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Jetway Apartments, Tobago

Jetway Apartments

23 Self-Catering Apartments

The Jetway Apartments are located directly in front of the Crown Point airport and offer 23 modest self-catering apartments. We have no other information for this property.


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Jetway Apartments

23 Self-Catering Apartments

The Jetway Apartments are located directly in front of the Crown Point airport and offer 23 modest self-catering apartments. We have no other information for this property.

Reader Reports

This property has a weighted Reader Satisfaction Rating of 40%   . Click below to read the 6 reader reports that this is rating is based on.

Danielle Phillip from Trinidad visited in April 2015 and awarded   

Mr and Mrs Chapman are very nice people, inviting and very friendly. They even upgraded our room from a one bedroom to an apartment but they need an update. A serious overhaul in their amenities. Their appliances are outdated. The furniture needs to be changed as well but on the upside they're literally walking distance from everything that Crown Point has to offer.

No luxury just convenient.

Ryan Stroschein from U.S.A. visited in February 2009 and awarded   

After an absolutely blissful week in Castara, my family spent one Saturday night at the Jetway Apartments in order to catch an early morning plane back to the States.

First the good:

The proprietor and his wife were very friendly and the hotel was not dirty, per se.

The location of the hotel is right across from the airport so you do not need a cab to get to the terminal. It's a one-minute walk.

Now the rest:

Unfortunately, we found our apartment unit to be run-down, old, and dumpy. The furniture was very old, outdoor-style iron furniture that was rusty and very uncomfortable. The television reception was so poor as to be useless. One of the windows had no curtains and was directly across from another unit so others could see right into our kitchen. The appliances in the kitchen were ancient and I can't imagine a scenario where I would've turned on that stove. (The refrigerator did work okay.) The sheets on the bed were threadbare and coarse, and the mattress was quite uncomfortable. Both my wife and I woke up with bug bites on our legs (I assume bedbugs) and the bathroom was full of ants. Moreover, beware that not all rooms have air conditioning. We requested a room with AC and were told they were all taken.

In summary, North Americans (and probably Europeans too) should beware that this hotel is not up to American/Canadian standards and I would not stay there again -- even if the room was free. Also, MyTobago lists an apartment as costing between US$20 and US$45US. It is MUCH more expensive than that. We paid almost US$75. For a unit without AC, mind you.

As an aside -- and I do not blame Jetway for this but I did feel that they could've WARNED us about this when we called to reserve the room -- we were there the first night of Carnival and a huge street party was taking place less than a block away, across a vacant lot. This included a massive sound truck that blasted Caribbean dance music at decibel levels that literally shook the hotel. Furthermore, the music blared until 6:30(!) in the morning. I'm not kidding. I do not think I got more than one hour of sleep that night. Surely the Jetway proprietress knew this was going to happen and could've said something.

Because the proprietor was friendly I take no joy in saying this, but it was, without contest, the worst hotel stay of my life. We will never go back under any circumstances.

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Apartment Rate:$20 - $45
Minimum Nights:0 nights
Property Type:Self-Catering Apartments
Maximum Guests:46
Children:No information
Hair Dryers:No information
Telephone:No information
Internet Access:No information
Television:No information
Safety Deposit:No information
Wheelchair Access:No information
Swimming Pool:No information
Catering Options:

Housekeeping:No housekeeping
Baby-Sitting:No information
Personal Laundry:No information
Personal Cooking:No
Location:Crown Point
Region:Crown Point
Location Type:Low Density Urban
Airport:5 minutes
Beach:3-5 minute Walk