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This website is our tribute to the island of Tobago, the jewel in the Caribbean crown. Our goal is to "lift the lid" on Tobago as a holiday destination. Allow us to tell you what the island has to offer through the eyes and from the perspective of visitors. There's no glossy marketing hype here – just down-to-earth unbiased, frank and honest information for everyone contemplating a beach holiday. The site features reviews of many types of Tobago holiday accommodation including large resorts, hotels, guesthouses, self-catering holiday apartments, cottages and vacation rental villas, plus restaurants, car hire, bird watching, scuba diving, flights to Tobago and other types of tourism-related business, most of which are identified on our unique interactive satellite map.

myTobago IS the definitive vacation guide to Tobago, with a readership greater than the combined total of every other website about the island. First-time visitors are sure to benefit from the information here. Regulars will appreciate the ability to join discussion about Tobago in our forum and to share opinion and advise others.

Our aim is to steer you to the best of Tobago and away from the worst. We applaud those who provide good service and condemn those who don't. If we can help you to make the most of your vacation, you are more likely to return and to recommend the island to others.

A lovely water lily - click the photograph to enlargeThis is not a site for the politically over-correct or those who think it wrong to be judgmental. If Tobago is to reap the benefits of tourism, those involved must heed the views of visitors. We can't stop tourism. We can only hope that the opinion expressed here will help the island to develop as a high-quality holiday destination rather than as a rip-off island.

We are visitors to Tobago, not residents. This site simply helps us to feel closer to an island that we love and foreshortens the interval between our visits. Information about the site's background and our motivation is available in the About myTobago article.

If you are intrigued by this beautiful island's ability to create 'Tobago Junkies' like ourselves and considering a romantic holiday in Tobago, please read on........

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Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

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