A guide to food and grocery shopping for self-catering visitors to Tobago

Papaya (paw-paw)

Visitors who will be staying in self-catering accommodation of any type will need to plan their shopping. The management of good properties will almost certainly have stocked your fridge and larder with at least overnight basics. However, you will need to do a major 'shop' early in your holiday, so take note of the location of the main supermarkets because these are the only places that you will experience shopping like you are used to.

Every village in Tobago has one or more small local shops selling the basic supplies. Be warned; the range of commodities sold are minimal and many staples are only available in large economy sizes. It can well be worth finding some space in your luggage to take a collection of stackable plastic containers with tight lids. These will be useful for storing the contents of packages after opening and will be invaluable for keeping ants at bay.

The following map shows the location of Tobago's four main supermarkets.

Location Map Penny Savers, Canaan Morshead Gourmet Foods Penny Savers, Carnbee Penny Savers, Scarborough

  • Penny Savers Supermarket, Canaan - Tobago's largest supermarket. There is a car park to the left of the supermarket and a automatic bank machine (cash dispenser). Also note the small mall directly opposite, which has a good pharmacy and wine store. Penny Savers are open until 8:30pm Monday to Saturday and until 1pm on Sunday's and Public Holidays.
  • Penny Savers Supermarket, Carnbee - Smaller than the Canaan shop, but very useful. There is an excellent pharmacy in front of the supermarket and a fruit and vegetable stall alongside.
  • Penny Savers Supermarket, Scarborough - Located in Wilson Road, this is the capital's largest supermarket and can get exceptionally busy. It is, however, VERY much smaller than the larger branches above.
  • R.T.Morshead, Mt.Pleasant - Just off the Shirvan Road (turn off next to Me-Shells Restaurant), Morsheads Gourmet Foods is our personal favourite. They are more up-market than Penny Savers and have a good range of imported, although admittedly are more expensive.

All the supermarkets accept payment by credit card, but require some form of photo-identity. So, don't forget your UK drivers photo-licence, or passport.

Fruit and vegetable stalls will be found in even the smallest of villages, but be warned that the range of goods on offer will be limited. A great place to buy fresh and frozen meat is the Golden Grove Farm Shop. This can be found on the minor road between Canaan and Mount Pleasant, shown on the map above (turn left just past Me-Shells Restaurant).

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

GBP = $8.74 

   USD = $6.73

EUR =  $7.81 

   CAD = $5.08

  Mid-market rates per

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