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2 apartments on outskirts of Castara.
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Tom Noddy

Guest Report

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We spent a short time there and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Adam is on the verge of opening the restaurant that he's built on the site and, judging by the dinners that we had, it's going to be a spectacular addition.

We stayed in the upstairs rooms which can be shared by two couples or, for twice the price, can provide a roomier and dreamy spot for two.

The place is on a hill with a spectacular view and it's open. It's open because the nights are so sweet and warm that you want the sea breeze to come into your room and caress you in your bed. If you're unused to tropical living this can be surprising ... we were visited by a couple of curious birds, a lizard, and even a bat (yeah, I know, but when he saw me, he just wanted out -- they have no interest in you or your hair).

There's a small kitchen/fridge/sink but with Adam cooking at night and the island to explore during the days we just used it for breakfast and drinks. There are two bedrooms separated by a small living room. All of those rooms continue out onto balconies and, when the sun isn't too oppressive, you'll be out there as much as inside. The beds are covered with sheer white mosquito netting but, while we were there in January, they were more for decoration than use ... no mosquitos at all at any time of day or night.

That mid-day sun is a good reason for getting out to the beach during the day. We drove to nearby Castara or took off for forest walks, boat rides to bird sanctuaries, or other activities. It was so nice to "come home" to Adam and Ria's place and back to our room for naps, snacks, or nighttime star gazing from our balcony (the big dipper/starry plough is low and if the North Star is visible at all, it would only be from the northern beaches I think).

If you need air conditioning and, therefore, to be sealed off from the outside world when you get to your room you would do better staying at one of the big hotels. But even then, I advise you to make your way out to Sandcastles for dinner at least one of the nights of your stay.

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