Weather in June

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Annalee, UK

Weather in June

Post by Annalee, UK »

:( I also am concerned about the weather in Tobago for the month of June. I have been monitoring the weather chart in London and it does seem to be Thunderstorms and Rain. Not very good for sunbathing.


Post by Philip »


We have just started the rainy season, here in Trinidad and Tobago, and boy do we need it. Do not worry though, it is extremely unusual for it to rain all day. Today for example we had about an hour of rain this morning, yesteday, about half an hour in the early evening. Typically you do get some rain everyday at this time of year, but it will not ruin your holiday.

ANyway enjoy and don't worry.

Niki Byrne

Post by Niki Byrne »

Don't panic Annalee. Our honeymoon was in June and I had done the same as you and looked up thunderstorms and rain for the few weeks before we went out and was quite worried - until we got out there ! Fabulous weather - it won't be raining, don't worry. And if it does, it will be a quick sharp downpour (which is warm :wink: ). Also it tends to rain at night and that is a blessing as everywhere is so green when you get up ! You'll have a fab time.
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