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Reader Satisfaction Ratings

Our Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR) system utilises a simple 5-point rating system through which the visiting public can express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with businesses, features and services on Tobago. The term 'Satisfaction' is intended to represent a combination of quality, service and price. In other words, overall satisfaction with the experience.

Voters should be aware of the following terms and restrictions before placing votes:

  • Only vote for businesses that you have patronised or features that you have visited.
  • Only genuine paying customers should vote for a business. Reports by the owner, their manager, agents, employees or family, are strictly forbidden.
  • Votes are restricted to just ONE vote per reservation booking (family/party/group).
  • Only one vote per email address, per year, is allowed for any business, service or feature.
  • Multiple votes from the same computer and/or IP address will be treated as being from the same visiting family/party/group.

It is important that Tobago businesses never allow their computer or Internet connection to be used for myTobago RSR votes to avoid any risk of our systems detecting such votes as an attempt by the business to manipulate the RSR poll.

To VOTE, click on any RSR icon OK, GOT IT!

The RSR icons shown throughout the site represent the combined total of all votes cast to date for that specific business, service or feature. The system uses sophisticated statistical weighting techniques to increase the 'probability' of the final weighted score. This will mean that a business, service or feature is unlikely to receive a high overall rating until sufficient votes have been cast.

Factors that influence the final weighted score include the total number of votes cast, the age of the votes and the consistency of votes where they deviate from the average for that business or service. Properties with a high number of votes are not as influenced by the weighting; whereas properties with only a small number of infrequent, or highly-rated, votes are more likely to have a weighted score adjusted back towards the current average score for that type of business. More recent votes are given higher emphasis than older votes and all votes are treated as lapsed if the subject business has had no votes in recent years.

We strongly urge every reader who has visited Tobago to participate by casting their votes for the businesses they have patronised and the features they have visited. No registration is needed and all votes are totally anonymous. The voters email is requested for validation purposes, but the email address will be kept strictly confidential and not used for any other purpose.