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Reader Enquiry Service

myTobago Reader Enquiry Service

The myTobago Reader Enquiry Service operates on a subscription basis. An annual charge is applied for a subscription year that runs from 1st August to the following 31st July each year.

Your subscription to the service has now expired. Renewal invitations will have been sent to the owner and/or main contact of your property in recent weeks. As we have not been informed that you will not be renewing your subscription, a renewal reminder has been sent and your listing has entered a short "grace" period. Readers can still complete the enquiry form, but the reader's email address will be redacted from the email notification and so you will not be able to reply to the enquiry. The reader's address will be provided if/when you renew your subscription.

Subscriptions can be renewed by secure credit card payment.

Our service does not operate on a commercial "for profit" basis. A small token charge is made to cover the cost of running the enquiry service. Given the low cost of subscription, we will be most dissapointed if you do not renew your subscription, but offer our thanks for your support in previous years.

Despite the difficult market conditions, myTobago remains a major source of holiday accommodation leads for Tobago. If you have not renewed because you have not received many enquiries/bookings from your previous myTobago subscription, we would respectfully suggest that other properties are clearly attracting enquiries that could be coming to you. We would therefore strongly recommend checking your listing and ensuring that the text, features, rates and photographic illustrations present your property in the most appealing manner possible.

If you have any questions or queries about the new Reader Enquiry Service, please contact me at [email protected].


Steve Wooler