually got was 2 chicken drumsticks with a couple of tea spoons of xyz sauce and a piece of lamb bone with few flakes of meat attatched that had been put in the oven in a tray, cooked and had a bright green tasteless jelly put on the top of it.

One day we saw from the menu on display in the morning that for that evenings’ meal it would be a choice of a fish dish, T bone steak or Fillet steak. When we came to sit down it had turned into Chicken quarters (again), a fish dish and Goat curry !!!!

All this was served with the same thing night after night after night. Rice (savoury type), ‘creamed potatoes’ which I am convinced was Smash served in a baking case you would bake a muffin in at home only not as big, or some other variant of potato. ( note the lack of the use of plurals here) and vegetables that were so far ‘al dente’ as to risk breaking your teeth on them.

Dessert was always either 2 small scoops of Ice cream or a slice of cake bought from the local supermarket!!.

On one occasion when the Restaurant manager was away we waited over an hour to be served. The description bore no resemblance to the actual food that was eventually presented to us so we complained to reception and asked for them to send for a takeaway pizza.

After saying she would do that I had a call from her saying she couldn’t get hold of the Hotel manager and she didn’t have the authority to do it. So that evening my wife and I ate nothing .

Breakfast was the same every day, buffet style but woe betide you if you think you can help yourself to the bacon!!( the fattiest, streakiest bacon you ever saw) We had to make sure we got in early as very often items would run out (“Eggs all gone”). The fruit was either a choice of any 2 from watermelon, banana, mango or pineapple, which we thought for a tropical island was a very meagre selection. There was never enough glasses, mugs or cups, plates or cutlery and you could wait a lifetime for them to collect a few and go and wash them up. The fruit juice was so far watered down as to be basically a squash.

Then it was the running battle with the birds trying to steal food from your table. You always have to have someone at the table to keep them away from your plates!!

Lunch we were told on arrival would consist of burgers and chips or sandwiches. This was fine for us. However for the first few days lunches were ‘a la carte’ with the menu being a variation of the Chicken, Fish or something else menu.

When I queried it with reception I was told you can have the burgers and chips or sandwiches option if you ordered it in advance and took it back to your room wrapped in foil!! When I asked why they said its because if anyone else saw it they would all want it!!!!!!!!!

Eventually the ‘a la carte’ lunches disappeared and the burger and chips menu was available in the restaurant.

Having said all this we did have a couple of really nice meals, notably the ‘Norwegian’ Beef Goulash. We think that the food is done like this because they have guests who stay room only or b&b. They then charge anywhere between U.S.$18 – 23 as well as providing meals on the all inclusive basis.

I was also told by reception that no one else had complained. This was not the case judging by the people we talked to at the bar. One lady who had complained told us that that evening there would be a guest chef. Well if there was he/she cooked up similar food to a similar standard.

Ok so now my other issue with Tropikist – The Bar.

There is usually only one person serving which would be ok if they weren’t so slow. You know slow as in the slowest thing you can think of and then a lot, lot slower.

Everything has to be recorded and signed for which can take an eternity. If you don’t go and stand in front of the person serving you can wait for 5 or 10 minutes to be served. The swim up bar which backs onto the bar can take 10 or more minutes to get served at even if no one is drinking in the bar on the ‘dry’ side, as you are behind where they like to sit and listen to the radio or play with the mountain of ‘chits’. We tried shouting but still got ignored.

One evening we went out and returned for a drink at 10.30pm to find the bar closed and in darkness even though its supposed to be open till 11pm. Apparently he had closed up at 10.15.

On another evening there were about 6 or 8 people at the bar and the Barman just disappeared for 20 minutes. The Barman got a round of applause when he returned. Also don’t even think about trying to get served when the barman is sat in the restaurant having his meal, even though he can see you standing and waiting at the bar.

The other incident you should be aware of was that one evening whilst I was in reception a woman guest came in asking me to go with her out onto the road as she had just witnessed 2 Brits being mugged. They were staying in a place just past the Tropikist and had been up to the local Fried Chicken / Pizza Parlour. One of the guys had a cut ear and the other one was ok. They said they think they had been followed until they got somewhere quiet and a guy jumped them.

There is apparently no truth in the rumour that it was a guest from the Tropikist trying to steal the food they had :D .

So overall the Tropkist varies from being acceptable to something akin to Fawlty Towers. If you are thinking of going be very wary about the food, particularly if you have young children, who would probably end up with a choice of Burger and Chips or Sandwiches, or if you are a Vegetarian then I could see that being a real problem for you. The ‘Regular’ entertainment was spasmodic, only on 4 or possibly 5 evenings during our stay and that had finished by about 9pm.The only regular entertainment was the radio.

But do go to Tobago. You will love it.

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