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Details of the Reader Satisfaction Ratings used throughout this website


Whilst editorial comment and recommendation can be a vital aid to readers unfamiliar with a destination, it is equally true to say that nothing represents a better guide than the combined opinion of the visiting public.

Throughout this site we use a simple 5-point rating system to indicate overall visitor "satisfaction"' with the business or feature. Overall satisfaction is taken to mean a combination of quality, standards, service and price; in fact the visitors' overall satisfaction with the entire experience. Low scores indicate low satisfaction; high scores high satisfaction.

The Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) icon  shown in the listings/articles is the combined total of all votes cast to date. However, the final figure displayed is weighted to increase the probability of the final result. It would be unfair, for example, to grant a business with just 1 vote of 5-points a final score of 100%. Surely a business with a high number of votes, but with a slightly lower average score, would represent a far more reliable choice and should therefore be awarded a higher weighted RSR score?

Therefore, in order to increase the reliability, or 'probability' of the score, the system utilises Bayesian statistical weighting techniques. Factors that influence the final score include the total number of votes cast, the age of the votes and the consistency of votes where they deviate from the average. Properties with a high number of votes are not as influenced by the weighting; whereas properties with only a small number of infrequent, or highly-rated, votes are more likely to have a weighted score adjusted back towards the current average accommodation score. More recent votes have considerably more emphasis than older votes and all votes are treated as lapsed if the subject business has had no votes in the last two years.

The final weighted RSR is displayed through a series of 13 5-bar icons, coloured purple, red, orange, turquoise and green representing the 5-star voting system we utilise. By colouring the bars, we can provide an easy visual representation of a wider range of scores, as shown below. It is important to remember that the average score awarded across all our RSR polls is between a low of 3.5 (70%) for Restaurants to a high of 4.2 (84%) for tour guides.


0-4%       5-14%       15-24%       25-34%    


35-44%         45-49%        50-59%    


60-64%          65-74%       75-79%

Good Scores

80-84%        85-94%       95%+


For further information about any RSR score, hold your mouse steady over the RSR image. A screen tip will appear, showing the number of votes cast. Accommodation votes are made by visitors through the 'Add Report' tab of the property listing in our Accommodation section. For all other features/business, you can click on the RSR icon to vote for that service/feature.

We actively encourage every reader who has visited Tobago to participate in our various polls [available here]. No registration is involved. We only ask that you enter a valid email address (for validation of the vote and to check that you have not already voted for that business or feature in the past year). Your email address will be treated as strictly confidential. It will not be published in the listings and/or shared with anyone else, for any reason whatsoever.

Business owners and residents of Tobago are welcome to participate in the polls as long as they cast impartial honest opinion. Business owners, their friends and family, may not vote for their own business. Email addresses are checked against our database and any owner voting for their own establishment or organising manipulative voting stands the risk of being named and shamed.

So, please help visitors by casting your votes at



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