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Business Listings

Every Tobago business or service is entitled to a free listing on this site, provided that we think that the business will be of interest to visitors.

Whether you are a visitor or a business owner, if you know of a tourism-related business on Tobago that is NOT listed on our site, please send us full details. Please either direct or use the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. We attempt to validate all listing information by contacting the business concerned but can only do so if we have a valid email address for that business. Our information sources are always treated as strictly confidential.

Letting and real estate agents should be aware that we are only able to accept listing instruction and/or forward enquiries to a third-party with the express knowledge and consent of the owner of the property.

Accommodation properties that wish to receive enquiries from myTobago must subscribe to our Reader Enquiry Service. A token charge is levied to cover the cost of running the enquiry service, which sends out more than 1,000 enquiries/bookings per month.

Properties in the green 'Recommended' and blue 'Worth A Look' categories of accommodation listings are subscribed to the Reader Enquiry Service. Readers are able to contact these properties directly from our listing page.

Properties in the purple 'Others' category of listings are NOT subscribed to our service. No contact information is listed for these properties. They may have voluntarily decided not to subscribe, but more commonly, may have had subscription declined, or not been invited to subscribe, as we prefer not to promote properties that have a low Reader Satisfaction Rating (RSR). The 'Others' category also includes properties for which we have no contact information and/or properties that are actively listed on rental sites but where the agent has failed to provide the owner's authority for us to send enquiries to a third-party.

Properties in the 'Others' listing category are hidden by default. They can, however, be enabled in the 'Listing Status' section at the bottom of the 'Refine your Search' filters. These property listings are retained on the site to enable visitors who have stayed at the property to share their experience and vote for the property. Should the property's overall RSR score improves, we may naturally invite them to subscribe to our service and be upgraded to the 'Worth A Look' category of listings.

Updating Listing Information

Regardless of a property's listing status (i.e. 'Recommended', 'Worth a Look', or 'Others'), owners and managers are actively encouraged to contact us an update the information that we show for their property. This particularly applies if and when their rates change.

To update the listing for your property, please send full details either via direct or through the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. Photographs of the property should be emailed to us. An online update system will follow in coming months.

Right of Reply

We actively encourage holidaymakers to share their experiences and cast a vote in our Reader Satisfaction Rating awards. Whilst most reports are highly positive, there are always situations where things didn't go to plan and/or the accommodation didn't quite come up to the visitor's expectation. Criticism may be deserved; but sometimes it isn't and there may be two sides to the story.

Naturally, every business has a de facto Right of Reply to any post/report that mentions their business.  Business owners and managers are encouraged to register an account in our Tobago Visitor Forum. They will then be able to log in to the forum and post replies to any guest reports at a moment's notice. If you are unable to see or reply to guest reports in the forum, please contact us so that we can upgrade your forum account.

You can also exercise your Right of Reply by sending your response , or via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

Reader Discussion Forum

Tobago business owners are encouraged to register a forum user account and to answer visitor's questions. There is, however, one simply golden rule: NEVER SUGGEST OR RECOMMEND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You may thank a reader for praising your business, respond to criticism or answer  direct questions about your business, but you must NEVER suggest or directly promote your own business in the forum.