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Jeffrey's House, Tobago

Jeffrey's House

1 Self-Catering Apartment

Jeffrey’s House is a small apartment house located directly off the main Milford Road in Crown Point. We have been unable to determine any other information about this property.


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Jeffrey's House

1 Self-Catering Apartment

Jeffrey’s House is a small apartment house located directly off the main Milford Road in Crown Point. We have been unable to determine any other information about this property.

Reader Reports

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Hyacinth from Canada visited in September 2017 and awarded   

I recommend..If you are looking for a place to sleep at nights (with working Air Conditioner), Good water pressure.

Basic accommodation. Clean-Safe place to stay. Friendly staff and owner. Ask for what you want please don't wait to be asked. Place is right off the main road so you will hear soca and other music (yeah) especially Thur-Sat nights). Bring earplugs if you are sensitive or looking for absolute quiet-not happening!

A short stroll to get local breakfasts in the morning, lunch and a variety of vendors by the side of the road and restaurants for dinner...Safe to go out after dark, use regular caution. I traveled alone and had no security issues in this area.

At nights or should I say when the sun goes down, there are a variety of street vendors who have food for sale, gyros chicken is $35 TTD, shrimp about $45 TTD-pretty good.

The lovely Jamaican man sells bbq chicken about $45TTD, yummy and friendly, clean service.

Didnt go to the Roti shop.

The place right next to the pharmacy (Mediterranean food) is always busy $35-$40 TTD for chicken with fries.Clean, good service.

Crusty Crab (say hi to the lady serving)friendly clean affordable breakfast (local) Fried bake/coconut bake served with your choices local plaintain, some egg, some smoke herring and salt fish (cod fish) etc. Nice. $28 TTD +. If you are going to the beach in the morning, I suggest you ORDER and pay for your breakfast, she will keep it for you while you take a morning dip. Breakfast here starts at like 730-maybe 11 am. Late sleepers dont have much choice.

Jimmy MiniStore across from Jeffrey is good. Expect to pay a bit more due to convenience. See below for items you can throw in your checked luggage to use (small olive oil, dish soap in a travel container, a bar of soap, a can opener-you will thank me later, etc.)

check out the giftshop BAMBU..nice owner, affordable items, Tobago style friendliness, good local art, items, loved this store.

Go up to Trims (towards Store Bay). Trims is past store bay on the left side, like you are walking to the Airport. See the Fresh fruit and Veg lady (very affordable items). Trims is across from her little store (items there to cook if u choose).

Keep walking to the airport (there is a almost not seen bakery ( a little unit) fresh bread, currants rolls etc. )

Women traveling alone, I suggest you use local taxi that have people in it and have your money available to give the driver. If in doubt, don't get in anyone car. Make sure u know how much the ride is going to cost you. From this area to Scarborough is like $8 TTD. People told me u have to wait hours for a bus. Bring a hat,a sweat rag and serious sun block. Store Bay has lockers u can rent $5ttd/day so you can put your beach bag or whatever. Dont flash your money.

Say good morning and good afternoon as is local customs when entering an establishment/taxi/ordering food etc. Laundry near Jeffreys is $60 ttd for a load (they wash, dry and fold)=great service, no concerns.

HANS TOURS (owner is Hans)Best service/$100TTD for outing to Nylon Pool/Buccoo Reef (bring your snorkel/mouthpiece/pool sandals/SUNBLOCK and TSHIRT for sun protection).He even picked me up. Great safe friendly service.


Bring a hair dryer

Inquire on day 1 for the WIFI password

Ask how to use the Television and access Cable/Shows etc.

Bring from home essentials like spices (salt, pepper), sponge for dishes/dish soap),a BOTTLE OPENER, a S hook to hang your towel over the bathroom door. YOUR OWN TOWELS.

If you don't like the smell of gas cutting and cars idling outside your room if you are on the first floor (get room upstairs).

***What I recommend based on personal experience, bring a memory foam pad.

*The self-contain apartment typically have two large beds. If you have back problems or heavy set, recommend bringing memory foam pad (see Amazon or search the web for ideas to use vacuum bag to carry in your luggage). Hotels have vacuums so you can re shrink it prior to leaving with no drama. The beds are hard, I used the pillows to sleep on which was very uncomfortable!

Overall a wonderful vacation, I completely recommend Jeffreys Next time I will be more prepared as I am traveling next with my grand children. Safe, clean place. Use normal caution with sharing your location (where u r staying) unless that is your choice).For women (sadly others before have set some examples so "some" youth/men hustling at the beach-may approach you to see if you want "company" Just a simple good morning/afternoon and no thank you with minimal attidude is advised. Not every woman (young,mature)traveling along is recreating 'How Stella Got Her Groove" Seriously. Have a fabulous vacation. You will love Store Bay and ask Mr. Jeffrey how to get to the Swallows (close little sweet piece of water) about 8 minutes Tobago style walking..chilled, sweaty and enjoyable). Bon Voyage!!!!!! :)

Denise Dummett from Trinidad visited in May 2017 and awarded   

The room that was promised by the owner Jeffrey Barton was now promised to another party mid-way in a three day stay and I was told by his sister/manager that I would have to move after one night. Mr Barton was out of the country. My full payment had not been checked or recorded though paid in April and his sis-ter was unaware of it. It was done electronically. The cleanliness of the room I staying in finally was not up to standard. Being left alone seemed to be a problem and his sister seemed to be unusually inquisitive about my life and movements on a daily basis. Hints did not work. Would I stay there again? No. It is cheap and convenient for Pigeon Point, airport etc but not worth the hassle. There are other choices.

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Property Type:Self-Catering Apartment
Maximum Guests:0
Children:No information
Hair Dryers:No information
Telephone:No information
Internet Access:No information
Television:No information
Safety Deposit:No information
Wheelchair Access:No information
Swimming Pool:No information
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Housekeeping:No housekeeping
Baby-Sitting:No information
Personal Laundry:No information
Personal Cooking:No information
Location:Store Bay
Region:Crown Point
Location Type:Low Density Urban
Airport:5 minutes
Beach:3-5 minute Walk