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3 One and Two-bedroom apartment in Castara (listing)
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Colette de Lottinville

Guest Report

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Is there any way I can give my hosts at the Baywatch Apartment more than 5 stars? Because that is what I must do for numerous reasons.

As promised, Mr. Eastman was right there when my plane landed. I had taken the red eye which meant in my case, 4 airports, 3 planes and 36 sleepless hours. Pointless to say I was on adrenaline only, and when told my big suitcase was nowhere to be found, the pessimist in me, figured it was lost forever. Not so, according to both my hosts, Mrs. Eastman said “We’ll find it for you.” I thought she was overly optimistic. Yet the next day, the airport called so say they had the suitcase! Here, I learned that Tobago is not only awesome, but also, that problems are not part of life…….how refreshing. Let me just add that Mr. Eastman cordially drove all the way back to Crown Point (quite the ride, I might add) with a smile on his face! Both Mr. & Mrs. Eastman made me feel totally welcome and told me “This is your home”. It doesn’t get better than this.

As many other reviewers pointed out, the apartment was impeccably clean, fresh, inviting with a fully equipped kitchen. My hosts changed the bed sheets and linen every other day! The smell of those bed sheets is beyond description. I’ll just say if I could have brought only one thing back home, it would have picked that awesome bed sheet smell! Then there’s the magical garden with its luxuriant growth of mangoes, bananas, oranges, coconuts, flowers, etc. It is also a bird paradise. All the species seem to assemble there for their morning and evening meetings; and when it drizzles, they all show up here to sing and dance in the rain. It can be quite the spectacle.

I had the privilege of spending 30 beautiful days in Castara. All were fascinating. Be it the endless amount of birds, the sea, the beach, the tress, (The Immortal tree is a MUST see), the bus rides, Fort King George, the buzz in the capital of Scarborough on the Atlantic side, the Nylon Pool, Buccoo reef, Englishman’s Bay, the fishermen, their boats, etc. Just plain everyday life brought me unlimited joy. I could rant and rave on how so happy I was while in Tobago, I was alive in Tobago.

I have to mention a particularly special day, a day I wish to anyone visiting Tobago.
Mr. Eastman made this dream of mine come true; the dream: go to Little Tobago. To be clear, I love birds, and the island of Little Tobago is a bird sanctuary. I got way more than I expected. Birds I’d only seen in books, I took pictures of. The guides were extraordinary with their knowledge and love of this island. I learned so much. Needless to say I am forever grateful to Mr. Eastman for his generosity, his time, patience and kindness.
More happened that day too; a fabulous ride through the West Ridge Rain Forest, and a visit to the Argle Waterfalls. A completely blissful day!

Now, I’d like to thank a few locals that I got to know. They taught me a lot about the way of life here in Castara. There’s Stella at the boutique, she’s a treasure! Knows everything and happy to be of any help. Mr. Madden, whom I call my hero to this day! My tablet died soon after I arrived and I was told by Shamira (Mr. & Mrs. Eastman’s son) that I needed an expert! Mrs. Eastman said Mr. Madden, their neighbour was an expert. Honestly I had my doubts, Mr. Madden is a fisherman and a mechanic. But this is awesome Tobago and things happen not like back home. This man is a genius, brought my tablet back to life with a smile!
Then there’s Mr. Walker and his sweet loveable wife. Both made me feel welcome and we all had a good laugh at my small feet!
The nice, nice Indian man, owner of the fresh fruit and veggie market went out of his way to get me stuff I wanted, like eggs, butter etc. Other wonderful people like Jackson, Davis, Godwit, Mr. Brum, and countless other Tobagonians like the younger guys at the beach (so many laughs) or at restaurants helping me understand the menus. All are remarkable people!
I miss them, and I miss Tobago!

Planning a 2 month stay in 2016!!! Can’t wait!

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