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Naturalist Beach Resort, Tobago

Naturalist Beach Resort

12 Self-Catering Apartments

The Naturalist Beach Resort is built immediately alongside the main beach in Castara. The property comprises 3 separate but adjacent buildings and offers 9... one-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom holiday rental apartments. [read more]


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Naturalist Beach Resort

12 Self-Catering Apartments

The Naturalist Beach Resort is built immediately alongside the main beach in Castara. The property comprises 3 separate but adjacent buildings and offers 9 one-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom holiday rental apartments.

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Property Description

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Nestled in Castara, a small fishing village on the Nothern side of Tobago, The Naturalist Beach Resort submerges clients into our rich culture by capturing a family type atmosphere where a high number of returning guests are enthralled. Exposure to flora and fauna slows down the haste of everyday life since the ability to capture the sting rays from some of the balconies is quite a charm. Even the ability to fish from off some of the decks creates a new life in a natural and authentic environment as time ticks away unknowingly.

It all starts with the togetherness at the breakfast bar, enhanced by the rhythmic sounds of birds and flowing water combined with the view of fishes which charms everyone in this cozy meeting place. Additionally, having a touch of local breakfast appealing to one's palette creates an opportunity to experience Tobago's cultural cuisine and adapt to the Castara experience.

Being mere footsteps from the pristine shoreline, referred to as "Big Bay" by the locals, The Naturalist always allows the free access to wifi services, beach beds, ice maker, coffee bar and other sociable general areas to its guests, thereby enhancing comfort and the overall vacation experience. One can, therefore, legitimately realize favourable experiences shared by many others and add your own.

Reader Reports

This property has a weighted Reader Satisfaction Rating of 93.8%   . Click below to read the 80 reader reports that this is rating is based on.

Karen & Brian Zinyk from Canada visited in February 2018 and awarded   

We have stayed here in 2017, 2018 and will again in February 2019! A wonderful place to stay and the location is ideal!

Michel Dedenis from France visited in February 2018 and awarded   

Ancle GEORGE est la honte de sa profession et se montre raciste. Si vous ne parlez pas parfaitement anglais, il se moqueras de vous. Est-ce une attitude normale face un client?????? Ce personnage est odieux et ne mérite aucune circonstances atténuantes. Nous avons failli en venir aux mains tellement il était infâme. Pour que j'en arrive là il faut vraiment me pousser à bout! Lorsque vous êtes touriste et venez en famille, est-ce normal? Il véhicule une image extrêmement négative et si nous n'étions pas venus 2 ans auparavant et repartis enchantés(c'est pourquoi nous sommes revenus!!!!), nous aurions pris le premier avion pour rentrer !!!!


Paul Tallet replied...

What you are saying in your review (in plain english!) is that Ancle considers himself to be part of a race that is superior to your race and that he has been mocking you.

I may have translated that incorrectly because you imply that you do not speak english and my french is poor and, as a consequence, there can be misunderstandings and any jest can be taken as an insult.

Nevertheless, you seem to be very sensitive to racism ... was it something about the standard of accommodation or general service that could have upset you? You have not mentioned anything about that.

Steve Wooler replied...

I appreciate that the report makes no mention of the accommodation, but our reports and RSR rating are about “overall satisfaction” rather than just the quality of accommodation. So, the post is a valid expression of satisfaction by someone who has visited the property previously and must therefore assume to be familiar with the ‘resort’ and the manner of locals. In view of Paul’s response, I feel it only appropriate to provide my best shot at a meaningful translation.

Ancle GEORGE is the shame of his profession and is racist. If you do not speak perfect English, he will laugh at you. Is this a normal attitude facing a client ?????? He is odious and there were no extenuating circumstances. We almost came to blows because he was so vile. I really have to push myself to talk about it! When you are a tourist and come with your family, is this normal? It conveys an extremely negative image and if we had not come 2 years ago and left enchanted (that's why we came back !!!!), we would have taken the first plane home!!!!

Paul Tallet replied...

Ah ...

It seems that Ancle is of a superior race, laughs (mocks) other races and smells as well.

It doesn't actually state that the previous visit was to the NBR although it could be implied ... the previous visit could have been somewhere nicer for all I know.

Ancle must have done something pretty bad for Michel to feel compelled to make such a strongly worded post about this and of course, being a repeater myself, substantiated verification and clarification of what has happened would lead me to consider whether I should stay there again myself.

Steve Wooler replied...

Ancle George, the owner of the Naturalist, has responded as follows:

Mr Michel, on behalf of the staff and myself of The Naturalist Beach Resort, I humbly apologize for any of your travel woes that you encountered on our island.

Firstly, for the past twenty years in this industry, I have never demonstrated "racist" characteristics that may make a client feel othered. Secondly, it was unfortunate that on your first visit to us you went to a travel company in France who then booked you through another booking agent of which you had no idea.

That booking was not supposed to be confirmed but through a slight delay of blocking that period by representatives, the booking was approved. The booking agent was informed by myself to deal with this issue because we had no vacancy to accommodate your family but did not. This I communicated with you and promised to seek alternative suitable accepted accommodation for you and your family which is referred to as a relocation by the booking agent. This was also communicated and accommodation was provided for the first six nights, paid for in full and we continued to seek for the additional six nights. However, during this time we are pleased that we were able to maintain pleasant rapport with other members of the family , as we attempted to ensure a pleasurable experience despite the circumstances.

For the first six nights, the booking agent also offered three choices of alternative suitable accommodation which you refused, I myself offered you another of which was refused. In my humblest view there was no reason for you to become so aggressive to start pounding on my counter shouting, "I am French, I am French!!" At that point I reported the situation to the booking agent that I did my best and requested that they take full charge of this issue because I did not appreciate the arrogance and disrespect of this client.

Ancle George

Location Map

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Studio/1-Bed Apt:$45 - $80
2-Bedroom Apt:$120
Minimum Nights:2 nights
Property Type:Self-Catering Apartments
Maximum Guests:35
Air-Conditioning:All bedrooms air-conditioned
Children:Children welcome
Hair Dryers:Available
Telephone:Telephone facility in reception area
Internet Access:Yes
Safety Deposit:There is a general safety box secured at the manager's quarters
Wheelchair Access:Wheelchair is easily accessably with 5 apartments
Swimming Pool:None
Catering Options:

Housekeeping:Daily housekeeping
Personal Laundry:Yes
Personal Cooking:No
Region:Upper Caribbean
Location Type:Village
Airport:50 minutes
Beach:1-2 minute Walk